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# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 02:59


We recently rented a flat near Notting Hill Gate in London. We didn't notice the masts before signing the contracts so therefore we are now facing the following issue. In front of our windows which are in the two bedrooms there is a communal garden and just behind the garden a block of flats with several installations of mobile phone base stations. In total, and according to

http://www.sitefinder.radio.gov.uk ( postcode is W8 4DZ ).

there are seven antennas emitting at around 28 dbW ( which is quite a lot, core network installations aka macrocells ). Three of them are facing our windows. A few details follow:

The distance between our flat and the block of flats across the garden
is around 20 meters. We are around 10-15 meters above the ground while the antennas are 35 meters above the ground. Therefore the diagonal distance between the flat and the masts is around 30 meters. The antennas are of the sector type. According to some calculations we can say that we are lucky enough to be outside the main lobe and therefore we are not being zapped quite heavily, it is rather the sidelobs which probably affect us ( if they do ). In any case we would like to measure the radiation and compare it to other places of interest for example other friends' flats that are far away of antennas and so on in order to compare.

Questions : Is there a cheap way to make the measurements? We would like to have some device that is calibrated and produces numbers, for example Volts per square meter ( or something like that ), and not just noise.

Is there a way to shield the bedrooms ( which incidentaly happen to face the antennas ) ? Wallpapers, window films and so on.

We can't move out right away since we just rented the flat and therefore we have 6 months left in our contract. To be honest I am heartbroken since this flat was rather cheap and I really doubt we will manage to find something similar in a similar location, I had really high expectations.

In any case, I would be grateful if you could post any information you think is relevant.

Kind regards,


# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 09:28

Hi Nick !

I looked the postcode up on SiteFinder -it looks like a hotzone!

Luckily, there are alot of shielding options available.
There are shielding paints, wallpapers, fabrics, wire-meshes & window-films.

I highly recommend shielding paint from YShield. It's very cost effective and shields at least 95% of microwave radiation.
The only tricky part is that the shielding paint, being conductive, needs to be grounded to be most effective. Living in a flat, you can probably get a ground connection from waterpipes etc.

PowerWatch have done a comparison of various types of shielding products and posted it on their shop website here.

Calibrated digital EMF metres are rather costly! I'll send a message out to the "network" in order to find out where you can rent such equipment in th UK.

In preparation for shielding it's a good idea to use a so-called "Acousti-Com" to identify where radiation is actually entering your flat. It's a simple device that allows you to hear the pulsating microwave radiation. Even though you shield from the outside masts, there might be similar radiation from neighbors cordless phones, Wi-Fi equipment etc. pouring in from behind walls. This you can detect with an Acousti-Com that you can rent or buy from PowerWatch. See here for more info.

Check out the website of Biologa, a german company specializing in shielding materials. They have shielding wallpapers, fabrics and window film.
I use the "Topas" type fabric for curtains but Dutch building biologist Charles Claessens has recommended a type of shielding mesh fabric called "Diamant" as a cheaper alternative to the expensive shielding fabrics. Biologa has it (see under "download products" on their website).

Regarding window film: click here for a study done by Zamir Shalita PhD. of various type of window film and their screening abilities. As far as I know, most 3M brand window sun film will do the job.

I hope this gives you some useful leads - and please don't hesitate to ask!

Best wishes
- Henrik Eiriksson, Denmark

# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 12:46

Hi Nick.
I sent your letter out to the Mast-Sanity mailing list in the hope that they had some advice for you, and here is an answer from Sarah L.
Best regards.

Hello Agnes,

We had success shielding our loft with aluminium backed insulating board plus Alasdair's (powerwatch) mesh for curtains. Just going on my own experience I would first of all try lining the walls facing the mast with aluminium foil, and using the mesh for the windows. Take expert advice on earthing - I don't know what is best in a flat, but Andy or Alasdair will.

Our bedroom has benefitted from external paint (Powerwatch again) but this may not be possible for Nick.

Then there are the bed canopies, but I haven't tried them.

Hope this helps
Sarah L

# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 19:09

Thanks guys for your answers.

Actually, to be honest, we are looking to move out as soon as possible. The main problem is that we cannot do so that easily because we have just signed a contract. My flatmate is suffering headaches due to the antennas and perhaps shielding could help however since we do not own the flat we cannot paint it or do whatever we like with it. If there is someone who is familiar with the UK laws it would be nice if he could give us any advice if we can terminate the contract due to medical reasons.

We will probably hire a radiation detector like a COM ( or something similar ) and make measurements but in any case we are gone on first instance. I really can't believe of our bad luck, we just rented the place. :-(

Kind regards,


# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 19:31


Here is another answer from Peter from WART. a local anti-mast group who also have a website.


We have also taken certain precautions in our home.

We also lined the walls facing masts with Aluminium Foil (not just baking foil) when we redecorated. We also replaced all of the windows with 'K' Glass which has a "metallic" constituent in it which also reduces emissions significantly,
(Not Cheap though). Finally Ann also made curtain linings with pockets which had "Space Blankets" sewn into them. These are the sort that athletes have to wrap themselves in when finishing marathons etc to retain warmth.
w-a-r-t have them in stock at £1.50 ea + p&p. I have also been told that Aluminium Blinds help quite a bit but have not checked with an Acousticom.


