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# Posted: 29 Aug 2012 09:45

The Devils organ plays its tunes to us It can play its song from dawn to dusk All through the night they don't care What are they doing to us from up there? The animals, the birds, things in the sea We don't want to hear this frequency How can we make them go away? Its frightening to think they're here to stay With us down here and them up there Their advantage is their frequency; its everywhere Ive found nowhere in this country to hide Way out in the bush, the mountains or inside There's two satellite frequencies this I know One is slightly higher, the other very low The tones fluctuate between themselves leaving with a hum It makes me feel not so good when it vibrates my ear drums I've heard this noise for seven years now it has made me see That this satellite frequency is not here for the good of humanity

# Posted: 11 Sep 2012 13:02

Sleeping with silicone earplugs is the only thing I have found that helps. I have been hearing this for years and have looked for answers, it has caused confusion, stress, tension and it seems short term memory loss. Looked online and saw EMF waves in Alaska which some believe can change the weather which would explain how weird the weather has gotten. And the sound waves the Russians used on the American embassy that caused many ill effects on diplomats etc. It's a real sound, hear it all day but especially at night, I'm a skeptic but this is real, and it's making just thinking straight harder and harder and sound sleep is non existent...

# Posted: 18 Sep 2012 05:54

I live in Bondi, in Sydney, Australia.I would like to hear from anyone who lives in the same area, or who lives in Australia and has, like me, has experience as a sufferer from Low Frequency Noise. I would like to know of any work done by academics or others on this problem here in Australia,
I am not sure if the local mast (1-2 km from my house) is part of the problem as it has been there a long time but the problem has got worse over time.

I am pretty sure that some of what bothers me comes from neighbouring houses where more and more air con and heating units have been added in recent times, and also from unenclosed swimming pool pumps. But I am not sure why I am woken up at 1 am or 4 am or 5 am by the vibrations I feel in my body and the low but clearly audible humming nose that starts up.

Apart from identifiable sources, I know there is something called the Bondi Hum but find little about it on the web that is recent. I have been researching this LFN problem only recently but know from experience that the local council has little or no information, knowledge or appropriate equipment for measuring the effects of this kind of noise which reverberates and rumbles in my house.
I've now read a number of articles on Low Frequency Noise and its effects , as well as forums like this one and realise there are many different views as to the origins and possible solutions.

I would like to hear from anyone in Australia , and especially from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Perhaps more concerted action can get the local Councils better informed for a start so that the producers of the noise , when they can be identified, can be required to sound insulate their various machines. I know these may not be the only source of the problem but it would be start.

Any other information or links that come from Australia would be particularly appreciated, but any studies done anywhere would obviously be good to read.


# Posted: 23 Sep 2012 03:57

Hi RAS; The Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency
See the reference to J.C. Lin and his paper dealing with the mechanisms of The Microwave Auditory Effect.

I think it is the tallest towers that are to blame, from what I've read they can work for a 35 - 50 mile radius.

Make sure to take note of the references from Lin's paper especially for J. Elder and C.K. Chou of Motorola Florida and Henry Lai

Prepare to be shocked

# Posted: 25 Sep 2012 19:00

Another bit of information a Web site that I've just noticed. WHO The Internatinal EMF Project Anyone can go to the site and click on your country and if it is a participating country a contact name and address with email address will be shown.

HUM hearers are an ESTABLISHED Effect called the Microwave Aucitory Effect and we have a right to know at least what data they are collecting on this effect. To know whether they are pushing for more research into the effects on the Central Nervous System and the pressure created and it's effect on our neutral synapses.
I know emotional I have changed and respond to situations differently.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2012 00:04

I live in the north western part of the United States. I started hearing this soon after a smart meter was installed last year. Some hum sufferers here believe that the hum is caused by the smart grid consisting of Broadband over power line, known as BPL or PLC, along with the devices that "communicate" with the grid.

Broadband over Power Lines -- how bad an idea can you get?

Fred Goldstein, July 2004

It no doubt sounds reasonably attractive at first. An additional competitive source of broadband Internet access to the home, courtesy of the power lines. Broadband Power Line carrier (BPL) has attracted the attention of investors and regulators. Several companies have introduced products, and trials are under way in several places. So what's the problem?

