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# Posted: 31 Mar 2014 01:23

Local Development Plan (Main Issues Report 2014-2016)
This can be picked up at your local library. There is a response form inside to complete on any given subject you wish to choose from.
I chose Digital Infrastructure expressing 3 main concerns on health implications.

Q1: Are the planning authorities, under this council, aware that whilst they are approving the installation of many Digital Infrastructures throughout the city, health problems are on the increase. Cancers, circulatory disease, leukemia, Tumours and Neurological disorders have been rising at the same rate as these new Technologies. Please check stats!
So whilst health studies are still ongoing, is it not irresponsible to continue planning and siting masts, antenna and equipment, not only in households (RF Systems) but installing masts and wifi, near and in Primary Schools ?

Q2: iT is disturbing to note the views within the National Legislation. Are the planning board members of this Council in agreement with the NL ?

Q3: Where does the line get drawn between safe use of technology and it becoming unhealthy, intrusive even secretive ?

Q4: There are serious concerns of the continual escalation of masts, satelite dishes, transmitter pods, wifi, cctv and rf heating systems - is there a stopping point ?

Q5: Studies are showing more evidence these communication systems are having negative health affects on many citizens - what provisions have the council put in place for those affected (where proof can be shown) ?

(Footnote) As this Council's role is to represent it's citizens welfare first and foremost, any outside views ie, Government, Ofcom, or the Mobile Industry, should be of a secondary consideration.

If everyone can get to grips with their Councils then that is the first and most important hurdle to cross. I await their reply which will be kept in file for future reference.

# Posted: 31 Mar 2014 14:09

I hear everyday of a World Shift, well lets shift it the right way around.

To gain control of our lives its best to start with our Councils. Its less daunting and more feasible. COMMUNITY RULE is more powerful and effective because if every community through Council backing took place the Government would be forced to return to its original, position as a regulator rather than a ruler.
They were to make sure on OUR behalf that Councils were abiding by the laws, wishes and rights of every citizen, who cause no harm to others in their choice of living and working conditions.
Over time we became too complacent and lost our voice then our power.
So to gain it back a bombardment of campaigning towards our Councils is the only way.

Just remember they work for me and you !
We only live a short period of time and I'm half way through so I'll be damned to let anyone make whats left a total misery through crimes of torture, because that is what it is for Mast-Victims.


# Posted: 31 Mar 2014 14:27

I am not against Technology as long as its not detrimental in its manufacturing to our health or our environment !

# Posted: 1 Apr 2014 00:28

I'm not sure what local councils can do when they are literally bullied into accepting new telecom infrastructure and expansion of existing sites. I've seen the forceful attitude the telecom companies use, telling the council they cannot refuse on any grounds and dictating the agenda. They actually tell them what the decisions must be!

From what I have seen, the councils fight back as best they can by delaying their "decision" as long as possible, refusing to engage in correspondance, and generally forcing the telecom companies to keep badgering them for the answer they insist upon. We all know it's a done deal on these things.


# Posted: 2 Apr 2014 10:16

EG -
If Council planners were to do the same research as we on this forum do, they would get plenty proof of the dangers alongside testimonials from those affected.
They also just need to check the health statistics including the death rate in their area. There is conclusive evidence that high rates of death from Cancers, Tumours and Circulatory problems are in line with the advancement of Technology by way of Masts in particular. When you begin to get clusters of health problems around these structures something is blatantly wrong. So Councils have no excuse !

It may seem there is nothing we can do but there is plenty things to do. Firstly we have to get in writing from everyone in positions of trust and care of our welfare to state their view on whether they believe these new technologies are harmful to you.

ie, Write to your GP, Neurologist (ask for appointment to see one then explain how your symptoms affect your life and that you believe these masts, phones, or satelite dishes are the cause.) Post a letter after to have his/her response for your keeping.
Write to your Area Councillor, MP, MEP and any other official you can think of regarding "their" view on the matter of safety.

Also get a copy of your medical history (as far back as you feel necessary) and file alongside reply letters, journal of times and dates you feel awful, or any diary on your daily life thats hampered by illness.