From Agnes
In our old home (we had to abandon it in the end because of sickness, and buy a second house to move into to get our healt back, almost) we actually did experiments to see if we could make it bearable untill we could move, and we put up alufoil and fine metal mesh sheets with tiny pins, (thin as drawingpins, but nails) under and on the ceiling. and these pins did not leave any marks.
We also got window material (lead curtains) from Powerwatch and made
straight pane curtains that we put in front of the windows.

I can easily understand your dissapointment, it is heartbreaking to find the home you want and then find out it is polluted.
You might be able to use the poolution issue to back out of your contract, it is wort the try.
But I would advice you to do at least two things:
1). Buy some of the materal like the ones shown in the link
http://www.estorebroker-processingcentre.co.uk/electrosmog/acatalog/Ma terials.htm
And make canopies (or drape over) over your beds.
That way you should at least be able to sleep.

2). When you start looking at other flats use the sitefinder to reject any with mast nearby, and rent/buy a electrosmog detector (it will hown if there is microwave radiation around, even dect phones, and costs £. 58.- ) to see if the flat and surrounding area is radiation free.

Best regards.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 19:36

More answers to you Nick, You are not alone with this problem.

I have just blue tacked catering grade aluminium foil as recommended by Alisdair to cover several square metres of a wall which obviously has a DECT phone just the other side. The emissions are reduced by about 90% with just one layer (!) and my bed almost totally free of any sound from my Electrosmog detector.


I paid a fortune for aluminium blinds...the A com still screamed the Tetra signal through them, I suspect it depends on the angle of the signal...the space blanket was more effective at blocking the signal.

I suppose it depends on the amount of time nick will be in the flat (ie just there to sleep or for longer periods) as to what he should do.

He should buy an electrosmog detector. He could also rent a COM meter from Powerwatch if he wants to see the scale in v/m. However this won't show anything unless the levels are over 0.7 v/m. The electrosmog detector will register a noise at levels of 0.03 v/m which is where adverse health effects have already been reported in the literature. If the electrosmog detector registers the radiation it is advisable to shield his flat.

There is a German company called Aaronia that sells more expensive meters that may be more sensitive to the radiation and may have a visible scale although I haven't looked at them in detail.

He could get a bed canopy if he only sleeps there. Otherwise there is paint and aluminium lined wallpaper for walls and net curtains for windows. He should shield the windows first as they let in the most radiation.

Perhaps the rent was cheap because of the masts?


The government guidelines for max exposure are set at 61 v/m. These only protect against short term heating effects. They are no guidelines to protect against other biological effects.


# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 20:09

Hi Nick,

If you can't paint the place, then consider getting enough shielding fabric to cover the wall & windows facing the masts. Hopefully the fabric can reduce the incoming radiation enough to keep your mate from suffering headaches.

Best wishes and best of luck!
- Henrik

# Posted: 2 Aug 2006 21:02

Wow guys, thanks for the replies! We are going to visit tomorrow our university accommodation office and ask them for their advise if we can break the contract because of this. If we can't and we have to live with it until December we will definitely buy detectors and shielding material. Luckily enough the walls that face the masts are only 4-5 meters wide and 2.5-3 meters tall so it won't cost us a fortune ( with the deposit and the rents in advance we are literally flat broke ).

As for the rent, I have to admit it was rather cheap but it wasn't because of the masts. I think it reflects the value of the flat. It is rather small for a two bedroom flat ( technically it is an one bedroom flat with a study room which we use as a bedroom ). The previous tenants lived there for 2.5 years before leaving, they paid the same rent and they left because they wanted to find a flat closer to where they work. At least that is what they said. The funny thing is that there is a flat available for renting on the floors above ( with a roof terrace ) which is in a better condition than ours and the asking price is around 1,700 pounds per month ( i.e it reflects nicely the rents in this area ). What is more troublesome is that this flat is probably in a straight line with the antenna facing it which means that they are definitely inside the main lobe. Ours is 20 meters below and perhaps in an angle of around 40 degrees so we can assume that we are not affected that much ( these antennas have a, roughly, 6-10 degree wide beam on the z-axis ). But the people that are going to rent this flat are going to be toasted whether they realise it or not. And Jesus, we are talking for quite a lot of Watts! Therefore, I don't really think that people are aware of the masts, that they care or that they have taken it into consideration when negotiating the rent.

I talked yesterday with a neighboor living in the floor below and she knew that the masts existed but she simply didn't care. She said that she lives there for the last 15 years and she never had a problem, she feels very safe and her dog also never had a problem as well. What can I say? The masts have been installed in the last 5 years or so ( according to her ) so it is highly unlikely that you are going to see health issues in such a short amount of time. I think that the attitude of most of the people is that since they can't see it, the danger is not there.

In any case I will keep you posted.

Thanks for your advises!


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