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# Posted: 30 Jan 2018 15:25

I am new to this field of RF shielding.

A friend lent me a RF Meter. HF32D. It registers in the house about 001 microWatts per meter square. (I don't really understand the units on this thing, and my friend went on vacation. There is no decimal numbers on the display) Is this high or Ok ?

When I go close to an exterior wall it registers about 100 microwatts per meter square. Is this high ? I think my neighbor has something which is emitting rf signals all the time.

I moved some pictures(I also put aluminum foil behind the pictures) to cover most of the wall where it was registering 100 microwatts per meter square. It seemed to work. About a foot off the wall it registers about 001 microwatts per meter square. I measured all over the room and it seems about 001 microwatts per meter square. Except above the pictures which is 8ft high it goes to a 100 microwatts per meter square. Is this safe ?

Also a smart meter is located on the main floor. Would it work if I put aluminum screen on the exterior wall surrounding the smart meter. I am thinking a 14ft x 6ft square on the exterior wall to put the aluminum screen. It would essentially surround the smart meter. I can't put the aluminum screen behind the smart meter box because it is bolted onto the wall by heavy screws. Will the RF signals go back into the house through the metal box ?

Thank you for your help and advice !


# Posted: 1 Feb 2018 19:22 - Edited by: horsevad

Nobody can tell you exact which values are safe.

Biophysical calculations indicates potential bioreactivity down to 0.001 uW/m² (microwatts pr square meter)

You can download a short tabular presentation of the German Building Biologists reference values for electromagnetic exposure here:


From your description I cannot visualise the layout of the projected shielding enclosure, but any void in any shielding enclosure larger than 1/40 wavelenght will compromise the effectiveness of said shielding enclosure.

//Kim Horsevad

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