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# Posted: 23 Jul 2015 12:49

Hi , it seems a long time since I logged on here and within that time I've learned so much.

My time spent researching and campaigning issues on the dangers to health regarding the communcations network brought no feedback; no concerns from those who implimented authorisation of such structures and I often wondered why....and now I know !

I had just been skimming the tip of the iceberg. What has been created and kept from public knowledge is frightening. The body of the beast was created long before the finishing touches were put in place ie, mobile masts, phones, wifi and satellite disks, etc, etc !

There is no going back....unless something drastic happens !
To let you know where I'm coming from I have two pieces of information that I wish to pass on so that you can check the details out for yourself.

Most of us have heard or feel (intuition) that all is not well with the way our future is being mapped out. Many have heard that September of this year especially the 23rd and 24th is somehow a pivotal time for a huge event. It is the dates when the Pope is in America to announce something to the crowd. And when all schools are closed.Something you can believe in or not !

You may wonder what this is relevent to here in Britain. Well I just came across an add for
Birmingham NEC who have a huge show on the dates for September 23rd and 24th here in Britain. The show is entitled : THE EMERGENCY SERVICES SHOW - Make sure you visit the biggest emergency services event.

Now if you tap into this event and those who are attending, ,ie The Companies. ...then tap into their nature of business, you will see how deep the communication infrastructure goes.

What are they preparing for? Whatever it is ....there is no place for us to hide judging by the type of surveillance in existence. But on a happier note....Knowledge is Power !

Regards Tilly

# Posted: 23 Jul 2015 13:11


Forgot to mention that there are huge Military exercises going on around the world with the 5 Super power nations.
The British elite soldiers are in joint alliance with the American military. Training in America at this moment in time.
Check out on youtube some of it posted by some soldiers. Tap the word 'JOAX' into Google.

Something is being kept from us so bombard your MP's or the HOUSE OF CONS for info.


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