All this is your personal back-up for when the truth of the dangers finally come out. I see that happening very soon (2 years at most).
This being your evidence for court proceedings which you will get help with as it will be such a SCANDAl then an UPROAR by the public, lawyer's will be jumping to take on cases.

I say this because the mobile manufacturers are now starting to produce phones worked from SCALAR waves which are less harmful supposedly !
The dangers of Mast emissions will eventually come under scrutiny also when a safer procedure is found.

For a long time we have been used like rats in a lab but there is one thing we are more than capable of doing that rats can't and that is fighting back- BE PREPARED -KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - GET YOUR FILE STARTED ! !

# Posted: 2 Apr 2014 23:29

It doesn't matter what the councils think or know, or have researched....my point was that they are powerless to stop installations, because the telecom companies (backed by Government policy) dictate the terms of the planning application's acceptance. They "Cannot be refused on the grounds of perceived health risks", is the line they use, and refer to some numbered policy or other. The councils have their hands tied.

It is up to the government to step in and change their own policies, and stop the telecom bullies. But that is not going to happen when huge ££££ is being made.

SCALAR is far from cuddly, either. It's still genuine microwave weaponry!


# Posted: 6 Apr 2014 20:58

Yesterday a reply from Council came in post.
Next to my name in the heading was in brackets ( on behalf of Mast-Victims . Org). This pleased me greatly as they are now aware that it is not just me that suffers from these dangerous structures.
The health problems are no myth !
Anyway I was given a reference number for future contact in regards with the Enterprise, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee.
I await their reply to my questions once the consultation period ends and they have recorded and considered all submissions.

Not so long ago in Feb a parliamentary member came to my home town touting and spouting how great WiFi is and was pushing my council to have it installed in every primary school. She had also been pushing for our area to be the first in having super fast broadband which it did in March. This is the same woman who is at the centre of a cash scandal - Maria Miller - a woman not to be trusted with our money let alone our health !

Campaigning can at times be very frustrating but you should never give up because Councils will start to realise that those they thought had power and integrity are really only a liability and have very little power when their crimes come to light. Unlike in the past.

Today in twentieth century people are awakening to the hype, lies and deceptions.
Today they are starting to take back control. Even if you only write one letter of complaint your letter will be an added contribution. Each one is held in the council database so is really a future piece of history for generations to come.

# Posted: 7 Apr 2014 09:50

Oh, my goodness just found an amazingly informative site with NEW SCIENTIFIC PROOF that emissions from masts and wifi are damaging.
It also gives updates on how to campaign in detail.

Check this out :


Click on the link, Mast Sanity-Home

Evidence of harm is catching up to the point it can no longer be hidden or denied.

Best wishes

# Posted: 23 May 2014 11:29

Just an update on the fact that I'm still waiting on answers to my questions from the City Council Planning and Infrastructure Dept which were put in on the 24/march/2014.
I have also called but to no effect. If these people who allow for the bombardment of new technologies and are confident that there is no threat to health then why would they ignore such important questions. To do so only implies the opposite.

The most worrying fact in all of this is to be ignored when by law I have the right to gain the answers from those who are supposed to work on behalf of the citizens.

What next ? I have a plan !

# Posted: 16 Jun 2014 12:50

Thank you Agnes for the news page.
I understand that enviromentalist called Michael Weatherall in Canada is trying to get the dangers of mast, phone, wi-fi and microwave emissions made attainable to all citizens in his county. Alongside the info from the IARC of the possible link to cancers many should now sit up and take action.

Since no one in my City Council would reply to my letter of concern I felt this info you passed on would help greatly.
I called today to find out who was the Director of my Council's Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure dept. On being told he was not available due to going overseas on business tomorrow, I asked what type of business and to where.
His Personal Assistant was reluctant to tell me except that it was a Trade Mission. I said if that was the case then it was public funded and tax payers have the right to know. All she would say was he was going to Canada.
On hearing this and having read your post on Mr Weatherall at the Festival Hydro in Canada
I was prepared and in time to pass a message on to the Director through his assistant before he leaves tomorrow.
My message was for him to gain information on the dangers through contacting Mr Weatherall whilst in Canada and to review the data from the IARC's new findings before he commits to agreeing to impliment more technology back in my home town.

He cannot say he has not been made aware of the rising tide of concern and conclusive research into the dangers of such technology's.

