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Dr. Gerald Goldberg, MD
# Posted: 5 Aug 2006 14:47

Recently using the approaches mentioned in my book, :”Would you put your head in a Microwave Oven” Henrik Eiriksson did an analysis of the Danish health statistics from 1995 to the present to see if there were any
observable trends or relationships between the rise in the usage of microwave and the incidence of disease. The data was correlated with the
levels of known toxins which are present in the environment. Of note with
the data there was a negative correlation with the levels of pesticides,
hydrocarbons and other environmental pollutants. The findings are highly
suggestive of a direct relationship between the use of microwave radiation
and the rising incidence of disease. These trends need to be discussed and
amplified upon. The data is currently available to be able to plot out
current trends against the rise in the incidence of the increased
utilization of microwave based technologies.

There is a tendency in the scientific community to do studies based on long term exposure looking at specific disease entities or outcomes. There is also a tendency on the part of the microwave community to do critiques on the biases of the studies. The conclusions of most of these studies will
forestall the analysis of the health consequences which are currently going
on. More important is the direct evidence which can be gleaned from the
health directories of various countries. This will literally demonstrate the
pulse of this epidemic as it evolves. The data is readily available to view
cause and effect in real time, which this data is but a presentation of.
Microwave radiation is known to have an immediate effect on the biology and physiology of the organism as well as long term effects. The concurrent analysis of the data makes it possible for governments to appropriately address the problems confronting their communities in a timely fashion. The data is readily available and simple to comprehend. There is a place for academic discussions, but this will do little to forestall the tragedy as it unfolds in front of us.

I would generously encourage anyone to contribute to this evolving data
base. I can be reached at glgmd32@hotmail.com.

Gerald Goldberg, MD
Author:”Would you put your head in a microwave oven” www.authorhouse.com

The statistics table can be seen at this link:
http://mast-victims.org/index.php?content=news&action=view&type=newsit em&id=1050

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