But a better way to frame the question is to ask, what's not a problem? BPL is a truly wacky idea, but in the bad sense, one of those half-baked concepts that would never get off the ground if regulators and investors understood what they were talking about! The idea is to take digital information and modulate it, using wideband spreading techniques, across the shortwave radio spectrum (3-30 MHz, also known as High Frequency, or HF) and feed it onto high-voltage power transmission lines, and put similar transmitters in the neighborhoods for the return path. The sad part is that it kind of works. Sort of. But then, so does dumping one's raw sewage into the nearest river. Both move the goods, but both cause pollution in the process.

Transmission lines are not all transmission lines
BPL's main problem is that it attemtps to use power transmission lines, designed to carry 60 Hz high-power electricity, as radio transmission lines. Those are two very different tasks! As frequencies rise, alternating current waves become more and more prone to radiate away from their transmission lines. At 60 Hz, this is not a sereious problem. But once frequencies get up into the Megahertz range, it's mighty serious indeed. Power lines, which are untwisted pairs usually separated by some matter of feet, are not shielded, or in any way designed to confine radio waves that they might happen to be carrying. They act as big antennas. This effect can be used advantageously: Many "carrier-current" radio transmitters depend on the inevitable leakage of power wiring to distribute unlicensed broadcasting, legally, around college campuses, tunnels, and other defined spaces.

This is in marked contrast with, say, coaxial cable, whose outer layer is usually a grounded shield designed specifically to isolate the signal being carried from its environment. Coaxial cable is designed to be a radio frequency transmission line. Telephone cable is tightly twisted (hence the moniker "twisted pair") which delivers similar shielding at lower frequencies. That's how DSL, which actually goes into the AM broadcast spectrum, works. Ironically, power lines probably have less attenuation than coax, and thus can carry radio waves a longer distance without regeneration, because they are so big. But for the most part they're too big to shield. The low attenuation theoretically makes BPL potentially attractive in suburban areas, though it is unlikely to be useful in rural areas that currently lack any broadband access.

So as a result of this lack of shielding, BPL emits radio frequency interference. Lots of it, and -- being "broadband" -- across lots of frequencies. Americans aren't the world's most avid shortwave radio listeners, to be sure, but if they were, then they'd rapidly notice that BPL systems put out noise all across the shortwave broadcasting bands. They put noise across the HF amateur radio bands. Early tests of BPL have confirmed the worst, too: The noise isn't just a tiny increase in the background noise floor. It's often loud enough to basically obliterate almost everything else! It's within legal limits for unintentional radiation, but those rules were written with the expectation that the unintentional radiator would be a narrowband signal in a single location, not broadband along the entire power line. And it is not currently permissible to cause serious interference to a licensed user of the spectrum, even within those limits. But the BPL industry has asked the FCC to raise the current limits on permitted interference by several orders of magnitude.

Politicians who support BPL are taking advantage of the fact that almost everyone nowadays makes some use of the Internet, while the HF radio spectrum's users are relatively few. Government and military agencies are major users of that part of the radio spectrum, and they're not happy about BPL's interference potential! The National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA), the Department of Commerce office that coordinates government spectrum usage (essentially on a peer-to-peer basis with the FCC, which nominally only regulates how non-government spectrum is used), has expressed its opposition. So did the Federal Emergency Managment Agency (FEMA), though, curiously, they later backed off of their strong opposition, raising some suspicions of political intervention. But the FCC is pressing ahead with rule revisions to permit BPL, under its nominal authority to regulated unintended emissions.