I will contact him when he gets back.

Best wishes.

# Posted: 16 Jun 2014 12:59

Oops must apologise for wrong name.
It's Martin Weatherall , Environmental Activist.

Will write a poem in the poetry section in gratitude to him and his endeavours.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2014 22:31

I have surprised myself this week with the amount of contacting and campaigning I have done. More than usual but strangely its becoming adictive. When you become aware of what is truly happening in the world and it's affecting or rippling into your domain, ie, City or Town, or Village, you want to be vigilant and on gaurd. To Observe and Protect !

I have spoken to many important people regarding certain concerns including the bombardment of harmful technology only to find they have very little knowledge themselves on the subjects. It seems many people are just going about their jobs applying policys they don't really understand. They also don't want to rock the boat. If you are passionate about bringing a subject to the fore then you are actually a strong force to be reckoned with. Don't give up even if you feel intimidated. You know you are arguing a good case and you have every right.
Keep on chipping and digging.

"To understand the root cause of evil is to dig a little deeper thus exposing it to the elements it cannot survive in - the Light."

(It would be nice to read other people's contributions - so take a chance !)
Here are two extracts from a speech Jim Carrey (actor/comedian) made recently at the MAHARISHI University of Management.

"You can fail in what you don't want in life so take a chance on doing what you do want in life."

"The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is."

# Posted: 4 Jul 2014 11:43

If I had to choose two words I really despise it would have to be ' Comply ' followed by the word ' International ', especially in the context of being told what to do by an ' outside body ' ...... I comply to no-one except my maker !

An update on City Council Planning Dept's Reply :

" All new Telecoms Masts are required to comply with the ICNIRP standards. They can be contacted on - +49 3018 333 2156."

I must not feel ungrateful for their txt message as at least I have not been ignored and it is a less painful communication although it seems ironic I am having to use the type of technology I have real concerns about and to which could not function without these Mast Structures. However since landline street call boxes have all been decommissioned what other choice do I have ?
As I have said before, I am not against new technologies if they are constructed in a way that is not detrimental to our health but so far it is proving to be the opposite and so if I have to get ill using technology to bring out the truth I will do so.

This council department have enough information regarding the dangers alongside the knowledge that this is still a contentious subject, with no certainty of safety, and as such should be viewed with precaution.
For me to hear that people are asking if not demanding faster broadband, wifi, better connections etc.... I have to reply that its because they all think its safe. No one has told them otherwise - as yet !
It has become FACT that these powerful emissions are changing our DNA , hence the scientific studies on this matter today and why many life insurance companies now want evidence of your DNA structure before a policy will be issued. This allows them to know how much damage to your body has taken place and the calculated time you will have left before death.

So for the City Planning Dept to send on the contact number of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) for me to deal with seems a bit 'weak hearted ' on their part.
I would have appreciated the sentiment more graciously if they had pushed forward a motion to their Council Leaders demanding that the Public be made aware of the possible dangers.
At least then everyone would be given a choice in the matter; a choice to voice their disapproval to the ICNIRP.
My voice alone will not be heard so here is the address for everyone to express their demands and concerns.

Scientific secretary : GUNDE ZIEGELBERGER
Deputy secretary : KARINE CHABREL
Phone : + 49 3018 333 2156
Fax : + 49 3018 333 2155

: ICNIRP c/o Bfs

When choice is taken away and replaced with compliance then freedom is lost - so stand up and fight for your rights; fight for your choices and fight for your voice to be heard !

Best wishes to all.

# Posted: 4 Jul 2014 16:28

As long as all the protesters do not unite, and undertake a scientific research programme in order to prove that EMF can have damaging effects on our health, all campaigns will not have any effect.

Till today, such a study has not been done.
The observed biological effects were of limited time.

The statement of the WHO, that no scientific research proves that EMF is harmfull to health is still correct, because it still is not seriously studied.

# Posted: 4 Jul 2014 18:08

Charles :

And that is our defence for they cannot prove it has not been harmful !

The WHO have been negligent in their BELIEF that radiation even in the lowest emissions
Is safe. Time has shown by the testimonials of victims that harm has been caused. Its a little too late to start the studies on this.

