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# Posted: 12 Apr 2014 11:13

Chloramination of our drinking water is being rolled out across Scotland. I recently found out it began in my area as far back as 2003. No one was informed !

Having looked into this what I found is very worrying !
Chloramination is a process of mixing chlorine with AMMONIA supposedly to keep our water cleaner in the pipeline. However this combination is so powerful it can corrode old lead and copper pipes. It can also eat through thick rubber sealants ie; toilet outlet conections. Not only that it is dangerous when in steam form (vapours) ie; kettle steam
and shower steam. Could this be why the Councils put in new kitchens, bathrooms, showers, pipes and vents in both rooms ?

On checking with the leaflet from Scottish Water it clearly states that it can be dangerous if it gets in the bloodstream. It is also not suitable for kidney dialysis patients. Fresh water fish cannot survive in water that we are expected to drink.

On calling the Health Protection Scotland and speaking to a Dr, I asked if any human health assessment has been implimented since this process was started. His answer was no as it was not necessary.
When I told him many people in my area are suffering from ill health and that if he checked the amount of prescriptions handed out on a daily basis something is seriously wrong. Our immune systems are shutting down.

As Health Protection Scotland deals with infectious and environmental hazards I told him my concerns about the health implications of so much Radiation emissions from all the Technology that is forced upon us, especially those with low immune systems . Between radiation and chemicals in foods now our water source it has to be looked into on a more indepth study ie, community -rather than relying on data they recieve from outside sources. I know from personal experience that data is manipulated by services that supposedly hold integrity.
This Dr from HPS has said he will look into my concerns and contact the relevent bodies.
I will now write to Scottish Water and ask for the evidence they passed to the NHS BOARD in 2003 stating this new chemical in the water supply poses no threat to human health.

I ask any one reading this to contact their Water Board and ask if their water has been Chloraminated. They just need your postcode to find out. Get their reply in writing.

Best Wishes

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