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# Posted: 3 Feb 2010 07:58

Hi Lingaro
From the discussions I see that there are some points which are not yet clear.
1. Conductive yarn/fabric
There are several ways of making conductive yarn
a. Silverplated nylon/polyamide yarn. Has a very good conductivity but the problem is that nylon is flexible and the silver will go off in the washing machine or when being bent or when the yarn touch each other.
b. Endless thin silverplated copper wire. Has a very good conductivity but the silver has to be lacquered avoiding silver to turn grey therefore this yarn is fully washable but has no surface conductivity due to the lacquer. Therefore is it not possible to ground.

Grounding is only required if you have a one-dimensional Shielding like a Curtain. When you install a shielding curtain of top of an electric cable the cable will be shielded off but the electric fields will jump to the fabric. All around at the edges and borders you will have an increased field strength. Therefore when installing shielded curtains you have to check if there is a cable in the wall underneath.

Grounding is not required when you make a three-dimensional shielding like a Canopy. This is the Faraday principle.

I have been working with canopies for the last 13 years. The first 4 years the canopies were made for the military in various countries. Here the canopies are used as tents for storing electronic weapons, computers etc.

Thereafter some hospitals installed canopies as they found out that the patients who had had an operation were regenerating faster when sleeping in a canopy.

And then the Electrosensitive Persons started using the canopies.

There is another problem. I can see that approx. one third of the people sleeping in a canopy will sleep very good for a couple of days. Then they sleep bad for up to 10 days. Thereafter sleep is good. We had this tested by doctors who measure number of stress hormones etc. They came back and informed us that it is the same thing when you take alcohol away from an alcoholic. The body has got used to the electromagnetic fields. When you are sleeping in a canopy there are no or very little field strength. Your body will start looking for the fields and will be nervous until the body realises that there are not fields anymore. Thereafter you will sleep well. This happens to approx. 1/3 of the users. Best regards Henrik Tvenge

# Posted: 4 Feb 2010 18:05

Thank you for taking the time to explain the basics and giving additional, relevant information. I hope the information will benefit as many as possible.

# Posted: 10 Feb 2010 18:01

Dear Lingaro
If you want samples of different shielding fabrics with and the test certificates, please send me a mail stating your postal adress.
Mail address: info@swiss-shield.ch
Best regards Henrik Tvenge

# Posted: 28 Mar 2010 22:41

Dear all,

Maybe this can help if you have trouble sleeping...Take a look at http://www.esmogcover.com/en/

Good luck,

# Posted: 22 Sep 2010 04:37

Is it safe to use an anti-radiation canopy over a baby's bed? How can I protect her developing organs from all this radiation?
Thank you,

# Posted: 30 Sep 2010 13:28


A canopy might be a good solution. But first of all you should find out where you have the highest exposure. If most radiation enters through the window(s) you should choose shielding fabric and hang it like a curtain. Additionally you can also hang a big piece of fabric in front of your baby´s bed.
If it turns out that HF radiation enters from several directions (WLAN from the neighbour, cell phone tower from outside, DECT from another neighbour) you need full protection and use a canopy.
So generally you have different possibilities: shielding paint, shielding fabrics, canopies. You should find out which is material is best suited.
What can you tell about the HF sources in your house?
We can then try to give you advice.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2010 07:13

I don't know how to start a new post, and this seems to be the most relevant topic, so I'm copy-pasting my question here. Thanks.

Hi all

I am severely sensitive to electromagnetic stress (I think I've always been, but it's worsened so that these last three months I've had to avoid absolutely everything - the computer (try to keep it to no more than 15 minutes per day), hairdryers, the car (although I can't completely stay away from it). I've even had to switch off the fridge at the socket before using it, we're cooking on gas, etc.

Anyway, I built myself a Faraday cage about two months ago. With aluminium insulation sheets, and aluminium fly mesh / screen over the windows. My and my husband's mobile phones both lose signal in there completely (different service providers). The trifield meter shows low readings, and the AM radio (my only 'meter' for higher frequencies is mostly quiet inside (as opposed to very noisy through the rest of the house).