# Posted: 4 Jul 2014 22:14

The precautionary principle, which used to get mentioned a lot but not so much these days, puts the onus on the creators of a technology to prove that it is safe, and not the other way around. Yet this appears to have been abandoned by politicians, scientists etc as an argument.

If they cannot prove beyond doubt that EMR and wi-fi and masts are safe for humans, then the whole bandwagon should be stopped. This has been known for years, and yet still it rolls on unopposed.

tilly is absolutey right, the demand for more and more EMR, wi-fi and smart devices from the public is based on their ignorance of the truth, which they have never been made aware of. So to base the increased roll-out and strengths of this tech on "public demand" is ridiculous and they know it.

5 years ago, hardly anyone was addicted to phones, and dependant on them like they are now. 5 years ago it was not a integral part of society, and business, and entertainement and gods knows what else. So, who got the public hooked on it all? because they sure didn't do it all by themselves.


# Posted: 5 Jul 2014 18:02

Look at:

# Posted: 6 Jul 2014 00:25

My take on all of this is this:

You have to ask yourself what kind of scientist would deny the 'probability' of possible reactions to the physical body from emissions that have in their very nature elements that can destroy lesser and non-compatible structures such as the human DNA.

Scientists study reactions !
To deny the existence of reactions is to deny science !

Where there is a conflict of interest in all of the above three then it is unwise and unlawful to continue under an 'experimental stage' to such a large extent - the population !

The ICNIRP should and will be held accountable. I will notify Scientific Secretary, Gunde Ziegelberger of this in my letter and look forward to the reply.

# Posted: 14 Jul 2014 23:48

Hi everyone, just watched the video link from the MV news section on the lecture given by
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe.
EHS diagnosis and management !
This helps me greatly in many ways as the information backs up everything I have been saying and documenting for many years. My medical notes (to which I have a copy of) holds exactly the type of symptoms expressed not only here but from other sources too.
It's just that this is the first up to date video that can help me at this moment in time regarding my campaign work with the Council.
If the Council feel they are under no obligation to keep me safe from their installed mast's then they are very much mistaken.

Everyone I've given information to in the past and present time regarding the dangers and how my health has been affected will be held accountable. They won't be able to pass the buck by blaming either the ICNIRP or GP Government guidelines (they are responsible also)
as I will remind them that " if you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows ".

I have always been sensitive to electricity and atmospheric conditions since childhood.
It couldn't have helped living the first 3 years of my childhood next to one of the biggest main electricity pylons in the city. By the age of 5 years I knew when lightning storms were on their way before anyone else did. When the storms hit I couldn't touch anyone or anything metal as electric shocks would be to painful. That still stands today !

If any Council leader wants me to prove it I'll happily oblige !

If anyone wants to remove the build up of metal toxins from their bodies I would suggest a safe and natural remedy called PADMA 28. This can be bought at a natural health food store. It is expensive though around £25 to £30 for capsules.

Will keep you posted on new information regarding council campaign.

# Posted: 16 Jul 2014 21:05

This waiting for replys from Council is waring thin now. I'm fed up !
I'm also waiting for reply from MSP -who was writing to NHS Chief Executive on my behalf ( 3rd time) for an investigation into my complaint regarding atrocious treatment from certain GP's and certain hospital consultants. To wait a month is too long.

In the meantime I'm recovering from another chest infection, bacterial infection and blistered palms of my hands.
I'm drinking tap water that has ammonia through it. Had a fall out with a Scottish Water scientific advisor today who insists it's safe to drink - just don't let it enter your blood stream! The NHS Health Board approved this ?! A process called Chloramination !
I'm being zapped by neighbours wifi, satellite dishes and a huge phone mast (10 min walk from flat) which has been upgraded with extra antenna.

I think it's time to go public ! I have enough evidence to back up all I say. I'm nervous but I can't put up with this waiting game. Many people don't really know what's going on but they soon will.

# Posted: 18 Jul 2014 09:34

Before going public with the dangers of these Masts, etc ,I felt I needed extra help as this news will probably not go down too well in my area. Most citizens are asleep to reality and the fact I reside across from a science and technology park dealing in IT Technology's is going to be seen as a "poke in the eye" for them.
My extra help has come in the form of Mr Barrie Trower himself to which I'm really grateful.
I spoke to him on the phone and he advised me to get hold of a journalist who is prepared to take this on for publication and for the journalist to contact him personally for verification
On the matter.