Amateur radio and shortwave listening are seen as the province of a small number of aging geeks, and will be most severely impacted, since already-legal BPL interference levels are above "S9" across their frequency bands. The lack of shielding works both ways, too: BPL is quite prone to interference from nearby radio transmitters. Legally, a licensed transmitter takes absolute precedence over an unlicensed emitter. But what would be the political fallout of a ham radio operator whose station, operating legally, degraded his neighbors' BPL Internet connectivity? Presuming, of course, that the ham operator could remain on the HF bands at all, given all of the noise. BPL companies have tried to notch out ham radio bands from their systems, to reduce interference, albeit not very successfully; they are likely to still be susceptible to interference. Likewise, power companies testing BPL have sometimes tried to clean up their power lines in order to reduce the effects of interference that occurs from other sources, be it lightning or other transmitters. But they have not been very successful.

In the late 1970s, personal computers began to catch on, and many of the early ones had similar problems with unintentional radiation. The FCC of that era stepped in and imposed strict emissions limits on computing devices, the now well-established "Class A" and "Class B" certifications. This was costly to the computer industry; Radio Shack, for one, had to redesign its popular but extremely noisy TRS-80 computers and use metallic shielding, not just a cheap plastic case. The current FCC, on the other hand, seems to be going to the opposite extreme, encouraging the widespread deployment of devices that may generate far more interference than any ordinary PC.

The FCC holds regular auctions of radio spectrum in order licenses services like wireless telephony, video distribution, and radio paging. Yet BPL is a gift of the entire HF radio spectrum to a handful of electric utilities. Are we seeing yet another power play by the energy sector, which seems to be so dominant in the Bush-Cheney administration?

Not a good alternative to common carriage
The other main reason that FCC Chairman Michael Powell is supporting BPL seems to be in order to provide some cover for his ferociously anti-competitive telecom policies. The Telecom Act was supposed to open up access to the networks. Earlier rules, such as 1980's Computer II ruling, required telephone companies to offer nondiscriminatory access to their networks to information service providers. In other words, they could not reserve their monopoly lines for their own competive affiliates. Without that ruling, the public Internet might not have been possible. Powell is not only trying to roll back the Telecom Act with the cutoff of many unbundled network elements to CLECs, but (in CC Docket 02-33) he's trying to remove the entire common carrier obligation from ILEC-provided "broadband" services. Thus independent ISPs won't even be able to buy raw DSL service any more. The only provider of information over the twisted-pair network will be the ILEC or its chosen affilliates. The cable network will be one alternative, but it has never been common carriage, and usually only offers one ISP. Absent the competitive pressures of common-carriage DSL, can all cable operators be expected to avoid taking advantage of the reduced level of competition?

Powell's favorite type of competition is intermodal. It assumes that there are mulitple physical pipes -- cable, telephone, power line, satellite, radio -- and that this is sufficient competition to allow the owners of the most-regulated pipe -- telephone wire -- to be deregulated in a manner never before even seriously contemplated. The only CLECs, in this model, are those who hang their own wire on the poles; ISPs can either strike a private deal with the owner of a physical pipe or hang up their servers. Radio spectrum bandwidth is quite finite -- wireless Internet access is almost certainly going to be too costly for widespread fixed use in urban areas, and spectrum policies would need to be drastically rewritten in order to find the bandwidth needed. (To their credit, some people inside the FCC organization are trying to do just that, but it's an uphill struggle and at best years away from fruition.) Satellites suffer from speed-of-light delays (300 kilometers per millisecond: It's not just a good idea, it's the law!) So BPL is a theoretical way to break the duopoly just enough to permit more deregulation. The FCC has made clear that BPL will not be common carriage. It will be entirely the private matter of the power company, not available to any old ISP.

But even if that were acceptable, BPL's techical issues remain serious. Security, for one thing -- unless it's encrypted, everyone's signals will be detectable all ove

# Posted: 22 Oct 2012 02:01

Hi RAS, I live in Melbourne Australia and have been hearing The Hum for 1 year. For me it is 24/7, I refuse to believe that it is Tinnitus as this is definately an external source, the sound is low frequency and it sounds like there is a truck idling outside in the distance. I have been suffering in silence, it's very frustrating but I have had to accept it as I don't know if anything can be done unless all of us Hum sufferers around the world can unite somehow to prove that this is not in our heads! This is affecting the health of many people and it should be something the media should be making a priority to report so we can finally find the cause of this Hum. Current affair shows such as 60 minutes or talkback radio could get some action maybe?

# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 09:12

Please Visit vomitt.com__From Stefan Keith Howard in Philadelphia, Pa.

# Posted: 12 Nov 2012 11:01

Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish.
Domestic/Homegrown Terrorism, Gangstalking-Ultrasonic Torture, Unauthorized Implants
Off-line Hacking/Wireless Intrusions/Emissions Monitoring
A Window Cleaners Story
By Stefan Keith Howard
Open or closed minded?
"What you select or choose to perceive is determined by your personal frame of reference, that is, the organized whole of your experience up to any given moment." If I did not write and personally experience the following sanctioned injustices, I would find the following paragraphs difficult to believe. An hours research online will make you a believer.
Offline Hacking
Original writing 8-14-00
I will briefly attempt to explain the technology- Tempest Monitoring or Emissions Monitoring is a term given for remotely monitoring computers. Very few people realize, anyone with the appropriate equipment can monitor, record, and capture computer data from unsuspecting people in the privacy of there homes, place of business or mobile laptop while off-line and without the help of any wireless networking hardware or software. Imagine, your credit cards' data, social security number, vital personal and business files open and available to anyone. The technology is not new. It has been around for some forty years +. Until now the threat and main targets have been big business, national /International security or any target that might presume to give the intruder a worthwhile or not so worthwhile motive to initiate this stealthy intrusive activity. Computer monitors, external ports, cables, CPUs, printers, modems, and even wall sockets are means of which Electronic Emissions are captured and exploited. With a directional antenna, strategically placed transceiver, relay and signal amplification bugs, we are all at the mercy of these curious and sometimes vicious self serving people. All computer manufacturers have first hand knowledge of the signature, fingerprint, individual frequencies emitted from each and every product they produce. These non-disclosed specs regulated and controlled (FCC Regs.) by the government. While ON-LINE, enter key words Ultrasonic Torture, Gangstalking, Tempest Monitoring, Microwave Weapons, Crowd dispersal Device, Government Torture Tactics, Directed Energy Weapons, Unauthorized Implants, Electronic Harassment or VMADS for a wealth of info on the subjects. More on ultrasonic torture later. The Unofficial Tempest Pages is a good place to start. Why stop at just monitoring? The next and most obvious step would be Remote Write Capability with mouse control. "BINGO!"I believe it's called "Blue Snarfling". There is not a household computer in the world that can't be remotely hacked. You now have the power to rule the world. The unlimited possibilities and exploits of such power is and has been a reality for sometime now. When (if not already) the technology filters down to the private sector and the hacker clubs freely place instructions within their network, there goes what is remaining of our supposed privacy in the universal neighborhood. The FBI and other enterprising individuals have this capability. All persecutional paranoid delusions aside, I am being monitored as I type. The Ultrasonic Torture on a level from 1 to 10 is as I type at 4. It is my discuss and disrespect for a few arrogant bully types that prompt this writing. Little slimy buggy type things scurry quickly when the rock is over turned. I hope to inform and enlighten people who are unknowingly targeted and victimized, not to debase an otherwise respectable organization. I do question if Remote Torture , Tempest Monitoring and Gangstalking are unspoken accepted coded policies.
Who do I think I am and Why Me?
I am Stefan Howard a window cleaner and songwriter from Philadelphia. In 1999 I called the Philadelphia FBI office to report the alleged theft of music files from my computer during an instant message. After directing my call to the computer crime department, an appointment was made and an agent was to come to my residence to take an initial report. The 10am meeting was not honored. I was not notified of a rescheduling. After three weeks of repeated calls and leaving voice messages to request a meeting, there was no response. I finally called and left a message complaining about the seemingly non-responsive attitude. At this point I believe a decision was made to investigate me. Since June 1999 I have been the target and victim of Tempest Monitoring with write capability and mouse control. (Port and Input device frequency matching) As of December 2000, I have been the target of Ultrasonic Torture. Mans inhumanity to man is alive and kicking. Again, it is being arrogantly used as I type. This letter has been updated. The Office Of Professional Responsibility and your congressman must be forwarded a copy of this letter.
This part reads like fiction!
