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# Posted: 24 Mar 2016 02:24

Richard Kimberley

The problem with the medical world (in the UK) is there is currently no understanding of EHS and the effects of microwave radiation.

People in general are also unaware of the dangers because it's kept quiet. We assume that whatever is sold to us is going to be safe for us. You know, just like tobacco and asbestos was....!

How do we think mobile phones work? Cordless phones? Bluetooth? Wireless keyboards and mice? WiFi? It's certainly not by magic just because we can't see, hear, taste or smell the method used. These things all work using Microwave Radiation and it is not safe. It is an untested technology and it is harmful. It also cooks your food.

Before the internet trolls commence, I'll explain my own experience of all this. I am electro-sensitive. I have been for 2 years now. My background is the repair of computers, mobile phones, iPads, etc. I've had my own IT business for 20 years, I understand the technologies. When people don't understand something and the finger is pointed at something they love and are addicted to (smartphone, for example) they will ridicule and dismiss the idea. Especially if to all intent and purpose it's not affecting them personally. There is no "feeling" of harm from these wireless devices until it's too late, and then you can't live anywhere near them.

To illustrate - I have had to walk away from my business of 20 years, which I love. I've had to leave my home because there are phone masts which make me incredibly ill. I've had to go the route of building a shielded motorhome by converting a Luton van. My girlfriend and I are now currently travelling Europe seeking safe places where I can spend time without being made ill. I'm trying to help other people who are EHS by writing a Blog as I go - BeyondTheVan.com - and my aim is to not only help myself feel well again, but to find places that are good for electro sensitive people.

I 100% agree your rash will be from the phone mast. It's a known symptom of EHS. The research is all out there, it's just not put in the public eye.

Richards comment to Ms. Boughton´s "Burned by a phonemast" website

For advice on the health effects and the possible EMR FREE places please keep an eye on this column and visit; Richards blog: http://www.beyondthevan.com/

# Posted: 12 Mar 2019 11:48

Nice blog, thanks!

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