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# Posted: 24 Apr 2007 02:24

Call for phone mast health website
STATES departments must do more to keep Islanders informed about the effects of mobile phone radiation on health.
That is the view of a report published today which gives ministers of a number of departments six weeks to take the initiative and form 'an action plan for the future'.

The Scrutiny-sub panel which received hundreds of submissions during its four-month review has demanded greater openness and transparency between mobile companies, the States and the public. It wants to see
a website set up listing all the Island's base stations, the level of emissions they produce and how many Islanders are within range of the radiation.

By Orlando Crowcroft
Sent to Mast-victims by Sylvie a friend in France.

# Posted: 24 Apr 2007 18:28

"I lose no sleep" says Planning Minister Freddie Cohen, that he lives 'close' to masts. From the address given in the telephone book, he lives at LEAST half a mile away from the TV mast at Fremont, and the Les Platons masts in the other direction. I would hardly call that close! So much for his "more balanced view".

It doesn't really compare to 7m away, as in the Clarendon Rd example!!

# Posted: 24 Apr 2007 18:52

JT want to upgrade their Rue de Haut simple pole to match the other two competitors' ones there :

Application Reference S/2007/0913
Address Field 908, La Rue de Haut, St Ouen
Date Last Advertised 20/04/2007
Application Type Satellite Dishes/Comms Antenna
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Jersey Telecom, P O Box 53, Grenville Street JE4 8PB
Description Remove existing installation. Installation of 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, and 4 No. antennae.

# Posted: 1 May 2007 16:12

Our third operator is now going to be Airtel-Vodafone :
http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Vodafone_Airtel_signs_pact_for_int l_services/articleshow/1985342.cms
http://www.vodafone.com/start/media_relations/news/group_press_release s/2007/jersey_airtel_brings.html

- service to be launched within weeks (even if coverage isn't 100%).

# Posted: 2 May 2007 12:07

The States sites list URL has recently changed from :
http://www.gov.je/PlanningEnvironment/Planning/Press+Releases/Mobile+B ase+Stations+and+Masts.htm
to :

Looks like nothing much has been approved in the last week or two, still plenty of Pendings.

# Posted: 2 May 2007 12:09

lets try that one on one line!
http://www.gov.je/PlanningEnvironment/Planning/News/Mobile+Base+Statio ns+and+Masts.htm

# Posted: 20 May 2007 21:08

WiFi: A Warning Signal
When's WiFi: A Warning Signal coming up on UK TV

Do set up your VCR for next Monday at 8.30pm


Panorama - WiFi: A Warning Signal.

With twelve cities now completely covered by wireless (WiFi) computer
networks, and many secondary and primary schools using WiFi in the
classroom, Paul Kenyon investigates claims that the electronic smog of
modern living can cause long-term health effects.

Panorama BBC 1 21 May at 20:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC News 24 22 May at 00:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC News 24 22 May at 03:30 WiFi: A Warning Signal
Panorama BBC 1 25 May at 00:25 WiFi: A Warning Signal

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK


Re: WiFi BBC Panorama 21.5.07

Interesting! It should be noted that on Montel the other day, they reported some cities already having "Clusters" of illness, and it just so happens these cities are WiFi enabled.

Seattle for instance, has an entire blanket cluster of Fibromyalgia. If I am not mistaken, many people have already linked this disease to EMF/EMR and is a environmental issue. Seattle was one of the first cities in the USA to go WiFi, and if this doesn't send up a big warning signal, I don't know what will!

Robert Thinker

# Posted: 22 May 2007 04:52

Hi All.
We have video taped Panorama
We now only need to figure out how to get it onto computer DVD
When that is clear, we can stream it and it will go into our "Resources"
I will put in a link here.
Best regards.

# Posted: 23 May 2007 13:48

Discussed here http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/05/22/1230231

"Actually, in the late 1890's and early 1900's people who worked in the field of XRays often died from over exposure of radiation. They simply didn't know what they heck they were working with. Thomas Edison was so horrified of what happened to his worker Clarence Dally [wikipedia.org] due to radiation poisoning that he abandoned any further research with X-rays. Not to mention Marie Curie death due to exposure to radiation and countless others that worked in her field.

Back then of course people thought drinking radium was a good health product and that shoe sales man could operate their x-ray on a casual basis to fit shoes giving them more REM exposure in a day than a modern nuclear power plant worker is allowed a year.

