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# Posted: 17 Jul 2009 23:50

I reside in an apartment and my neighbor has recently installed two satellite dishes several feet from our common wall. One dish is for television, the other is for intetrnet.

Appoximately one month or two after the installation, I began experiencing medical symptoms which, after research, appear to mimic those of people affected by electromagnetic chaos. My symptoms are as follows: fatigue, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, food cravings, metallic taste in mouth, heartbeat in ear, restlessness, and dermatoligcial irritability (bug bite feeling).

I found two incidences on this site where individuals were adversely affected by satellite dishes in close proximity to there dwelling places. If anyone else here has experienced this or has any information relating to my situation or symptoms, please respond.

Thank you.

Sleepless in Melbourne
# Posted: 1 Oct 2009 02:40


I was astounded to read your post.

I have been experiencing similar similar medical symptoms as yours and never thought to link them to a satellite dish - until now.

My neighbour has one on their garage roof which just happens to be within 2 meters of my bedroom. My bedhead is up against the nearest wall to the dish!

I have just started taking a sleeping tablet after 2 years of insomnia, restlessness and fatigue.

Thanks for sharing your information. I will now be looking further into this.

# Posted: 1 Oct 2009 11:45

Hi Sleepless in Melbourne,

Can you take a photo of the dish and send it to this email:
henrik (-at-) mast-victims.org

(replace (-at-) with an @)

I'd like to see what sort of equipment it is.

Best regards,

# Posted: 1 Nov 2009 15:04

Might be well two way Internet through Satellite? Those are sending, some in the high GHz range, not that easy to measure with most meters. A photo would certainly help to perhaps see what equipment this is?

# Posted: 3 Nov 2009 04:19

i have read someware recently that a satellite dish directs the microwave signals verticaly up and down the wall

# Posted: 6 Feb 2011 21:48

a neigbouring house put up a satellite dish in the year 2000 although they didn't properly live in the place. Just after I began to suffer with tinnitus and have had so many problems ever since. i relate it to the dish. High levels of emf, the sound of something hitting aluminium shielding I was trying to protect myself with.

I get what I can only liken to a radio frequency wave which seems to zoom in after which the tinnitus if I don't immediately block it sets up tinnitus.

I'm an old age pensioner, live on my own and have no idea what to do. It all sounds so bizarre and I've no idea who could pinpoint the problem in order to stop it.

# Posted: 7 Feb 2011 18:41

Right at the back of a satellite dish, there may be a beam of longitudinal waves, which cannot be measured.

One should try-and-error for being in this beam, or outside of it.

We solved such a problem by dismounting the dish.

# Posted: 11 Sep 2011 08:23

Just found out today that Direct Tv installed my neighbors satellite dish
on 50 plus pounds of block on my roof, directy above the area where I
sleep. If the waves are longitudinal.. it makes sense that I have had
the same symptons starting at the same time the Direct Tv installed the
disc on my roof, versus my neighbors! They never asked permission to
install the satellite on my personal roof, which is totally seperate from my
neighbors and I am VERY UPSET! I am a cancer survivor and am very
interested in any other health issues. I never had insomnia .. before the
date my neighbor stated she had Direct Tv install the satellite. They
never disclosed they were putting it on my roof and I want to know if
there is a legal violation in what they did without my consent or knowledge.

# Posted: 11 Sep 2011 11:23


Can you send a photo of the disc to us?
henrik (-at-) mast-victims.org

(replace (-at-) with an @)


# Posted: 27 Nov 2012 13:11

This sounds bizarre, but yes I am have issues. I have been to the doctors for these same symptoms short of breath fatigue and the ringing of the ears are constant. When I go away from my house no problem. Early in the a.m and whole night non stop ringing. I am ready to have dish taken down off the roof. I can't take it anymore. This is my first time posting on the Internet, I don't want to have issues later with my health when I get older because I did not listen to my gut feeling.

# Posted: 29 Nov 2012 03:45

Just one more person with dish issues. Of course, like all the above, it is not MY Dish but the neighbors who live down stairs. I am on the top floor and their dish was mounted right above my office and close to the kitchen. Like all the above I too am having all the same symptoms. Of course for any of us to stand up against new technology makes us all crazy. Amazing what we have to put up with thanks to bozos who have nothing better to do with their sad lives but to watch lousy TV.

# Posted: 15 Oct 2013 02:10

All of the above applies to me too. Never had a day's sickness in 45 years until the Council put two 36" dishes 8 and 12 feet above my flat. Its been difficult tracking down such an odd set of symptoms! But here we are; no doubts about this dirty technology. So, anybody ready to give up wifi?

# Posted: 21 Oct 2013 03:21


I was an installer for Wildblue Satellite Internet, in the US.
I installed around 60 units and then came down with Graves Disease.

Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).

The disease caused me to lose around 50 lbs in a few weeks, my heart rate was 115 beats a minute, I almost died. The symptoms came on very fast. With in a few weeks. I had to have my Thyroid removed. Now I am on hormone medicine for the rest of my life. To this day, I am still not back to my old self. This all happened about four years ago.
I quit installing the satellite internet dishes when I became ill.
I believe the satellite dishes caused the Graves Disease. I have never been ill in my entire life. I have always been active in sports and outdoor activity's. Now, I do not have the strength or stamina to do many activity's.