For those of you familiar with wireless hacking, computer forensics and intrusion detection, I am sure you will recognize the characteristic tell tail sighs of the following exploits, I have a Mac Power PC 6500. First I noticed my mouse moving independently regardless of my actions. Also the mouse speed would change at will. Logically I replaced the mouse and mouse control software and ran diagnostic and repair programs. the problem persisted. The intruder would actually show up when I ran programs such as ADB Probe, ADB scan etc. Microtek Track Ball was listed as a device remotely connected. I emailed 3 Megs. of screen shots of this evidence to the New York FBI Office. The computers monitor would flash very brightly on boot up. While playing PAC Man I actually had a remote adversary who would retard my controls when I would go for the power pill. At this point I knew nothing about Emissions Monitoring and was both incensed and fascinated. These were simply preludes to what would become a full-fledged around the clock self serving, ego and hate driven, childlike illegal harassment. A half hours work would take days. The attacks became progressively vicious. Thousands of hours of work, databases, contracts, painstakingly drawn Web Graphics destroyed. I would build these documents over and over only to be destroyed. The order given probably resembles the following. "Let him get so far with his dream and then wipe him out." This type of order along with the clearance it takes to use and implement remote computer sabotage and ultrasonic torture suggest the involvement of highly ranked representatives of the FBI. Frequency matching and transmitting the signal to a computers input device and or ports is often used when implementing a "Wireless Hack". Writing and inserting malicious boot code, synchronizing and duplicating disk while configuring communications software and ports are all means of gaining and maintaining a remote connection. Out of my league? Absolutely. Abuse of power? Absolutely. Expensive sophisticated state of the art equipment bought by taxpayers being use to psychologically and physically torture and torment an American Window Cleaner?!?........ Damn!! What Oath did they take? While ON-LINE the assailant would somehow prevent me from going to key web sites. e.g Sen... Specter, ACLU, Harpo Productions, FCC, Dateline, 60 Minutes, Department Of Justice Etc. During this frustrating hassle I devilishly entered GUNS into my search engine and was immediately transported to related Sites. I have no interest in guns. I spoke with Carmen at Sen... Arlen Specters office and she referred me to Mr. Cunningham who subsequently referred me to Mr. Kenny Evans. Mr. Evans seemed to be sensitive to my concerns. Mr. Dennis Cohen of the Philadelphia DAs office is aware of theses alleged invasions of privacy, 4th Amendment, Civil Rights Violations, but it seems he does not have the manpower to investigate my claims. I have had police officers come out on several occasions when the attacks were particularly blatant and vicious. The general responses was, "It is not within our jurisdiction", or a mild wide eyed smile. I have reported my claims to the Phila. Detective Division and Internal Affairs just in case the twenty or more recorded calls to 911 mysteriously disappear. A message is meaningless if it is unheard.
Insert and Update: as of 4/22/03
I have placed at least 100 calls to 911 and over 20 to 215-418-4000 requesting justice. The FBI reps simply say, "We don't do that". On one call I asked, "If you are not the ones doing this, why haven"t you arrested the people who are"? The response was silence. Sigh!
Whales Communicate by high and low frequency sound waves. Thank you Mr. Million years old Mammal for giving man an idea to make another weapon.
Only the guilty participants really know the Motive. I can only presume. Maybe simply because they can. Maybe this is an in the field case study. Maybe because some are ego driven. Maybe they do not like me. Maybe the preceding motive is unprofessional. Maybe my profile fits. Maybe they enjoy wasting taxpayers money. Maybe I should not write when I am angry. Maybe they did not count on me writing the article, Maybe they think Plausible Deniability and Untouchable are the same words. Maybe it started out as an investigation and just got out of hand. Maybe this is case study number 8,605 ST-UT (The ST-UT stands for Psychological Torture and Ultrasonic Torture respectively). Maybe this is new FBI tempest Training 101. Maybe they are perfecting and testing the newest and latest gizmos in a real life in the field laboratory environment. Maybe they can smooch my donkey. Maybe I have a fat chance in Skinnyland of exposing and prosecuting these hypocrites who conveniently place themselves above the law in the name of the law. What is worst?, a criminal. or a criminal with a badge. Maybe I can not afford state of the art scanners, bug detectors, frequency scramblers, emissions cloaking materials or other counter surveillance equipment costing in the tens of thousands. Maybe someone of equal or superior rank has a conscious. Maybe this oppression is fulfilling a pea brains childhood need. I could never work for a jerk who ordered me to attempt to destroy a mans aspirations and spir