I know once this is out it will be like opening Pandora's Box as I have a lot more to say on what's going on around us. The dots are truly joining up and it's not a pretty sight.
To be honest I'm more worried about how I conduct myself once I take the first steps ; I'm so full of anger at the betrayal alongside the damage to health that I'm going to unleash a voice so strong I won't be able to stop.
I'm a people person; I care for all of life ; the destruction I'm seeing has to stop !

Best Wishes

# Posted: 19 Jul 2014 02:07

Wait with uptimism untill you find a journalis prepaired to take on your story.
Like the rest of us, you might be in for a surprice, as most of them ignore you, as the papers they work for earn much of their living from "Whole Page" adverts from the WMR Industry. (read: Wireless Microwave Industry), the culprit to our poisoning.
If you find one who is prepared to take you on, please let us all know, as he/she could get a MIRIAD of lives ruined by the WMR.
Sorry, but I am afraight this is what most of the rest of us have experience of.
Best regards.

# Posted: 20 Jul 2014 16:29

Thank you Agnes ! It seems whatever I do will either be too much or too little ! It is difficult to please all so I'm moving on with my endeavours to bring about change.

I wish you well in all that you do at Mast-Victims.org but I have to say it was getting a little depressing hence the need to brighten things up by writing. It was a pity no-one joined in.
Finding the right balance in any form of communication is very difficult .

Best Wishes

# Posted: 28 Jul 2014 11:28

My campaigning has continued since there is absolutely overwhelming evidence that certain technologies are very harmful to health.
I have found that Councillors, MP's, MEP's and even a Rt Hon MP will not represent when issues raised go against their true allegiance - The Government !

People need their own voice in Parliament !
An Independent Public Body of Citizens (IPBOC) to represent OUR interests and concerns.
If we don't get this it will be same old- same old, going round in circles complaining and getting nowhere. Every Region should set this up and meet once a month, followed by one meeting a year when all come together.
If anyone has input on this it would be good to hear.

(footnote) My poems are given freely - even when published. The political ones never get into the mainstream as they condemn War, Injustice and Greed.
I've written for over 20 years so if people feel I was on an ego trip then that does not concern me, nor the closure of the Poetry section.
I am an ordinary person with no 'air's or grace's - just trying to bring about change ;
a less harmful, more tolerant and peaceful society.

# Posted: 19 Sep 2014 09:39

The GPS tracking device is also a kind of electronic product and a lot of people now are suffering from the tracking of it and this is really a kind of suffering for them. And for the people who hate of being tracked then the gps jammer is a good assistant.

# Posted: 20 Sep 2014 02:49

Welcome back Tilly.
Your idea is good, but would never get anywhere. Loads of people have tried, Eileen O´Connor (now of Radiation Research) ran for Councillor with a single subject, namely EMR, I don't think she got a single vote, others have as well, same result. The modern "Technology" is so convenient and seems to be so "Addictive" to its users that we seem to be back to "Gin Lane" which just might be what the politicians want, give the "People" their Opium, and they will not make to much trouble, but will Lally on in sweet ruse and toxicity!

Just look at what the Scotch did yesterday.
They were offered a way to be "An Independent Nation" at last, after 300 years, and they said No, well where I came from we went independent in 1944, and I was one of the first babies to be born "Free" from the Danish occupations of Iceland.
But they said No, (by a narrow margin) as they, majority, were scared of the "Supermarket price effect" on their food bill.

A Nations Independence has a price But it sure is worth every penny in the pound.
So, If you look at the outcome of the Scottish vote, how can you even dream of getting the people to vote Against their "Opium, Gin Lane"?
They will vote for the convenience Any time, and get Pills for their headache, sleep deprivation and daily misery.

I am sorry, but I have lived with the health consequences of EMR poisoning for over 10 years now, and I have a hard time seeing it turn to better any time soon.

