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# Posted: 27 Aug 2006 20:02

Experience of protection/shielding from 3G+GSM mast?

Please post your personal experiences of any and all useful ways to protect against the pulsed RF energy from 3G/UMTS and GSM base stations!

A sealed Faraday cage surely is optimal, but perhaps other less costly alternatives give some useful protection?

How effective are the various "canopies" that are on offer, what about the "headnet".

The swiss-shield, Biologa and Aroona brands are all rather costly materials. These all seem to be some cloth/synthetic fibre interwoven with metallic threads (silver); thus they all mostly reflect incoming fields. I’d expect some absorption too.

Is partial screening of inner walls feasible? (Say using any good conductor, like steel or copper or aluminium). Or will one end up with a powerful antenna re-transmitting it all in the bedroom?

What about absorbents? There are various paints and cloths available that claims to absorb (turn RF fields into heat) some fraction of the fields. Any success with this?

Think I've read about some plaster with carbon fibers for application on walls.

Anything else? Please help out here!

I experience a super-annoying sensation. I can actually "hear" a humming droning modulated "sound", as can my wife and my mother. Really I feel it just as much as I hear it.

Precise acoustic measurements we did showed absolutely NO acoustic signals. Our house was just extremely quiet.
However, the official doing the measurement could also "hear" a "sound".

We have direct visual contact with a mast that houses GSM (900MHz)+ 3G/UMTS (2.1GHz) and also NMT450 (450 MHz, though this is not pulsed).

The effect is very real - there is a mountain of non-disputed research dealing with it (starting with prof Frey at Cornell in 1961-62). But that does not help much. The sound prevents good sleep, my wife even experiences a painful sensation inside her ears.

One very sad thing is that these effects are very prominent at signal power strengths at least 10 000 times BELOW the "safe limits".

i estimate that the signal I "hear" is of the order 1mW/m2 or less. i don't have gear to measure it, but given a normal "macro tower" at 20W and a exposure less than 0.01% of ICNIRPs limits leads to that estimate. The 0.01% figure comes from Ericssons site under health.

What can one do? Any suggestions please!!!

Jaxz in Sweden

# Posted: 30 Aug 2006 04:17

Jy Jaxz.
I know the black paint works, Henrik, my son and webmaster has been painting all the walls and woodwork in his flat with it. He measured it before with a com monitor and an electrosmog, and mesured a lot of radiation.
He bought a calibrated monitor from Germany, (results can be put onto the computer) and has uses it to measure as he was finishing painting, and he has found out that the radiation does not penetrate, except through the glass in the windows.
He has bought the mesh to make up roman blinds for the windows, and is also looking at commercial window film, which we are so lucky to have the radiation bloc measurement results for from Zamir Shalita in Israel.
The film is a cheap option compaired with the paint and mesh.
You can find Zamirs results at the link below here.
http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=1&top ic=245 I have asked Henrik to post his results here for you, and he will do that as soon as he is finished painting in his flat, so that he can live there again.
In the meantime, look at MV link section where we have a little list over the companies we know of who deal in radiation protection materials.

Best of luck.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

# Posted: 31 Aug 2006 22:38

Hi Jaxz,

I've shielded my appartment with carbon/graphite paint from YShield and I must say that the effect is dramatic.
I tested the rooms before shielding with an AcoustiCom and it was screaming like crazy. The AcoustiCom allows you to hear the modulation of the microwaves from masts and other types of transmitters.
Now, after shielding all I get from the AcoustiCom is a slight hiss (no modulated microwaves get through).
For windows you can use pretty much any type of 3M sun-film. See here for Zamir Shalita's test results of various sun film types.

My reason for screening is that I happen to live right in the middle of the overlap between 3 UMTS masts & 2 GSM masts.
Before completing the paint screening, I tried sleeping under a bed canopy made of Topas screening fabric and that had a beneficial effect. I managed to sleep though the night and wake refreshed - first time in years.

Now I've got myself some professional measuring gear from GigaHertz Solutions and I'll post the results of measuring radiation inside/outside my appartment in this forum for reference.

If you are going to shield your living quarters, I don't recommend creating a complete Faraday cage, but start by shielding the walls where the most radiation penetrates and work your way from there. The YShield paint has excellent value for money. I painted all outside-facing walls and the ceiling in my appartment and that has really worked. It's important to get a decent ground connection if you are working with the paint.
I've also been recommended using the "Diamant Bewebe" woven fabric from Biologa. It can be glued to walls just like woven glassfibre and painted over.

Thick aluminium foil is also a possibility (says PowerWatch) - it's just really important to ground it in order to prevent the foil from re-radiating.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck!!

# Posted: 26 Sep 2006 07:15

Jaxz, I, too, hear/feel that annoying and PAINFUL hum for 4 1/2 -5 years now. My experience suggests that exposure to EMF either of long duration or brief, powerful EMF predisposes me to hear the hum (which can become so loud -but again it is felt in the head rather than heard but it does cause very painful ears-that it is deafening) I view it as my precursor to my 'full-blown electric sensitivity' which undeniably revealed itself in May of '05. Anyway, I want you to check out 'hum forum.' It is a yahoo group didicated to people who hear this sound and who are searching for answers as to what it is and how to cope with it. Run a search for hum forum and you should find it. I am sorry you are suffering from this-I wouldn't wish this or electric sensitivity on my worst enemies! If you are inclined, register for the site, that way they'll have another 'hearer' to add to their statistics. Let me know if you also find a corellation between your EMF exposure and the duration or intensity of the percieved 'hum.' Christine, Hudson, WI, United States

# Posted: 29 Sep 2006 18:23


I am a building biologist and do house surveys in the Benelux.
So, I am supposed to know a bit about radiation levels and shielding.

First of all, I do not like *canopies*. It is the last thing we would like to recommend.
The atmosphere inside becomes annoying.
The body comes too close to the shielding material; and the material will get coupled with surrounding electrical fields.

First of all, no material will give a 100 % shielding.
In order to know it is necessary to measure the radiation (quantity AND direction) first.
A complete cage of Faraday is no good, because there will always be some radiation, which will be reflected.
We advise commonly only to shield the walls and windows, where most of the radiation is coming from.

Many people think, that most of the radiation is coming from the mast they can see.
But that is often wrong. We measure radiation from sources which cannot be seen!
It all depends how the masts are directed.
And don't forget the DECT phones and wireless modems with your neighbours! They may give much mor radiation than some masts.

Qua shielding materials, it depends on the amount of radiation to shield.
For walls there are fine paints (don't forget the grounding!).
If the radiation is less than 100 uW/m2, the Diamant Gewebe from Biologa can be applied like a wallpaper, or the GE-S glassfiber Gewebe.

Large window panes can be shielded by several films, which should be transparent, but in praxis make the room darker and depressive. A disadvantage is, that the beams of the windowframes are not shielded.
I therefore use curtains from Swiss Shield when the radiation is heavy, or from Diamant Gewebe, when it is less.

In the bedrooms, there is a *poor-mans* solution.
In camping stores those so-called safety blankets can be bought.
A very small packages will give 2.20 x 1.60 meter film, one side silver, one side gold.
They can be glued with double-sided tape against de curtains, with the golden side outwards. Because the film is on epoxy base, it cannot be sewn, because then it rips apart.

Charles Claessens

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