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# Posted: 14 Aug 2008 07:33

A cell mast is about to be erected 100 yards from my home. I have looked at this web site and I am considering buying either a RayFence or CellTec Pro protection device. Both companies are mentioned on this web site on the link section (http://www.subtlefieldtechnologies.com/ & http://www.rayfence.no/)

Has anybody used one or the other of these devices and can you please give me feed back as to their efficiency?

May thanks


Ole Martin
# Posted: 15 Aug 2008 10:47

I can't understand how such a "protection device" could screen out or/and neutralize RF radiation. One statement is that such devices could work for several kilometres in radius, to my understanding this sound rather strange. Does this unit emit RF radiation itself? How do they actually work?

I am facing another challenge, with mixed sources to radiation. We face GSM/UTMS, DECT and radar radiation from nearby air traffic control radar. We have started to screen out this, and we choose to physically screen the area with HSF54 screening paint from YSHIELD. The complete project is not finished yet, but at this moment we are very satisfied with the result! In the kid's bed, I measured approximately 400 microwatt before painting, now it is not possible to hear/measure anything with my HF59B meter! In the window, I have tested a pair of NATURELL curtain, and the effect is dramatic; from 3600 microwatt to almost zero. I will post a full report under my "Radiation from flight radar" topic when finished.


Ole Martin

# Posted: 7 Dec 2008 23:00

i don't know all the technical stuff, but i have bought celltech pro box's for my home, my brothers, and for my workplace - personally i would reccommend them, i definately notice (the difference) when the battery has run low, in my mind indicating that it does in fact work (the battery does need replacing approximately every 4-8 weeks - may be worth investing in some rechargable batteries for this) and also have a pendant which i find a vast improvemnet on the q-link i used previously. I apologise as i am sure you've probably heard this before but best option if it is possible is to move :(

# Posted: 10 Dec 2008 17:42

I'm enormously sceptical of anything like this. You can't be remotely protected by a mast unless you put something in the way of the RF. Very strong shielding works well if you are thorough, but obviously only works in rooms that have been shielded.

I've yet to come across one of these devices that does anything like what it claims to do. If you can ask them exactly what their respective devices are supposed to do and post it on here, I'm happy saying whether some of it is plausible or just nonsense.

- Graham

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