The problem is that after the first few days, I actually started feeling worse in the cage. It's like I can feel radiation reflecting off the walls, and I can also taste the metal in my mouth. And also a feeling of burning in my chest and down my spine (which is my usual EMF symptoms when sitting infront of the PC, etc).

It's all interconnected (ohm meter reads between any two spots) and it's earthed with two earthing spikes. (I have to keep the earthing spike wet all the time, I can feel the difference when it goes dry).

There's a energy saver street lamp right outside the window, I don't know whether it might be 'overloading' the cage, but I also get this feeling during the day when it's not on.

So anyway, since I'm moving soon, I have decided to not redo the Faraday cage in my new house, nor get a canopy, which would be close to my body as well re breathing in metal ions etc.

My question is: I have been thinking of getting metal curtains, like Naturel or Aaronia. But would this not end up giving me the same problem? Will they not just also give of metal ions that I would breath in (or is this limited to certain metals like aluminium?) And would they not also act as an antenna for radiation, especially since most of them are not earthed?

Thanks for any answers!

# Posted: 8 Oct 2010 22:41


It is very refreshing to find a group of intelligent people who are also EMF-sensitive. A friend of mine and I are both attending a small acupuncture college in Florida. We are both sensitive, and the fluorescent lights are killing us! (not to mention the wireless internet and classmates' computers)

We were thinking of getting the EMF-blocking curtain material to hang just below the fluorescent lights (attaching a section of cloth to either side of the light and letting it hang/drape just below, in order to "catch" the EMF.

However, after reading all your very insightful posts, I am not so sure this would be a good idea. It sounds like it might make things worse. Do you all have any thoughts on this?

Thank you so much for being here and talking intelligently about these very real sensitivities. It is so nice to know that there are others out there who are aware and actively looking for solutions.

Hoping we will find the solution,

# Posted: 14 Oct 2010 15:02

Hi Faith

Along with mobile phones, fluorescent lights give me the worse symptoms of all.
I can mostly avoid the mobile phone, but I can't avoid fluorescents, as they're in the shops, the doctors, you name it.
Even a few minutes near one makes me ill for the next 24 hours, with burning spine/muscles/skin (although not visibly), insomnia, fatigue, irritation.

# Posted: 30 Jan 2011 10:17

kikkie2004, your question about feeling worse in the faraday cage seems to have been answered by an earlier post here, see anonymous at the top of the page.

# Posted: 18 Feb 2011 17:59

Have read this very useful exchange but haven't spotted anything about my particular issue which is - should I or should I not use a canopy if I have metal in my hip?

I tried an earthing sheet for about 3 days but was so hot and red in the cheeks when I woke up that I couldn't believe it was good for me. I was wondering whether I was attracting emfs to me more before grounding them! Would really appreciate some input from fellow implant people! Wi-fi, alarm sensors and TETRA in particular are killing any chance of sleep as I get heart palpitations, nausea, and fell like I am pulsating continuously.

# Posted: 20 Feb 2011 22:41

That sounds bad and you need to get some shielding - either as a canopy or carbon paint [earthed] on the walls. I was wondering: What is your earthing sheet exactly? What is the material? Is it under the bed or under the mattress? Or is it something laid on the mattress?
Do you have any idea what level of wifi etc you have?
Do you have any idea of the electrical fields in your bedroom?

I am EHS [UK]. I have a metal implant. I have not found anything on the internet on implants and shielding canopies.

The first canopy was Swiss Shield bobbinet [earthed] which was great initially but with time, oxidation of the silver reduced the efficiency.

Currently, I am sleeping [badly] under my second canopy. I am currently experimenting with a self-made 'Heath Robinson' looking canopy using 2 pieces of Chromax net and a piece of Naturelle. I have actually greatly reduced the HF under the canopy [less than 0.02 V/m]. THe problem worsened when the next door neighbour got DECT/wifi and another neighbour opposite got a BTFon transmitter.

A problem with canopies is that they can attract electrical fields. People seem to have different ideas on canopies from what i have read so far. Some love them and some cannot abide them. In the longer term, I am considering painting the bedroom walls with carbon paint instead. That is to shield but to keep the shielding away from my body.


