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# Posted: 22 Jan 2007 14:36

Mobile risks 'need further study'

It's so complicated though isn't it? No wonder the public are confused, they just want to be reassured that it's safe, on the whole, so you can't blame them for believing the 'experts' and pushing the whole issue to the back of their minds. It's bad enough that people mix up short-term high exposure of handset use, with long-term exposure to lower powered base stations (but with a different pulse rate). Bad enough that only thermal effects have worried people rather than more subtle effects (and you can't blame people for accepting ICNRP limits as safe if they're not aware of other possibilities).

.. but we also have to face the belief that health effects are long-term effects like cancers, taking several years to show up, and easily dismissed as coincidences or un-provable amongst hundreds of other possible causes.

There doesn't seem to be any consideration of EHS (electro-sensitivity) which can be triggered on much shorter timescales and eventually lead to ill effects instantly when exposed to the offending types of radio wave pulsing. Despite this being officially recognised in Sweden with an alarmingly high percentage of their population suffering, this seems to get very little consideration or publicity, and no scientific investigation!

# Posted: 23 Jan 2007 00:26

Check The Times ( http://wwww.thetimes.co.uk ) - this was its leader on Saturday and there are some good letters on the subject today.

What I did not understand was that Professor Challis said on the one hand that there just might be a problem with long-term use of handsets and this justifies a further 5 year study, and yet at the same time he dismisses long-term effects from base stations as simply being too far fetched. In both cases there are doubts and in both cases there are no long-term data. It seems rather unscientific to dismiss one possibility on the grounds of personal incredulity.

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