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# Posted: 21 Apr 2007 11:06

This is a reply to a comment by "Bryan" to Marion Lang's case-story here:

Dear Bryan,
You are knowledgable in radio but you misunderstand Marion's post because you obviously don't know about RF induced health-effects. I would'nt really expect you to because the RF industry, that you may be a part of, has never had the humbleness and respect to really bother to find out. The notion that heating of tissue by RF energy is the only possible mechanism of harm is hopelessly outdated.

I don't think Marion is a radio or medical expert, and she might get a few terms mixed up but that doesn't diminish her right to voice concern.
Try reading Marion's post again and pick up the key concepts that she puts forward.
She mentions a "groundwave delivering the information" in a health-effect context.
What Marion is referring to is not a "ground-hugging-wave" but the information-carrying component of the radiowave. The term "ground" is used to describe the modulation because it's the "ground" reason the microwave is being transmitted at all - to deliver information.

People in RF usually compare the long time existence of TV & commercial radio to mobile telephony basestations and claim that people should have been dropping long time ago.
Guess what, people living near TV and radio transmitters have been dropping all along. Lookup info on the Schwarzenburg shortwave tower and the Vatican radio transmitter and you will see that RF-induced health-problems and cancer clusters are common around such installations.
Problems are becoming so visible now because the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless is reaching saturation point for insects (bees), birds, animals and alot of humans too.
As Dr George Carlo says: the far field ambient exposure is becoming indistinguisable from the near field plume of a mobile phone.
Another difference is that TV and radio transmitters are usually not put up in people front and backyards like mobile phone masts are.

So RF is RF right? Well, the devil is in the detail and it's the combination of high-frequency carrier-wave and a coherent low-frequency modulated information-carrying component that's triggering harm. Conventional TV and radio modulations produce randomly fluctuating signals but digital mobile phone signals produce highly coherent modulations, or "pulsing" if you will, with the transmission of 1's and 0's, "on" and "off".
3G/UMTS is quite different from "pulsing" GSM because it produces a "noise" like signal when actively transmitting information but there are multiple coherent low-frequency timing signals being constantly transmitted on full power "ontop" of the "noise" part. When a 3G/UMTS is relaying calls, the coherent timing signals get partially masked out leaving spikes rising coherently out of the "noise" but when the mast is idle the coherent timing signals are no longer masked by the noise and the signal become more discernible by the body.
Research has shown that cells in the body initiate stress response mechanisms after being subjected to 5-10 seconds of coherent electromagnetic fields. Cells shut themselves off as a safety measure because they interpret the man-made RF signals as an intruder. When cells shut themselves off then intra-cellular communication (between cells) is comprimised and this leads to a whole host of different health problems.
One way cells communicate and coordinate is by passing signalling chemicals between each other through "channels" in their cell membranes. Cells take in nutrients, they burn these nutrients as fuel and dispose of waste products from their metabolism (free radicals) through these channels in the membrane. These channels form a selective opening in the cell membrane and they "pump" certain things in and certain things out.
Sensor proteins on the cell membrane monitor the cells environment for known and unknown threats. A class of sensor proteins are "vibrational receptor proteins". These vibrational receptor proteins can sense the low frequency modulated part of the RF and signal to the cell to temporarily shut off the cell membrane.
When this happens it blocks nutrients out of the cell and waste (in the form of free radicals) starts to build up inside the cell and communication with other cells breaks down.
Once free radicals are trapped inside the cell, they can start chipping away at the DNA of the cell and that leads to the formation of "micronuclei". Micronuclei are kindof "freak" mini cells that are formed from bits of DNA and have no real function but they clone fast and are known as a precursor to cancer.
If the cell continues to be under stress and stays shut off from nutrients for long enough, it will enter a stage of programmed cell death where it commits suicide to allow for a healthy cell to take over. During cell suicide the membrane disolves and the formed micronuclei are released into the now nutrient rich fluid that surrounds the cell (because the cell did'nt eat much during shutdown) and there the micronuclei are free to clone, mutate and become tumors. So there you have a carcinogenic possibility.

Think about that a 3G/UMTS mast is most likely idle when you sleep at night and your body is trying to repair itself...

Another RF induced mechanism that is causing neurodegenerative disorders is:
A proteins or enzymes function is determined by it's 3-dimensional shape and if it looses it's special shape it decomes "denaturated" and ceases to function.
When you boil an egg you denaturate the egg protein by heat. The neatly and carefully folded protein strands unfold and the protein/enzyme is irreversable damaged.
But (and here's the kicker) proteins can also be denaturated with non-thermal electromagnetic fields. This is because protein strands contain electric dipoles such as sulphur. As you know, an electric dipole will act as a compass needle and align itself in a varying electric field. When dipolar components of a protein strand start reacting physically to a, say pulsing mobile phone signal (like the vibrational sensor proteins mentioned above) it can manipulate the proteins shape. The wireless industry "experts" love to talk about how non-ionizing radiation "does'nt have enough energy to break chemical bonds" and is therefore harmless but how much RF energy do you think it takes to wiggle a dipole? Not much...
Cells have some compensatory mechnisms against protein denaturation, such as heat-shock-proteins that are employed to help re-fold damaged proteins back into their working shape but if a protein doesn't fold back into it's working shape, and it happens to be in the brain, it can turn into Alzheimers protein "plaque" that damages neurons.

Oh and by the way: anti-mast campaigning groups, like mast-victims, are voluntary non-profit organisations that are trying to wake the world up to the dangers of the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless. No cheating, no stealing, no lying - just truth.

Best regards
Henrik Eiriksson, admin www.mast-victims.org

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