# Posted: 21 Feb 2011 23:08


What earthing sheet was it exactly, did you have one or two layers of cotton sheet between you and the earthing sheet?

Did you earth the sheet using
- an earthwire to an earth point of an electrical plug?
- a radiator
- a separate independant outside earth rod you put in the ground?

I tried doing some earthing in the past. Not very successful for me.
With an emergency aluminium blanket under 2 layers of cotton sheeet, the blanket atttached to earth wire with sticky tape.

One problem that I have found is that my electricity earth wiring is picking up radio frequency from outside. I have measured it.

Another problem was that an independent outside earth - literally a piece of copper pipe that I buried in the garden with a length of wire attached going up the side of the house was picking up RF.


# Posted: 28 Feb 2011 22:08


I had an email from a lady who tried an earthing cover that contained carbon which she earthed via the radiator. She had advised me against using one. She found that she was jumping out of bed during the night with heart irregularities.


# Posted: 1 Mar 2011 13:38


your post 3 Feb 2010 07:58
"Grounding is not required when you make a three-dimensional shielding like a Canopy. This is the Faraday principle."

I completely disagree with your statement!
It is often said that a Faraday cage can shield electromagnetic fields. Using the term "faraday cage" however is not correct in this context. A faraday cage has nothing to do with electromagnetic fields but with electric fields. A Faraday cage is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electric fields. Microwave radiation (electromagnetic fields) reacts differently in a physical sense.
So grounding a canopy is definitely required! Provided there is a need to.
(there is no need to ground if the V/m are very low)

# Posted: 7 Mar 2011 11:33

A problem with canopies is that they can attract electrical fields. People seem to have different ideas on canopies from what i have read so far. Some love them and some cannot abide them. In the longer term, I am considering painting the bedroom walls with carbon paint instead. That is to shield but to keep the shielding away from my body.


It's exactley what I think, canopies keep EMR too clost of our body. I've tried 2 canopies. One gave me soar throat and the other one head ache. Independently if the canopires were grounded or not. I only shielded 2 walls with Swiss shield where the WiFi signal was coming from and now I field all right. Carbon paint is good too but I didn't use it because I'm not sure to stay here for a long time because of the Smart meters coming soon.

# Posted: 13 Apr 2011 14:21

Question/feedback sought re what I think are very high measured cell radiation levels & making mylar temporary canopy for bedroom


I've lived in a house right next to a set of shops with two companies' three directional cell antennas on top. Both antennas are the same height as my room, and only about 15 degrees off the centre horizontal direction of one of the transmitter panels. So I'm close to getting full beam strength, far higher than if I was off to the side more or down lower at the base of the tower. Oh, and I'm only 10-15m (30-45feet) from the closer cell antenna - lying in bed I can see it directly through my large windows.

I put up some (aluminised) mylar emergency blankets as linings to the curtains which cut out the buzz on my FM radio when behind the curtains but after some sleeping issues recently bought a digital 0.5-3.6ghz RF meter to double check things.

Readings: - with TES-92 electrosmog meter

My readings (average mode to remove peaks) confirmed my fears:
Bedroom - mylar curtains open:
(1) on pillow - 3-10w/cm2
(2) right in bedroom window facing cell tower 20-80w/cm2 (it fluctuates a lot)

With mylar blinds closed:
(1) on pillow/around room - 1-5w/cm2
(2) in window - 1-3w/cm2 (so the mylar is effective in reducing RF levels, albeit proportionately more so as you'd expect closer up to them)

And for the record:
- in our lounge 2-7w/cm2
- 2-15w/cm2 on the deck - part of which is precisely in the horizontal centre of the main beam.
- in back downstairs bedroom – 0.2-2w/cm2 (both further away, further off vertical axis of main beam and through an additional wall or two)

If you want these values in w/m2, just multiple them by 10,000 (the number of square cm in a sq metre). i.e. these seem to be high radiation levels compared to other numbers I've seen people quote on here re levels that are causing them trouble.


