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# Posted: 2 Sep 2006 03:31

To All.
I will be meeting with the Mayor and council of Harrison Hot Springs on Sept 11 at 7 PM .
I sent them a letter along with some info such as the Athones court case where 10 towers were ordered down for health reasons and the Frieburger Appeal.
I received a phone call that day from the Mayor who has set a date for me to address council.
Harrison Hot Springs is the Village where I suffered in my home by the tower to the extent that I had to move.
I have since sold the home and I have been waiting for good news such as the Athens Court case.
I would greatly appreciate any letters of reinforcement from those with knowledge and or personal experience of living near towers telling council why a tower that houses TV,FM radio and cellphone antennas should not be placed close to homes.
Letters can be sent to me or directly to Mayor and Council At: info@harrisonhotsprings.ca
Please CC to me.Regards Robert
Robert Riedlinger [r_riedlin@telus.net]
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Dear Mayor and council members.
Back in 1995 I purchased a home on Pine Ave. in HHS which was situated aprox 350 feet from the CBC broadcast tower which also houses cellphone and FM radio antenna's.
Within one year I became so ill that I had to move from that home.
I soon discovered that the radio waves from the tower was the cause of my illness.
Since that time I have been devoted to research on the subject and have found that many people around the world have become ill from cellphone towers near their homes and some have had to move as I did.

While living in HHS I contacted Industry Canada, Health Canada and BC Radiation Protection Office in Burnaby and could not get any help.
They all deny that there could be adverse health effects from towers even though there are many studies that show biological effects.
There are surveys that have been done that show illness from radio waves.
Please read below.

I strongly suggest, for the protection of public health, that you insist that the CBC remove the tower on McCoombs Street.
I would like to address council if you are interested.
Please call 604 8266791.
Yours Truly Robert Riedlinger
30199 Silverhill Ave Mission BC V4S 1H9
I should point out, a family living close to my home was also affected.

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