# Posted: 20 Nov 2012 23:38

Steve, I live in Astley Village and this "droning hum" is driving me nuts!!! Did you ever get any answers?

# Posted: 24 Nov 2012 17:11

Is that Astley Village with a PR7 postcode?

# Posted: 25 Nov 2012 04:55

I have heard the hum since 1988, always in my left ear. It comes and goes, lasting sometimes for a year or so and then vanishing for anything from a few days to a few years. It's like the droning of a distant aircraft and can be more noticeable in certain parts of the house. I very rarely hear it outside and when I do it is barely noticeable. Currently I have been hearing it since February 2012. A strange anomaly is that if I travel more than 20 miles or so away from home the hum stops. However, if I stay at the new location for more than a couple of weeks, it gradually comes back. It's as if you have to get attuned to your new location. I have heard it all over the USA and UK and cannot decide if its an internal phenomenon or an external one. The fact that it vanishes when I travel is mystifying, because if it is an internal problem it wouldn't go away just because I have traveled. And if it was a localized external problem it wouldn't eventually come back at the new location. I used to think it was caused by satellite TV or cell phone transmissions, as they started at the same time I first heard the hum. But if so, why does it stop sometimes and always when I travel? Maybe it is the noise of the Earth's magnetic field that fluctuates in strength and would explain the coming and going. Also, when traveling to a new location and the hum stops for a while before reappearing may be due to having to become attuned to the magnetic field characteristics at the new place? Whatever it is it's certainly annoying, not just the noise but not knowing what the hell is causing it.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2012 12:01

Please, everyone, read this link
this makes a lot of sense.

And here is a pile of good solid information on the perception of infrasound

This is NOT a EM effect.

# Posted: 20 Dec 2012 05:21

Yes it's a PR7 post code it's 5 am now and the hum is resonating keeping me from sleep!

# Posted: 20 Dec 2012 14:53


We are in PR25. I am having problems sleeping too.

1 Has anything been done with your street lamps or phone masts recently?
Earlier this week the M6 street lights between J30 and J28 were changed.
2 We have 4G here courtesy of Everything Everywhere. Perhaps you do too?
3 Do you know if any neighbours have smart meters?
4 BTFon - BT customers are being automatically getting BTFon unless they
opt out.
5 Do you have a meter to measure the HF-EMR coming into your home?


# Posted: 23 Dec 2012 08:41

there is a problem from the tetra system caused by spiking. http://search.aol.co.uk/aol/search?s_chn=hp&enabled_terms=&s_it=aoluk-homePage50&q=te tra+acoustic+shock As you can see from the link they are trying to sort it.

# Posted: 3 Jan 2013 20:48

December 4, 2012


Another in our continuing series —Nothing Ever Really Changes.

We recently came across an item in the January 20, 1964 issue of Newsweek titled, "The Mrs. G Effect" about a California housewife, who could hear noises that no one else could hear.

An "expert" was brought in. As far as he could tell, Mrs. G was converting alternating current fields into sound signals "as though she were a radio receiver." Newsweek also talked to Allan Frey who offered qualified support. "If you use the correct frequency and modulate it properly, it's easy to induce sensations," Frey told the magazine. "But how it is perceived, it's too early to tell." Frey had authority in these matters because three years earlier he was the first to report people's ability to hear certain types of microwaves. Many now call this the "Frey effect."

A few days ago —or forty-nine years later— we called Frey and reminded him about the Newsweek article. It was not fresh in his mind! "I don't know what they measured, so I don't know what to conclude," he said, but he did allow that Mrs. G was probably hearing low frequency, not microwave, signals.

