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# Posted: 29 Jul 2015 13:52 - Edited by: WarezRonin

OK lets start off with honesty.

This is what I have heard.

So taking all of this with a pinch of salt, lets see what we can do to help all those people on EE and ORANGE in the cullompton area.

I have found out that there is a mast that looks after cullompton in devon and it is overpowered by trees.

The company is aware of this issue and they have tried to take down some of the foliage.

But due to them being on "THIS PERSONS" land (I not saying his name) he had said NO and that they can not trim down the trees, unless they pay 6 years upfront for upkeep of their mast.

So, uh, we are now suffering with no 4g and very little 3g due to this guy wanting money. (I also have heard that this money will be used to fix a building that needs repair in the cullompton area.)

What rights do we have to go chop down the trees our-self. F88K the GUV.....


# Posted: 1 Aug 2015 01:31

Hi WarezRonin
Yes, give us some "TRUE HONESTY"!

I guess you have gone to the wrong place to lodge your complaint.
Mast-victims.org is for the people who You and your cravings for 3/4G wireless connections Really Harm with your addiction demands!

We could start with the Cancer causing effects from this "Technology"!
EVEN the WHO, who are truly biased towards the Telco Industry, (Which pays them millions each year to follow the Industry Line, has HAD to admit it causes cancer, so look at the NEWS in the UK, What is the NHS biggest problem?
The 60% surge in Cancer of almost Any type, in the 20 Years of Wireless communication existence, which were Unknown before!
The sudden Surge in Diabetes 2, Obesity (caused by lack of sleep because of Radiation inside their home) The huge surge in Alzheimer etc. etc.
All, Totally unknown just 20 years ago!
Does n' t tell you anything?
If it does not you are either in denial or just plain stupid, and do not follow what is actually happening in our society, just focussing on our own Narcissistic "Needs"

To "US" as a group, Mast-victims.org, THIS, your complaint, SOUNDS LIKE REAL GOOD NEWS!; so please give us your location as we might mark it as "Possible "NON EMR" Holiday resort.
I suspect you have posted on the "WRONG WEBSITE"
But lets get some things straight!

Look I would really like to know "WHAT KIND OF TREES foliage" block the Microwave Radiation from 3 and 4G, and I am sure so would our ca. 16 million users.
Look, Usually the radiation just kills off the trees in the are where a mobile mast is installed.
This happened at our former home/workplace in Worcester/Worcs in 2003.

The Next Door mast installation made us terribly sick (vomiting/ feeling faint, not being capable of sleeping or concentrating, forgetting important stuff and to boot it killed off the old Listed OAK Tree Next Door, as well as All of what was growing at the neighboring properties.
All this going on we had to evacuate our "OWNED" premises ASAP!
We ended up giving our house away: Is this what you support?
For 3 and 4G?
Next time it just might be your Home!

So in OUR view" THIS PERSON" who is the Obstructer is a bit of a HERO!
I hope he is a steadfast person, who does n' t give in to "Fast Money" profiting Foreign Profiteers,.

Sorry, but they, The TELCO, are playing Russian Roulette with our lives, health and well being, and YOU LOT are the Suckers who buy into it, which makes you accomplices!

In a hope that you wise up, (wishful thinking, but always the optimist)
All the best

# Posted: 1 Aug 2015 02:18

Look I would really like to know "WHAT KIND OF TREES foliage" block the Microwave Radiation from 3 and 4G, and I am sure so would our ca. 16 million users.


The attenuation is based on the water content in the leaves. Any tree with many small leaves with a high water content is really bad news for microwaves.

For shielding purposes one will probably prefer evergreens, as the shielding properties for deciduous trees drops drastically in the winter as the lose their leaves.

For this reasons conifers are probably the preferred choice. I don't know your exact climate, but if Cupressus sempervirens can grow in your environment it would be a really good choice, as the leaves are very small and placed very tightly. The disadvantage of the Cupressus sempervirens is its limited growth rate, which will probably diminish even further in a location with high microwave exposure.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 1 Aug 2015 03:38

Conifers will eventually dry out and die if exposed to direct microwaves for too long. They do absorb it, whilst they are still able to.


# Posted: 3 Aug 2015 01:10


Yes that is quite true, we (MV) have been sent a large number of photos (over many years that show dead and dying conifers, other trees and shrubs, in parks and gardens with a mobile mast or tower nearby, beaming their environmental destruction onto them).

Nothing suits a confer worse than the large Brown dead patches on the green when they are dying, and it takes them a long time to shrivel up and die, but they do eventually as well.
All the best.

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