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# Posted: 27 Sep 2019 16:56

Can you either:

- put shielding materials over the smart meters ?

- apply absorbing wallpaper to your walls and ceiling ?

It is worth sleeping as far away from the msart meters as is possible + using protective bedding or a canopy unless you have wallpapered all the walls.

I would not expect mylar to be adequate if 4G frequencies are in use, but if draping the bed it IS essential to have no gaps.

# Posted: 5 Oct 2019 16:49

Use aluminium foil over the smart meter and a metallic head scarf on your head at least when you are in bed. There is material that looks like cloth but has metal inside it that could cut out radiation.

# Posted: 5 Oct 2019 17:54

Also, the ceiling fan may be aggravating the entire problem, either because the movement moves EMF around and/or it creates dirty electricity.

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