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# Posted: 6 Mar 2014 21:56

Hi all.
We now have a space allocated Only to those campaigning and those who
can share info, give advice, provide links that can be used etc.

I hope we will all make use of this space, which Henrik has provided for this topic.
Best regards.

# Posted: 8 Mar 2014 01:49

Hi Tilly and all.
go to: http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vtopic&forum=15
That is the new campaign and help/info about campaign site in Forum.
Please dont frown, this has the potentiality to go HUGE,
What with all us, old LAB rats, we can tell you exactly what to look out for, what to shun, what to complain about.
So, get here, all you old EHS´s andtell the young folks what works and what doesnt.
Best regards.

# Posted: 8 Mar 2014 14:01

Campaigning, I didn't realise it but I think I am or would very much like to be a campaigner....somehow campaigner seems to be somethng of a dirty word, more brain washing I suspect.... like complaining seems to be frowned upon by many.

I have been keeping an online log for several years......evidence of dates, times, what is happening and how it is affecting me, everything I can think to write down and make it public do it online, somewhere that will show the time and date your entries....if we did this in our thousands, using social networking sites with links to get the information seen....send a link to the people inflicting this upon us and if you are still not sure...send a link to every company/organisation you think it could possibly be. It doesn't matter if you are wrong.

I know that a lot is happening and many people are doing everything they can to get something done. But it is easy to become despondent under the poisonous, disabling onslaught.

I have a notion that the organisations doing this would really like to stop the effects of their activities, there is always the risk that one day the youknowwhat will really hit the fan. They need our logs to work out how to do that....to make adjustments....for one day they are likely to be sued out of existence...and they don't want that to happen. So let them and the world know was is happening to YOU.

This is my log

http://www.noisyneighbours.net/forum/post/34255/#p34255 currently running at 270,600 views

# Posted: 9 Mar 2014 00:03

This is great !
Thank you so much for this space Henrik.
Agness your previous information to me is so informative. However things are hotting up at this end on delving a little deeper down the "rabbit hole".
I'm being wakened up in the middle of the night with vibrations going through my body that feel hot and prickly keeping me awake for a few hours before disappearing as suddenly as it came. Fatigue is my constant enemy.

Torment you are right when saying that organisations would like to stop their activities due to the damaging effects on people but they can't.
This is because these organisations are ruled by fear of Power. My City Council is a good example, to name but one.
This power is held by a method known as "psychological control" which the elite studied and dictate by.

What I write now was only come by yesterday by accident (happens a lot!)
While looking into something else I came across a documentary on the history channel.
The founder of this indoctrination was a scientist called GUSTAVE LE BON (1841-1931) and author of THE CROWD (1895). He set up " psychological control of the masses".

GUSTAVE LE BON became a mentor through his works to many of the elite including Hitler and other evil dictators. Darwin was also a student of his teachings and his views had a major impact on society.

If you can find this documentary RULE FROM THE SHADOWS online (I can't seem to retrieve it for some reason) it is truly a compelling watch.

To understand the root cause of evil is to dig a little deeper thus exposing it to the elements it cannot survive in.

Best wishes

# Posted: 10 Mar 2014 22:01

I'm being wakened up in the middle of the night with vibrations going through my body that feel hot and prickly keeping me awake for a few hours before disappearing as suddenly as it came. Fatigue is my constant enemy.

That's what the EMRs from masts do..those are the classic symptoms...I'm not sure it's you being directly targeted...if that's what you're saying?


# Posted: 11 Mar 2014 01:17

Tilly and Torment.
I am glad you found our New place for campaign.

Ericgeneric is totally right, these are the symptoms from a Very Near By Microwave Radiation from a mobile mast, even from neighbours wi-fi and Near neighbours dect phones.
Waking up totally soaked from sweat is also a curtesy of the radiation.
The exhaustion follows, and if it is really bad, so does the nausea, sickness (vommiting) the Splitting headaches, the loss of balance and control over bodyly functions, etc.

And neither eric or me, (and so many more) have ANY WIRELESS GADETS WHAT-SO-EVER in the vicinity that belong to us, it all invades Our Space from the outside, and that we have had to put up with for Years, I even had to give away my lovely former home and move elsewhere bacause of the radiation from a mobile mast installed by "3" next door to our house.

But here are the links to the videos you were searching for:

Rule from the shadows part 1:


Best regards.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2014 09:40

On the subject of campaigning here are a few ideas to try as I have done and will be doing very soon.

* Go to your Library and ask for your areas MAIN ISSUES REPORT (LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2014). In this A4 size booklet there is a response form to send back to your council.
Choose the topic you wish to discuss ie, Digital Infrastructure, and write your concerns, health affects these masts are having on you. Also question what provisions the council have put in place for citizens affected.

*Write to your GP PRACTICE MANAGER and ask if they (GP's) recognise that certain patients are susceptible to radiation emissions from phone masts, cell phones and wi fi.
Keep a copy of their reply for future reference.
Write also to your hospital neurologist (find out their name by calling your nearest hospital).
Again keep a copy of their reply letter.

*Buy or use an old white bed sheet and paint or write in ink large bold letters with the words
Mast-Victims.org and BARRIE TROWER CONFERENCE 2012.
Go out at night and hang it in an area that becomes really busy with cars and people in the early morning. In fact you can write what you wish to be noted by the general public.

*if the above is too daunting then have business cards made up instead with warnings of the health dangers and symptoms that many people suffer from due to masts. Let them know to contact the ENVIRONMENTAL DEPARTMENT OF THEIR CITY COUNCIL and then hand them out when next in town or leave them in public toilets in restaurants or cafés.

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