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Mighty Slug
# Posted: 23 Apr 2007 13:36

Revealed: cancer clusters at phone masts. Studies by Dr John Walker a scientist compiled cluster studies with help of local residents. Studies of the sites show high incidences of cancer, brain haemorrhages and high blood presssure within a radius of 400 yards of masts. The study in Warwickshire showed 31 cancers in a single street. In another - at a school a quarter of staff (30 staff in total) have developed tumours.
o2 is removing one of their masts on the basis of this evidence!!!
This is just the start people.....bring on the revolution.....we can do it!!!

Travel with Love
The Slug

# Posted: 9 May 2007 05:44

Dear Mighty Slug.
You'll have to get your speed up though.

Of Course We Can, All it takes is that WE ALL co-operate, across the world, across countrie's/creed's/culture's. And believe you me we are in the process of just that.

Our biggest difficulty is as always the different languages, but we are also concuring that, with a lot of help from On-Line translations (not good but you get the drift) and Human translators who help us in a way that we all understand.

So, help us to keep it up.
If we do we will beat the industry with their own means, which is international cooperation.

Oh Yes, we'll beat the Bastards still!

Best regards.

P.S. Look at the Jersey debate here in Forum.
This is our first self proclamed small victory, because, even if the Minister does not said it was because of health effects on citizens, he is in doubt and has postphoned any more installations untill further notice.
So, yes we will beat them still!

# Posted: 15 May 2007 12:05

On the media topic, watch out for Panorama next monday (21st May), it's about masts.

"Panorama is on Mondays at 20:30 BST on BBC One and repeated on BBC News 24 Mondays at 00:30 BST and Tuesdays at 03:30 BST. "

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