Also appreciate a second opinion re my measured RF power density & observations. I'm not overstating this, it is very high right, but seems to fit the scenario I've described and how it varies by location?

Options I'm considering - for my rental accommodation:
- (moving is the obvious one, but also the hardest in short term)
- continue sleeping in other room - OK but not ideal, and levels still highish
- canopies:

To get to at least passable levels I think I need a high actual attenuation result for my room (not merely a high db materials rating) - as merely dropping the levels by say 3db/50% or 80% as with a mylar curtain still leaves things at ~1w/cm2 which from all I've read is pretty high.
temporarily lining the full room with mylar (cheap & immediate)
- getting a fancy canopy (very expensive and a little worried re the electrical fields generated)
- doing my own cheapie canopy/or cube as proof of concept with mylar sheets for 5 walls, with mesh for the 6th (at the head of the bed for ventilation) and conductive foil tape joining all seams. (I have tried doing a mock up creating an uncovered "foot deep mylar pit" into which I've put the meter, but such is the reflected RF strength in my room that enters via the one unshielded side even then the readings still range from 0.1-1.5w/cm2

I'm planning on giving the latter a go, but would appreciate feedback from anyone who has tried this. Any issues I've not thought of - space to leave around the bed etc?

There's more background I could add re symptoms patterns but just keeping this "short" to start with. ;)


# Posted: 13 Apr 2011 14:26

Correction to the above:

For some reason when it posted it has deleted my micro-watt symbol from every reading I listed, so when it says 1w/cm2 please read this as 1 micro-watt/cm2 i.e. 1 millionth of a watt per square cm.

# Posted: 14 Apr 2011 00:31

You are wasting time and a lot of money trying to protect yourselves from this. The pollution comes from ALL wireless communications, it induces sound in everything it comes into contact with, including the ground and especially the fabric of your abode. Mobile phones, radar and satellite comms are the new cholera.

# Posted: 14 Apr 2011 07:33

Thanks for your response.

Sorry if I didn't make this clear - I'm not so naive as to try to eliminate the RF/cell radiation levels in my bedroom - simply seeking guidance on my goal of attenuating / reducing the level of what I understand may be very high levels to something a bit lower. This is admittedly based on a basic assumption that lower levels are likely to be better/healthier than, or at least not quite as bad as, very high levels.

I'm also trying my best not to waste money! (hence the cheapie mylar blankets)

# Posted: 15 Apr 2011 14:28

Look up 'German Doctors unite on RF health effects'

Look up 'Our life in the main beam of a mobile phone base station' + 'Christine Kind'. The translation of her presentation at the Bamberg Symposium is there. It is available here on the mast-victims website - but you need to scroll down the screen to start reading the pages from the bottom.
[Or else do a Yahoo search and find it on the 'tetrawatch' website.]

On page 2 you will find graphs of the exposures at different horizontal distances and also differences in vertical height. There is also the effect of reflections though. The whole Kind family was badly affected by the radiation from the T-Mobile phone mast. See their blood results. They were advised by doctors to move away to an area of low radiation

When i first started having ES problems, there was an exposure of about 5000 microwatts per square metre in the bedroom. I considerably reduced that with Pilkington K windows and swiss shield netting - yes it was expensive. Over the past few years, I have now become extremely sensitive. I am reacting to levels below 1 microwatt per square metre. I find that the addition of DECT and wifi from neighbours and the digital TV signal has worsened the situation. It is now picking up on the electrical wires. I have recently added 2 layers of aluminium foil to a window.

Shielding in your situation is going to be very difficult.
If you can get way from there do so.

# Posted: 15 Apr 2011 14:38

I am sleeping under a self-made canopy of 'Chromax'.
The Naturelle has better shielding properties than Chromax, but the Chromax has better ventilation.

# Posted: 15 Apr 2011 15:14

I would try and not have to close to you when in bed.

# Posted: 17 Apr 2011 13:31

The antennas are to clost of your home. I suggest you to move.
Because , even though if tou shield your windows and walls, the microwaves signal are too strong, it can penetrate by your electyrical system. According to the Baubiologie code the safety level should be between 0,1 to 10µW/m², so your are at least 30,000 times too much exposed. But you seem to be electrosensitive in that case the signal are million time too strong.

