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# Posted: 14 Jun 2006 21:21

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13 June 2006

Health Canada’s Unhealthy Agenda?

The residents of Simcoe in Norfolk County and the citizens of Canada in general should be very concerned about the hidden agenda of Health Canada. During the Norfolk council meeting of Tuesday 06 June 2006 residents complained about harm to their health from the recently installed, Rogers cell phone antennas on the Simcoe water tower. Many fellow citizens had conducted research and unearthed facts that clearly showed the dangers of living in close proximity to cell phone antennas. Included in their presentation was information showing that citizens in many different countries have reported cancer clusters and serious harm to health due to the nearby presence of cell phone antennas. Despite the reported health problems related to the antennas, Health Canada and the local health authority have done nothing about investigating the victims health problems, or providing assistance.

Contrast this inaction by Health Canada with the response that one would expect to an outbreak of food poisoning, SARS, e-coli, meningitis, Legionnaires disease, bird flu or a host of other infectious diseases. Reports and research from around the world indicate that exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from cell phone antennas and other sources is harming and killing many people. It is possible that E.M.R. is causing more harm to more citizens than all the above causes combined. Yet Health Canada’s only response to Canada’s victims is to state that these people cannot possibly be ill from cell phone masts because their exposure is below Canada’s guidelines.

What Health Canada is not telling our citizens is that the guidelines are derived from the industries that cause the problem. The scope of the guidelines is limited to only the heating of the skin from the cell phone microwaves. The guidelines are not based on the biological effects, how they affect the brain, the immune system and various other parts of the human body. Compared to countries that have conducted detailed research into the health dangers of electro-magnetic radiation, our standards are extremely lax. It is probable that the research to which Health Canada chooses to refer is funded primarily by the cell phone industry itself.

Health Canada also relies upon information provided by the World Health Organization, even though the department head that governs electro-magnetic exposure considerations has been accused of receiving large amounts of money from the cell phone industry for travelling expenses. Considering the available research, the World Health Organization is far from realistic about the dangers of electro-magnetic exposure. They have clearly disregarded the interests of those they should be protecting.

At the meeting in Simcoe, the officials of Health Canada sat in a back row seat alongside the Rogers Canada and Industry Canada representatives, as if presenting a united front against the citizens who dared to report health harm from cell phone antennas. What do these three groups have in common? Industry Canada is the group that allows dangerously high levels of exposure to our citizens. Rogers uses those lax rules and saturates our environment with dangerous levels of electro-magnetic radiation, then denies any health effects. Health Canada is the organization that should be investigating the reported facts and health problems, and from whom the victims would reasonably expect to get some help. Yet with whom have they aligned themselves? It appears to me as if Health Canada is acting as a pimp to the cell phone industry, allowing the dirty work that is causing so many ill health effects.

Why has Health Canada turned a blind eye to what so many others can see? Are the health officials so incompetent? Or is it something more? Are they taking bribes, or orders from corrupt bureaucrats or politicians? There must be some reason why Health Canada is looking only at research that fits their “official view”, while ignoring reports of all the harm that is being caused worldwide. The reckless spread of wireless technology is being allowed with little concern for the health of Canada’s citizens. Health Canada and our government are allowing the interests of big business to take precedence over the safety of the population, even when there is clear evidence of very serious harm.

Martin Weatherall
519 463 6251

# Posted: 11 Jul 2006 19:38

Do you know of anyone in Saskatchewan that can help some friend who feel they are suffering from emf.

Please contact 306 -956--3442 ask for Rose or ken

# Posted: 28 Jul 2006 04:36

Dear Anonymous.
I am sorry the we do not know of anyone located in Saskathewan, but we have contact with people in Canada and the USA who specialize and might be able to help.
Ask your friends to write to us, and describe what they are feeling, and why.
We can then direct them to where we think they can get answers and help.
Best regards.

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