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# Posted: 28 Jul 2006 05:45

There is a vital need to register every bit of information that can be uncovered about the health effects caused to some of the population of the UK by TETRA and mobile phone masts, and other technologies using microwave radiation such as DECT (cordless) phones, WiFi, WLAN, Blue Tooth etc.

ES-UK and Sarah Dacre are collating profiles of ill health which are very useful, but we also need to collect and file accurate information to hold as evidence of ill-health in the UK. This is increasing and worsening year by year around this technology.

We ask you please to consider filling in a Health Survey form if you believe that TETRA, phone masts etc. are making you unwell or ill.
It is very important to be able to show what we believe to be true – that there is far more ill-health around TETRA, phone masts etc. than the authorities realise or will admit to.
The health survey form will be placed here and in MV Forum soon as it is finished.
For further information: please E-mail Sandi: MastSicknessUK@aol.com

Organisations and groups within the masts movement work tirelessly to try to help the people of the UK and their communities, but if you do not give us the tools to try to change things for you, our help will be ineffective.
Please give us this information and we will use it on your behalf to try to push for changes that will benefit those who suffer. It could also help our children and their future.


We say, “Enough is Enough – too many are sick, animal life, trees and plants are affected. What is it doing to our environment?”

If you want to help, even though you are not affected by microwave radiation, it would be great if health survey forms could be distributed in your local area. Some people who have become sensitive to this technology become isolated, or suffer more if they leave their homes.

Please contact us at MastSicknessUK@aol.com for further information, a health survey form, or to offer us assistance in your area.

All information supplied to Mast Sickness UK will be data protected and therefore no personal details will be released. We will need a contact number for verification.

Here is the link to our blog created for us., by the curtesy of Bürgerwelle, Omega news.
Our own website is currently Under Construction, but will open shortly.

This is the discussion group which has links to the blog
This is a link to both:


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