I'm not saying that WiFi is dangerous, but as a precedent people have often generally underestimated some dangers with emerging technologies and we should never discount such a thing could happen. Of course we due scientific study than complete news worthy paranoia."

# Posted: 23 May 2007 18:15

google video of it is on this unsympathetic page

# Posted: 24 May 2007 05:57

Hi Jersey.
Did any of you see the strong BBC Panorama report on Wi-Fi?
It takes 1/2 an hour and it sure is worth watching.
let me know what you think.
http://www.mast-victims.org/resources/video/bbc-panorama-wifi-22-05-20 07.rm

We have more interviews and reports we are working on, I will post and inform as we get there.
Best regards.

# Posted: 24 May 2007 11:45

Yes thanks Agnes, saw it and enjoyed it. Seemed fair, the people who complain about it are simply biased and closed-minded.

# Posted: 24 May 2007 21:32

Hi, If you go onto the jersey mast concern website www.jerseymastconcern.co.uk there is a link to the panorama programme, you can watch it on your pc. For anyone that missed it.

Did anyone hear anything about the states mast review? I think transcripts will be going on their website soon.


# Posted: 29 May 2007 12:27

I'm reliably informed that almost all the new Airtel-Vodafone masts currently in place are now active. A service launch can't be too far off.

The low level Grouville masts aren't on yet, so the eastern edge of the island is patchy, parts of St.B aren't great, and town within the ring road isn't well served either, but most other areas are fairly solid for coverage (nothing detected at Alleval or Stonewall yet).

There do seem to be a number of approved sites where nothing's happening though.

# Posted: 29 May 2007 13:53

A new Airtel-V application for First Tower (I like the way they don't mention the company, you have to know who's at 2nd Floor Le Masurier House!)

Application Reference : S/2007/1162
Address : Sun Bowls Club, La Rue es Nouaux, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised : 25/05/2007
Status : Pending Decision
Applicant : Mr R. Mahajan, 2nd Floor Le Masurier House, St Helier JE2 4YA
Description : Replace existing chimney with replica chimney. Install 3 No. antennae, 1 No. dish and 3 No. equipment cabinets.

# Posted: 1 Jun 2007 11:55

JEP today

Mobile masts: Companies 'should pay for radiation tests'
By Orlando Crowcroft

PHONE mast emissions could be regularly tested by an independent body at the expense of mobile companies.
The Economic Development Minister has asked the JCRA to look into setting up a group to assess the levels of radiation from the Island's base stations following recommendations in a Scrutiny report.

Senator Philip Ozouf has accepted that more openness is needed between the public, the States and mobile phone companies about where masts are situated in the Island.

'I fully support the introduction of emission monitoring and that it should be independent and paid for by telephone operators,' Senator Ozouf said.

Published 31/05/07


CTV today

Masts: Minister conscious of impact on economy

A precautionary approach towards new mobile phone masts in Jersey needs to be balanced with embracing technological innovation, according to the Economic Development Minister.

Senator Phillip Ozouf has been giving his reaction to the mast review report which was published by the Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny sub panel. He agrees with many of the report's findings, but warns that if there was a significant delay in approving new technology it could have a severe adverse impact on the economy.

The minister says improved consultation with operators, sharing of masts and independent monitoring of emissions paid for by operators are all ideas which could be implemented.

Senator Philip Ozouf told Channel Online: "We are very cautious and I think that's the appropriate thing to do. To become more cautious would mean that I think the island would be taking a step back in terms of the availability of digital communications for example we're all going to be using in the next few years data cards in all our computers."

"Wireless technology is here to stay both in terms of telecoms, in tele-medicine, in all sorts of the way we run our lives and so Wi-fi is here to stay but a precautionary approach is one which I endorse and I am asking the JCRA to follow up with things like independent testing," he added.


There are also pieces on 103 and BBC RJ news today, but nothing online.

# Posted: 1 Jun 2007 14:38

103 news now, at www.jerseyinsight.com

Phone masts 'facts wrong'?

The Economist Minister has got his "facts wrong" over public health dangers.

That's according to the Jersey Mobile Mast Concern Group.

Senator Philip Ozouf said there's no scientific evidence phone masts are a risk.

But the JMMCG say recent reports prove he's not telling the truth.

They also questioned the placement of the aerials and the monitoring of possible health effects.

Deputy Alan Breckon helped produce the original scrutiny report into phone masts.