Mrs. G's condition is no different from what we now call electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Frey told us.

# Posted: 18 Jan 2013 07:16

I live in Tacoma wa . At the time of this post I am having a magnificent time of hearing this wonderful sound over and over. I appreciate the info from people trying to figure this thing out.

# Posted: 21 Jan 2013 17:16

Dear "Anonymous" in Tacoma.
As a proud owner and user of a Tacoma (pre-Fender) "Thunder chief" acoustic bass, my first thought when I saw your post, was that you must live near the Tacoma guitar factory test facility.

# Posted: 3 Feb 2013 04:39

Mods, please delete walls of text. This is classic forum disruption technique.

Also, everyone else STFU about EMF. Has nothing to do with EMF.


# Posted: 29 Dec 2013 11:39

part of london
Hi Joe I would love to hear your story as I have a similar one and live with this surveilance -and its not paranioa. Do you want to swap?
I have just stumbled upon this website by accident after suffering for approx 4 years.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2013 11:42

names joe i live up in sunderland,please listen to me what we are getting is mind control,ive got a implant they use sateralite gps tracking on me,ive proven this as the only place you will get cleared from this is if you go on the tube on the deepest part of london,also may i add is that there is a large group of people running this country i get followed.

Hi jo I would love to hear your full story as I have a similar one. Do you want to swap.
I came accross this website accidently after having suffered for four years -surviellance continues and its not paranoia

# Posted: 6 May 2014 11:38

Steve I rang Chorley Council today, the hum is now so loud I can't sleep. The lady told me that nobody else has reported anything previously. Did you ever receive any answers??

# Posted: 19 May 2014 15:04

Well it is nearly midnight and STILL I am awake due to the frustration of hearing that hum. It is so low and deep and disturbing and constant. It vibrates through my ears and my skull. It can not be any good for me. It awakens me I the night through the little amount of sleep I get. I have heard it for a couple of years now and through several different locations.
Initially I spent weeks tracking it down - it is something you can not locate. It is so low, so low, lower than any other sound I have ever heard. I am know I the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands. It is here too

# Posted: 2 Jun 2014 18:22

This may be of interest in that the theory of why some people have problems hearing either annoying humming or radio transmissions in one ear (usually the left) or both ears, is the possibility of IMPLANTS.

I say this after listening to my usual Radio 2 debate show with Jeremy Vine. Not so long ago this hearing problem was highlighted with viewers phoning in to join discussion of their situation. One woman told of the fact she kept hearing in her left ear the same nursery rhyme over and over again. She got no help with this problem except ridicule.
The next caller who had not heard the first lady told of the same problem including the exact nursery ryhme being constantly heard in her head. As soon as she said that she was cut off from transmission. Oops, sorry caller we lost the connection !

What are the odds of that scenario with two people from opposite ends of the country having the same hearing problem alongside hearing the same nursery ryhme !

There is far more to this than meets the eye. Since we can no longer trust the medical establishment does anyone know how to go about checking for implants ?

Toria Raven
# Posted: 14 Jun 2014 10:08

Please can anyone who picks this up sign this petition for an investigation into this awful Hum?

https://www.causes.com/campaigns/8006-launch-a-new-investigation-for-the-hum-cause-un der-the-government-bodies-of-the-usa-canada-austral/description

I have just signed it (toria raven)

I am also considering researching the psychological effects this has on people (I am a psychotherapist, and suffer from and with it myself) so if anyone wants to contact me, it would be very helpful for me to learn how it has been affecting you.


# Posted: 28 Jun 2014 06:07

The Hum is here in Bletchley Milton Keynes. I have been hearing this low frequency noise since Tuesday.

Chloe's Mum
# Posted: 28 Jun 2014 18:56

Look up

low frequency sound + health
infra-sound + heallth

low frequency sound + wind turbines

Chloe's Mum
# Posted: 28 Jun 2014 22:16

look up micro- waxe hearing.

Chloe's Mum
# Posted: 28 Jun 2014 22:23

look up 'infra sound #.
look up ' microwave hearing'.
;ook up The Frey Effect;.

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