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concerned too
# Posted: 24 Jul 2008 22:11

I can't imagine sabotage would actually work. They'd just increase the security, increase fencing and armour exposed cabling, etc.

# Posted: 26 Jul 2008 15:46

Apparently the jcra.je site has just launched a map/list of mast locations and details.
Well I'll be blowed if I can find it on their website!

# Posted: 27 Jul 2008 19:49

It's tucked away a bit! Interesting to see they're finally admitting where TETRA sites are now :

# Posted: 30 Jul 2008 13:52

So TETRA is at:

La Moye is wrongly shown as the "golf ball" weather radar, rather than the actual position on the prison roof. I wonder if this is a genuine mistake or an attempt to conceal the ugly truth that inmates are subjected to it?


# Posted: 31 Jul 2008 15:55

I think the map is useless, you cant print it on paper as its interactive!
the actual adresses are not shown, only as a postcode
so how do you know if your living next to one?
my friend is going to JCRA today to complain about it.
the weather radar at la moye emits a very powerfull energy beam
and doesent seem to be listed, they angled it above buildings but if your a hang glider as iv'e noticed in the air around that area then you may get your guts fried unless your wearing a protection suit like they use on aircraft carrier ships.

# Posted: 1 Aug 2008 03:15

Hi puzzled.
Here is a direct link to the map.

It is halpway down this page.

To Reftec934
For the exact location you will have to use a website like Google maps of Jersey (they call it "Get Directions) where you feed in the postcode and get it in streetplan with the postcode marked in.

I chose a place called Gorey on the Jersey mast-finder map copied the postcode JE3 6UA from it (highlight the postcode on the mast-finder info to the right of the map, right click on the highlighted area and copy) I then pasted the postcode into the google map and it came up with a streetplan with the postcode marked in.
http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=st+helier,+jersey&ie=UTF8&z=13&iwl oc=addr

Bothersome, yes, and you need 2 internet explorers open at the same time, one with each website, or a piece of paper and a pen, but it sure can be done, and should give you a location to enable you to find out if a mast is next door or street to your house.

Try it and please let me know if you can get it to work.
Best regards.

# Posted: 11 Sep 2008 19:38

3 items today.......

1) There was an interesting item on Channel TV news about a Guernsey meeting for worried residents, and they actually said that scientists have been known to be wrong before, i.e. thalidamide and BSE! Progress!

2) But, also Channel TV : "Fridges 'more dangerous than phone masts'
http://www5.channelonline.tv/news/templates/guernseynews2.aspx?articleid=16418&zoneid =1
I don't know who's smoking what, but fridges?!!
Never trust a doctor, LOL

3) JEP story : A map with no details
Quite rightly points out that the map is a bit hazy, although the arrows generally sit on the map in the right places.

"DESPITE being able to see phone masts wherever we look in Jersey, a new inter-active map will not reveal their exact location.

A section of the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority's website was set up in July to make the location of phone masts more accessible to the public. But it will only reveal the post-code of where the masts are and not the address. If Islanders want more information they have to apply in writing to the JCRA or ask the Planning and Environment department where exactly the masts are.

Keith Shaw, head of Health and Safety at Highlands College, complained recently about the website, which he said was futile and unhelpful. He wrote to the JCRA saying: 'Your interactive map is spectacularly useless because it does not give locations, only post codes.

Yesterday JCRA executive director Chuck Webb said: 'The JCRA is not subject to the Planning Law. We are only subject to the Telecoms Law, which prevents us from giving confidential business information which could be used for potentially illegitimate purposes, such as vandalism."

Aaah, the old vandalism chestnut, for freak's sake...... that's pathetic seeing as 9/10 of masts are perfectly visible, so it's not as if most of us don't know where they are already. Laughable, it really is. The planning applications have been in the paper for all the Sure and Airtel sites and they don't have a problem, yet poor old JT is scared of the bogeyman! Get a grip, JT.

# Posted: 23 Sep 2008 18:10

More JT applications: The field owner at Rue de la Forge (St.Mtn) must be rubbings his hands with glee as JT want to add a tel pole there next to the present one. Double rental income...... kerching!

And another tel pole is planned for Field 763 somewhere along the long length of Route des Genets in St.Brelades. How the (sheeesh) are we supposed to know where that is? Field 735 is where the Airtel one is, so it can't be too far away but we need an online map to tell where this is.

very crazy
# Posted: 25 Sep 2008 12:00

The JT panels at Beaumont have vanished on the CoOp warehouse by the carpark. Having a quick look around the area I spotted a shiny new white chunky 'flag pole' on Jersey Steel over the green. I don't know how I missed that planning application!

So the new Goose Green householders not only have to worry about flooding (build on a marsh - what could possibly go wrong?) and not only have endless problems with noise from the steel works, but now have strong GSM/3G blasting at them too!

And the old folks in the Sandybrook home next door as well, of course.

lessradiationco uk
# Posted: 26 Sep 2008 00:42

Hi Everyone, if you're interested in insulating your property from Electrosmog you should check out our website: www.lessradiation.co.uk

We don't sell anything!


# Posted: 6 Oct 2008 13:54

The JT application at St. Brelade field 763 is here (satellite map) - the field next to 735 (Airtel's - but 763 is closer to the Shell Garden) which is presumably someone's idea of site sharing.
Very close to the Rose Farm campsite, which is nice for the happy campers.