He says they can only rely on hard evidence.

# Posted: 3 Jun 2007 14:57

Jersey Mobile Mast Concern Group – comment on the response of the Minister for Economic Development to the Scrutiny Review into the perceived health effects of Mobile Phone Masts.

On the whole we are pleased with the Ministers response, there are still some comments we are concerned about in his report.

Paragraph 3 - There is no scientific evidence to show that an actual risk exists.

This is simply not true.

Sir William Stewart, Chairman, Health Protection Agency, confirmed on national television he believed the World Health Organisation ‘s statement that there are no adverse health effects from low level long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation is wrong, and that there is evidence of health effects. This is therefore a risk.

(Transcript from Panorama – wifi - the warning signals)
Sir WILLIAM STEWART Chairman, Health Protection Agency
KENYON: First the World Health Organisation. It's robust in its language saying there were no adverse health effects from low level long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Is that an accurate reflection of the science do you think?
STEWART: I think they are wrong.
KENYON: How are they wrong?
Sir WILLIAM STEWART Chairman, Health Protection Agency Because there is evidence, and the Stewart Report pointed out some of that evidence.)

There is a substantial body of evidence which supports this, to name a few:-
• 220 pier reviewed papers confirming effects
• Published Epidemiological Studies near Base-stations which confirm adverse health effects and increased cancer rates. - Santini 2003, Navarro, Zwamborn 2003, Eger 2004, Wolf 2004. (see attached table of studies)
• Cancer clusters reported in national newspapers regularly
• Sweden recognize’s electro sensitive sufferers
In many countries, large numbers of doctors and scientists have publicly expressed
concern about illnesses developed by patients living close to relay masts and/or who
use mobile telephones, for example:
• the Salzburg appeal (Austria), in 2000
• the Freiburg appeal (Germany), in 2002
• the Catania resolution (Italy), in 2002
• the Bamberg appeal (Bavaria), in 2004
• the Helsinki appeal (Finland), in 2005

The weight of evidence is there, and growing.

2.1 base stations – subject to planning applications.
We understand they are not. There are base stations which are inside telephone boxes and buildings. Currently these fall out of the planning remit. Can it be confirmed these base stations are going to be monitored for emissions if they are not evident through the planning process?

3.3 Random testing of base stations.
Random testing base stations every 2 years is not acceptable. The technology has a rapidly increasing appetite for bandwidth to provide services, e.g images, video. These developments are likely to result in an increase in emissions. We all know 2 years in the world of technology is a long time.

It is also important people are able to request testing in their homes to identify electromagnetic radiation levels and hotspots which they have no control over. It is paramount that schools have the opportunity to request this testing and perhaps it should even be mandatory. This is particularly relevant in light of the Stewart report advising (on page 63), with reference to Base Stations sited within school grounds, that the beam of greatest intensity should not fall on any part of the school grounds or buildings without agreement from the school and parents. Similar considerations should apply to macro base stations sited near school grounds.

3.4.5 Use of fibre optic
A good precautionary approach would be to use fibre optic to transfer much of the data as opposed to wireless transmission. This would reduce the amount of airborne radiation. It would be useful for planning to request all base station applications to provide details of the nearest fibre optic connection and where it is not used to give reasons why this is not the case. This could also be put in place for all re-applications as it is understood the latest mast applications have only be granted for 1 year. It is for the JCRA to make this a viable option for the telecommunications companies.

We are not against the technology, but we would like to see the amount of airborne radiation wherever possible kept to a minimum as part of a precautionary approach.

We would again like to thank the Scrutiny Panel for their excellent review of this topic and their recommendations. We do not believe these recommendations are overcautious, they provide a realistic platform to ensure the welfare of Jersey and its residents are effectively considered during the ongoing development of this technology. In addition we are positive the Minister of Economic Development has provided this response and has committed to review the recommendations in more detail with other States departments and the telecommunications companies.

Thank you

Jersey Mobile Mast Concern Group

# Posted: 4 Jun 2007 12:07

Thanks JMMCG, keep up the good work!

New Airtel-V mast has gone up at Les Creux near La Moye School.
Replacement JT mast at Les Marais is in place on pumping station.
Works are in progress in the field near St.Mary's school for new mast.

# Posted: 4 Jun 2007 23:37

In the JEP tonight "Under the Clock" Meridian about Jersey Cows and mobile base stations!

The care of time may unfortunately prove this serious issue right!