In 2006 I was living beside a cell tower and it made me sick. I moved. Today I missed my house but I can get a good sleep almost everynight.

# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 11:52

Thanks guys for the advice.

Yep I've been in denial due to the practicalities and cost but fast coming to the conclusion anything other than moving is going to be very much a stop gap measure. Just back in the house from a work trip away and even bowling in the door late in the evening pretty relaxed after a couple of drinks I still pretty quickly registered a level of irritation/discomfort (itchy scalp/hot head mainly) that I just haven't noticed whilst away.

I may still make my mylar bed canopy/cube just to buy me some time and some decent sleep... will keep you posted. The only problem with mylar is (a) it looks pretty crazy and (b) it crinkles something terrible in any sort of breeze...

# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 12:24

@ ES - I just read the link you posted about Christine. Goodness, I really feel for her and her family. Quite a few similarities in what they experienced to my own situation i must say, though thankfully not as bad symptoms so far, but in terms of measured levels, headaches, and poor sleep but sleeping a bit better in a lower (off main beam)/further away room - practically the same...

Yes I'd already read about the way cell transmitters use a focussed beam that is (17db = 50x) more intense than the base power of the cell transmitter for those within the horizontal and vertical range of the main beam. I read up on this, and using the formulae for how area of a sphere increases as the radius/distance from the centre increases did some calculations assuming a 20w transmitter & 17db/50x antennae factor, with a 10m distance/radius - gave 79µW/m² - coincidentally enough pretty close to the max strength I've recorded right in my window.

# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 12:25

Correction: 79,000µW/m² actual reading.

# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 12:28

Actually, sorry my brain is fried let my try again: 790,000µW/m² actual reading (or 79µW/cm² - as I tend to use the cm² units)

# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 14:23

The thing about the Kind family is that they have been extensively studied by medical doctors and their health effects monitored. They were advised by doctors to move urgently after the Buffer test [Puffer Test] showed serious adverse effects on the blood were shown for Frau Kind and two young schoolboy sons.

If you are able to read German, you might look at this website [www.funkfrei.net/berichte]. Dr Waldmann-Selsam M.D. and other Bamberg doctors published an anonymised version of 'Dokumentierte Gesundheitsschäden unter dem Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder (Mobilfunkanlagen, DECT, WLAN u.a.) - 32 Kausuistiken'. It means 'Documented health effects under the influence of high frequency electromagnetic fields. 32 case studies']. It is a selection of case studies involving phone masts, DECT, Wifi and their health effects.

22/07/2005 - German Doctors unite on RF health effects

My meters read in either [1] peak or average readings in µW/m² [HF Gigahertz-Solutions] or both [2] peak V/m and average µW/m² [Acoustimeter from EMFields].

I am a bit puzzled by your units [w/m] on your earlier posting above.
I looked up the specifications the TES website. Quote:
"Measurement units: mV/m , V/m , A/m , mA/m , W/m2"
"Measurement display value: Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on."

For easy conversion of units from W/m2 to V/m and V/m to W/m2, see

7,900 µW/m² = 1.725 V/m
79,000 = 5.457 V/m
790,000 = above the level that the Powerwatch converter does the

DS - You did measurements using an average reading. The ICNIRP and the mobile operators like averages - that is what officials use - but it is the peaks when the transmissions are occurring that cause the health problems, not the idle gaps between transmissions. In my own home, I found a factor of x20 between average 0.06 V/m and 1.32 V/m peak readings, before shielding, on equipment used by the environmental officer.

Perhaps, you might physically re-measure for both peak and average readings with your meter. Check the units that you are using. And let us know?


# Posted: 20 Apr 2011 14:27

typo - sorry - I meant
I am a bit puzzled by your units [w/cm2] on your earlier posting above.
I looked up the specifications the TES website. Quote:
"Measurement units: mV/m , V/m , A/m , mA/m , W/m2"
"Measurement display value: Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on."

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