So I have a suggestion to you.
Why don't you turn your Cannon on to Simon Wesseley, who seems to work for the insurance industry and instruct the HPA, and whose wife, Clare Gerada decides what our GP´s classify as a "Proper" health condition or decease, as well as Mr. Wesseleys lap-dog Dr. Rubin.
Just read this, And make no mistake, Non Of These People Are Medical Doctors, They Are all SHRINKS!

So Tilly, this is what we are up against.
The latest "Work" of Mr. Wesseley told us that we (EMR contaminated) were all "Closet Hermits" anyway, since we tried our best to get away from the pollution that makes us sick. (published as a short comment in the Daily Mail).

So tell you me, how can a "Great Britain" powerhouse medical conditions to Environmental Poisoning be ruled this way or that by a very small clique of Husband, Wife and Lap-dog? Who know Nothing about Medical Conditions, (maybe there are other considerations like private remunerations from Insurance Industry, Treasury etc., but under any circumstance there is something totally wrong here!

I am at a loss to understand it, and there does not seem to be a way to tackle it.
But I realize that you just might be the right person able to, so please get stuck in, as these people are Our Peril. And if you get headway, we would be on a winner.
Eagerly awaiting your answer I remain
Yours truly.

# Posted: 24 Sep 2014 14:43

Hi Agnes, I have been working extremely hard to get this issue addressed. Not only have I informed my City Council, written to ICNIRP and had a meeting with the NHS complaints board accompanied by an MP assistant (NHS only allowed this person to be an observer) it seems they want to ignore the whole idea of any notion of health issues arising from modern technologies. My unacceptable treatment from GP's was also ignored. I was told that the GP's are not allowed to go by their own initiative but by guidelines instead. So you are right that the real cause or one of the real causes to our problems stem from Mr Wessely &Co.
I have been told that Claire Gerada has stepped down from her position but have no knowledge at this moment in time who has replaced her.

For the next few weeks I'm resting before deciding my next step of action.
It was very unfortunate that a large proportion of people (or so we are told ) voted No to independence of Scotland but the truth will out soon. It seems that the rigging of votes has been verified ( YouTube is a good alternative in gaining news our mainstream media hides).

History dictates that Evil only gets to go so far before being brought down so always live with that knowledge and continue to fight the good fight.

# Posted: 24 Sep 2014 19:39

It is a sad day to see the news headlines today that Britain is at WAR ! Had Scotland got independence then it would have been England at WAR. Scotland is a peaceful nation; we do not want to hurt the innocent caught up in corrupt Goverment's who create death for their pleasures and insight hatred.
When will all this end !!

# Posted: 13 Nov 2014 15:14

How to object to sited phone mast/s.

Find out from your local council the Cell name ( street or road mast sited).
Find out the Cell number (mast ID number).
Ask council to put up notice on base of mast details of the apparatus including who installed it so that members of the public know who to put their concerns to.

I was able to achieve this in my area. See below details that was pinned to mast.

"Notice Required Pursuant To Paragraph 18 of schedule to the Telecommunications Act 1984 (as amended).

Cell Name :
Cell Number:

Please note that this telecommunications apparatus, consisting of new antennae, was installed on the ../../.... by O2 (UK) Limited.
Any notices of objection in respect of this apparatus to be given pursuant to paragraph 17 of schedule 2 to the Telecommunications Act 1984 should be sent to :-

Network Consultation Helpdesk Manager
O2 (UK) Limited
1 Brunel Way

(Good Luck - Member of Anonymous)

# Posted: 14 Nov 2014 01:08

Gosh, Thank you Member of Anonymous.
This truly expect this info to give help and guidance to lots of people.

My family and I ran a campaign against a mast installation 20 meters from our home/place of work in 2003 which was rejected by the city council planning office, although there was tremendous support from the whole neighbourhood
It ended up in Civil Court where we lost spectacularly, and the telecompany tried to ruin us.

Ca. 5 years later I ran a campaign against a mast installation in the middle of the village where we had moved to after having had to abandon and leave empty our old home, by the same telecompany.

This objection also had overwhelming support from the area residents, but again the county council rejected our objection, but the telecompany did not go through with the installation, but found a new place to install the mast where they did not need to ask for planning permission, so avoided public knowledge of the installation.

So, it sometimes helps to be a pain.

Again thanks for your guidance.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

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