# Posted: 7 Oct 2008 14:53

This one is now up and running, next to the common above Bouley Bay, just over a field away from the Trinity Arms / Spar Post Office etc.

Application Reference S/2008/0648
Address Field 235, La Rue de la Petite Falaise, Trinity
Description Installation of 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 3 No. antennae, 1 No. dish & 4 No. equipment cabinets.

# Posted: 5 Nov 2008 12:04

The Washington Hotel Airtel antenna fiasco is coming to an end for Clarendon Road residents - or is it? They're just moving it over the road to the St.John's ambulance place :

Application Reference S/2008/2272
Address St. John's Ambulance, 14-16 Midvale Road, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 28/10/2008
Application Type Satellite Dishes/Comms Antenna
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr R. Cutting, La Rue le Masurier, St. Helier JE2 4YE
Description Installation of 1 No. replica flag pole, 1 No. antenna and 3 No. equipment cabinets.

Other new applications

(also Airtel-Vodafone / Telenet)
Application Reference S/2008/2243
Address Jersey Electric Building, JEC Chimney, La Collette, St. Helier
Date Last Advertised 28/10/2008
Application Type Satellite Dishes/Comms Antenna
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr R. Cutting, La Rue Le Masuier, St. Helier JE2 4YE
Description Instillation of 1 No. antennae, 1 No. dish and associated steel supports.

(C&W Sure mobile)
Application Reference S/2008/2290
Address La Greve de Lecq Pumping Station, Le Mont de St Marie, St. Ouen
Date Last Advertised 28/10/2008
Application Type Satellite Dishes/Comms Antenna
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Cable And Wireless Jersey, 8 David Place, St. Helier JE2 4TD
Agent MS Planning Ltd, 11-13 New Street, St Helier JE2 3RA
Description Installation of 1 No. antenna.

# Posted: 23 Feb 2009 17:00

The Washington Hotel mast has now been removed.

# Posted: 23 Feb 2009 19:18

The Washington Hotel mast has now been removed

there is a new one appeared on the midvale road St John Ambulance HQ fitted to left end wall, as of last week it hadent been turned on, will report back when I get a signal level from it.

# Posted: 24 Feb 2009 11:40

Midvale Rd St.J.A.HQ.
Well it's 'ON' now, I did a test last eve on foot, and its pretty strong on the pavement outside but very much stronger radiating into the buildings on La Pouquelaye hill, maybe the panels are angled that direction? will try Almorah Cresent next as that is a bit higher up the hill from my test building

# Posted: 2 Mar 2009 11:57

I visited Almorah Cresent over weekend and there is now a very strong signal hammering into the front of homes of all the folk that live there,
the signal is easy to detect on the first bend that overlooks town on the hill coming up from Queens rd to the entrance of Almorah.
I havent established the Cell number yet as my battery has expired in my old Trium, so it may also be a combination of the Savoy Hotel or Fort Regent, but the strength is really high.

# Posted: 11 Apr 2009 18:29

JT are panels now operating on the new Westmount mast.

New C&W Sure applications:

Application Reference S/2008/2712
Address Corbiere Pumping Station, Le Mont du Grouet, St. Brelade
Status Approved Decision
Decision Date 17/02/2009
Applicant Mr D. Priddis, 8 David Place, St Helier JE2 3RA
Description Installation of 2 No. repeater antenna on existing wall mounted pole and 1 No. equipment cabinet.

Application Reference S/2009/0294
Address Airport (Radar), States Airport, Le Mont Fondan, St. Peter
Status Approved Decision
Decision Date 17/03/2009
Applicant Cable And Wireless Jersey, 8 David Place, St. Helier JE2 3RA
Agent MS Planning Ltd, 11-13 New Street, St Helier JE2 3RA
Description Remove 3 No. antennas and replace with 3 No. antennas on existing radar platform.

Application Reference S/2009/0662
Address Checkers Superstore, Red Houses, St. Brelade
Status Pending Decision
Description Install 4 No. antennae and 1 No. dish fixed behind screen louvres on north eastern elevation and 1 No. antenna within a flagpole attached to southwest elevation.

New JT applications:

Application Reference S/2009/0535
Address The Television Centre, La Pouquelaye, St. Helier
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Jersey Telecom, Green Street, St Helier JE4 8PB
Agent Mr T Knights, 2nd Floor, Channel House, St Helier JE4 8PB
Description Install 1No. Omni antenna & associated cables.

Application Reference S/2009/0534
Address Field 673, Fairview Farm, La Rue du Trot, St. Martin
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr T. Knights, Green Street, St Helier JE4 8PB
Description Remove existing installation and cabinets. Install 1No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 1No. antenna & 3No. equipment cabinets.

# Posted: 11 Jan 2010 15:27

Another new JT tel pole mast application

Application Reference S/2009/2308
Address Field 767, Grouville F. C., Grouville
Date Last Advertised 22/12/2009
Status Pending Decision
Applicant Mr T. Knights, Channel House, St. Helier JE4 8PB
Agent Mr T Knights, 2nd Floor, St. Helier JE4 8PB
Description Install 1 No. wooden clad replica telegraph pole, 1 No. antenna. 3 No. equipment cabinets. Erect fencing.

That's the football pitch at the 5-way crossroads "Croix Catelain" up near Le Boulivot, Radier Manor, that quaint Le Bourg valley, etc.

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