# Posted: 18 Jun 2007 14:43

A-V masts situation : new mast at St.Mary is up, not transmitting yet, as is Rue des Landes, St.P.

Work is progressing at the Water's Edge Hotel, Bouley Bay. Panels are in place at the top of the lift shaft (external!) and are due to be covered in some sort of RF-transparent cladding to hide them.

Nothing happening from any of the 3 operators at St.Cath pier yet, scaffolding still up.

A-V mast at Alleval (near Greenhills) is on, Les Creux near La Moye School, St.Aubin's High St, the airport runway site is running, the JT bldg at the old forum site, and C Le M House.

The St.Aubin La Tour Hotel one is the strongest I've ever seen in-car, in the road right by it. I couldn't live in the houses nearby.


The news last week (TV/radio/JEP) is best summed up here :

Call for delay on tree planting
By Orlando Crowcroft
Published 16/06/07

JERSEY Airtel are asking for more time to plant trees around their phone masts. The company are required by the Planning Department to carry out 'landscaping' within 30 days of masts being erected but have today applied for an extension on 12 of their sites.

They argue that if they plant mature trees there is a chance that they will die and want until 27 October to do the best job they can of hiding the masts from view.

Airtel managing director David Watson said that advice from experts is that now is not the best time to be planting trees.

'Experts are against planting at this time of year because there is a very big risk of mature trees dying,' he said. 'We will commence the programme but we have got to be careful that these things survive.'

Mr Watson said that they will get on with landscaping the most visually intrusive masts as soon as possible but they 'just need a bit longer'.
'The more exposed sites will be done first,' he said.

The applications, put out to consultation by Planning this week, are at
Le Route Orange, St Brelade; (Les Creux entrance car park - up, on)
Rue du Cerf, St John; (up, on)
Mont Felard, St Lawrence; (up, on)
Chasse Mallet, Grande Route de Rozel (near campsite - up, on)
and Mont Mallet in St Martin; (Gorey, by Vic tower - not even up yet)
Route de L'Aleval (up, on)
and Rue des Landes in St Peter; (up, not on)
Route du Rondin, St Mary (top of Grv de Lq hill, nr school - up, not on)
and Rue de la Guilleaumerie, (location not known - not up yet)
Rue de la Piece Mauger, (near zoo - up, on)
Route de la Trinite in Trinity. ("stonewall" - up, not sure)

# Posted: 28 Jun 2007 14:21

Fancy an 07829 number? They launch today. The shop opens at lunchtime. See http://www.airtel-vodafone.je/

The website has a coverage map showing current black spots at Mont Pinel (L'etacq), St.Peter's Valley, La Moye (odd, considering the mast there has been working), St.Brelades Bay (the hotel site isn't on yet), St.Catherine's area (breakwater site not ready yet). I can't imagine Portelet gets a signal, but they're probably not too bothered, seeing as that 'resort' is all but dead these days.

# Posted: 2 Jul 2007 18:01

I believe that all the Airtel-V masts currently in place are now transmitting, including St.Mary and Grouville, where engineers were busily putting the final links in place on the day of the launch (and the next day).

More planning applications...


Application Reference S/2007/1555
Address Field 375, La Rue de la Forge, St. Martin (a qtr-mile east of the Royal pub)
Date Last Advertised 29/06/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr R. Mahajan, 2nd Floor, Le Masurier House, St Helier JE3 4YA
Description Installation of 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 1 No. transmission dish, 3 No. antennae and 3 No. equipment cabinets.

JT change

Application Reference S/2007/1544
Address Field 390, La Rue des Sillons, St. Peter (near Les Charrieres Hotel)
Date Last Advertised 29/06/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr T. Knights, P.O Box 53, No. 1 The Forum, St Helier JE4 8PB
Description Remove existing installation. Installation of 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 4 No. antennae & 2 No. equipment cabinets.

CW Sure

Application Reference S/2007/1518
Address Green Street Car Park, Green Street, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 29/06/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr G. Hughes, Richmond House, St Helier JE2 4TD
Description Installation of 3 No. antennae, 2 No. dishes & 5 No. equipment cabinets.

Application Reference S/2007/1519
Address Hotel Savoy, Rouge Bouillon, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 29/06/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr G. Hughes, Richmond House, St Helier JE2 4TD
Description Installation of 1 No. wall mounted pole, 3 No. antennae within shroud, 2 No. dishes and 5 No. equipment cabinets.

