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# Posted: 24 Aug 2006 10:23

http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_politics_100010_18/07/20 06_72201

it is a bit strange that the article writes about radioactivity. The radiation of masts is not radioactive.

Also it is not true that high masts outside town are a solution. Radiation with the frequency of mobile phones does not reach far, so the density around these high towers will have to be huge. And the mobile phones will have to use more power.

Apparently Loukas Margaritis is not technically well informed.

No word about dect, wlan, mobile phones, laptops. Neither about tetra, taxi's, public transport, digital radio and television.

In my view, there is only one option, that is a 'wired first' policy and 'wired mobile' (telephones to be plugged into fixed connections).

# Posted: 24 Aug 2006 13:56

Hi Frans,

"Kathimerini" is a Greek newspaper in english and therefore I had written off the use of the word "radioactivity" as simply being poor english translation of "radiation".

I agree that moving mast out of town will only make the mobile phones transmit at higher power - but masts nearby are also making alot of people ill, so it's really a catch-22.

- Henrik

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