Application Reference S/2007/1545
Address Fields 1341 & 1341A, Le Mont de la Trinite, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 29/06/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr G. Hughes, Richmond House, St Helier JE2 4TD
Description Installation of 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 6 No. antennae, 2 No. dishes, 6 No. equipment cabinets and fencing.

# Posted: 3 Jul 2007 19:13

Fields 1341 & 1341A are on the west side of Le Mont de la Trinite, between Safeway supermarket and St.Ewolds old folks home, a bit similar to the site on Mt Felard in some ways, being on the west side of hill with bends in the same directions.

Field 375, La Rue de la Forge, St. Martin (a qtr-mile east of the Royal pub), is on the north side, the field just east of the house on the outside corner.

# Posted: 14 Jul 2007 05:24

Hey all.
I have been reading through your information.
You have brought so much info on mast-sitings here that I would consider that if any of you can produce a good quality map (island, and towns/villages) we could produce an UP-To-Date "Jersey Site finder" with the masts plotted in, wich could be published here and on Jersey Mast Concern
Let me know what you think, and if you are game to try we will see if it can be done.
My opinion: its sure worth the try, but it will demand co-operation from all of you, and help from all of you to let us know about new masts as soon as they are sited, or a map where it is easy for everyone to go in and "post" a new mast on.

Remember, UK "Sitefinder" is now obsolete, as the Mobile industry refuses to give Ofcom info on where new masts are installed "security reasons" they say (are they waiting for us to start to take the masts out?, and so figure that the less we know, the less damage we can do?) I have no idea, but it looks like we will have to make our own "sitefinders" in the future, no matter that giving info to Ofcom is an Obligation for the Industry!
But let me know, and if you think it is a good idea we will certainly look into what we can do, and if we find out that we can do it for Jersey, there is no stopping us, then we can do it for the whold wide world.

So, Helpful and YesTheresMore and all the rest of you. give me an opinion.
Best regards.

# Posted: 14 Jul 2007 13:37

Email message from Dan Murphy


An application has been lodged by Cable and Wireless to build a new mast at the top of Grouville Hill in Field no 697.

This is not on their original list and will be skylined overlooking hundreds of houses.

I have booked the Grouville Parish Hall for Friday night at 7.30 for a meeting if you can get your supporters together. (Friday 20th July)

I shall also put an advert in the JEP on Thursday."

# Posted: 17 Jul 2007 12:06

Hi Agnes (good luck with the move)
The Jersey Tourism map is here
- there may be issues with copyright, as with any map, but if they're giving it away it probably falls under "fair use".

Yes, if there's an interactive map set up, I'd add all the ones I know of.
Best wishes

# Posted: 17 Jul 2007 12:44

Two new applications

The one re: the Grouville meeting is on 'Blood Hill' (lane down from top of G hill to the Parish Hall) - C&W Sure

Application Reference S/2007/1690
Address Field 697, La Rue des Alleurs, Grouville
Date Last Advertised 13/07/2007
Application Type Satellite Dishes/Comms Antenna
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr G. Hughes, Richmond House, St Helier JE2 4TD
Description Installation of 1 no. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 6 no. antennae, 2 no. dishes, 5 no. equipment cabinets, associated steel work & timber fence.

The Airtel one is along the ridge at Le Hocq where JT already has a site by the lighthouse :

Application Reference S/2007/1633
Address Field 197, La Rue de la Hougette, St. Clement
Date Last Advertised 13/07/2007
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr R. Mahajan, 2nd Floor, Le Masurier House, St Helier JE2 4YA
Description Installation of wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 3 No. antennae, 2 No. dishes and 3 No. equipment cabinets.

# Posted: 30 Jul 2007 03:25

Does anyone have any information on the current situation regarding the Washington Hotel mast? Thanks.

# Posted: 31 Jul 2007 12:01

Still PENDING, as far as I know... planning website says:

Application Reference RP/2007/0781
Address Washington Hotel, Clarendon Road, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 06/04/2007
Application Type Revised Plans
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Jersey Telenet Limited, 2nd Floor, Le Masurier House, St Helier JE2 4YA
Officer Responsible KJ
Description RE-ADVERTISED: Installation of 2 frames, 6 No. antennae, 1 No. dish and 3 No. equipment cabinets.

I'm sure one of our resident radioheads here can confirm there's nothing transmitting yet?

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