Widblue never warned me or others in their installation classes, of the danger from radiation from the dishes. Like I said, I KNOW my disease was caused by radiation from being hands on with these dishes.
By the way. I am 62 years old now, but i can pass for a 40 year old.
My family have a long line of healthy genes. All in my family tree, live into their 90's and 100's..

Wildblue was a horrible company to work for. The online training and test were a scam. They gave you a manual to download and you could take the different test three times. I downloaded the manual so their was no chance in failing. The onsite test was just as much of a scam. The instructor told us. When I talk loud and nod my head. This means the part that we are reviewing, will be on the test. Write it down. No chance of failing...

I was wondering if anyone else has contacted you with the same problems that I have had.

# Posted: 2 Nov 2013 06:26

hi,i live in BC Canada and have just been offered satelite tv from phone company.I am worried since i have said no to smart hydro meter that getting this satetlite maybe the same issue but at first i thought it wasnt cus a DISH isnt a emmiting device,but maybe this is a problem,it sounds like it from wheat ive been reading on here.I live in the deep country and so get 2 channels tv via regular antenne and so thought satelite may be a neat idea to get it now that they are offering it in our area.Any further advice?

# Posted: 3 Nov 2013 01:41

Hi all.
Please read Sam´s post and make your opinion from there.
He Installed the dishes, he is now terminally sick, from never have been sick in his whole life.
If installing the dishes (does´nt take long does it) can give you an auto-immune that attacks your bodily functions like that, what can it do to you who have to live next to it forever?
Just look at Graves deseace here:

So if you have been offered a satilite installation, for your own (and your family´s) sake decline, make other Non-Toxic arrangement.

If the stuff belongs to your neighbour, Complain, Protest, tell them this is making you ILL!

This is, at the moment All any of us can do, but remember, Pester-Power can go a long way, so keep up the vigil.

(I myself am in a situation like this right now, at work, with new neighbours who are polluting our offices, and that even though our offices have been shielded against penetration of Microwave Radiation, but the new gadgets seem to be so much stronger now that they can penetrate a Farraday Cage.
So, please, for your own health, go and complain, demand that the polluters shield from Their side, so that you can live as before.

And to Brasik.
When you have Microwave Radiation Sickness You Do Not Have Wi-Fi!
Neither do you have Mobile phones, Ipods, Tablets, Wireless routers, "Smart Meters" or any other wireless polluter of any kind in your environment, whether at home or work!

Our environment is TOTALLY WIRED!

There is Still No Known Cure to Microwave Radiation Sickness, and as long as that is a fact, Stay Wired, Please!!
Best regards.

# Posted: 3 Nov 2013 04:46

thank you for the reply,i value it greatly.
I will say no to this installations and remain free of wireless and RF signals coming to my home.I have teen ager who has a IPOD,since we do not have wireless wifi at home she has to download things once a week or two when we go to the bigger town to shop for food.Then she takes the Ipod home and enjoys her music and games.this is how we have had it for yeears now and she seems to accept that.Most every friend she has does have wifi at their homes tho.She doesnt go over that often as they usually come over here,but she of course loves how she can download anytime at thier homes.Its tricky isnt it,making our way yet trying to avoid radiation.I have said no to the smart meter and now have to pay 35$ per month to keep my old meter going!
My child is a luekemia survivor at age 4 and now she is 14.
that is one reason i moved away to the more remote land in the first place.
its pretty nice here with little enviroment pollution to speak of.the next door neighbor got a smart meter but the meter is about 3 acres away and so i think im safe.Thanks again for the advice:)

# Posted: 6 Nov 2013 01:41

There is nothing to thank for, all the people who use this Forum come here to tell about what they have experienced, and to ask advice from the others who have tried it, and they are glad to give help to and in many cases warn others who are new to it.

What my worry is here, is that your daughter had luekemia as a 4 year old.
Research has shown that small children and toddlers living within a 350 metres circle from overhead powerlines are 60% more likely to develope luekemia than the same age children living outside this area.
The deathtoll is very frightening.

Microwave Radiation from wireless, Wi-Fi, Smart meters etc can affect young children the same way.

Think about it, Why do your daughters friends, with All the gadgets prefer to visit her home, instead of her going to theirs.
Big chances are that they appreciate the Healthy Calm in your Non-polluted home instead of the white noise and headaches of their own wireless environment.

So, my take on you is that you are a very smart man, moving away from the polluted area and keeping the pollution to a minmum.
So, pleas keep to your principles, you will not regret it, and most of all you will have a healthy family.
(And yes, they (utilities try to extort people who do Not want "Progress")
which by the way is only in Their favour, as by having a radiation emitting "Smart meter" in your home means they can fire all the meter-readers and get the info wirelesly transferred by the minute/watt into their system.

The Only "Smart" thing about "Smart Meters" is the caption "Smart" for something no-one, except for the utilities (a lot more profitable, as ther is practically no cost to it, and certainly no wages to pay to meter-readers)
Wonder what happened to the person who invented the word "Smart" he is either a Chief Exec. in the Industry, or more likely he came up with it, the Industry grabbed it, and then fired him or made his department redundant (usually the case for inventors of good ideas and sales pithes in that part of the world).

Best regards.

# Posted: 24 Dec 2013 09:39

Just back from seeing another neurologist at hospital regarding health problems matching exactly what I have read here - thank goodness -I have been vindicated-I'm not mad as these so called health professionals would want me to believe. I have been fighting for over 10 years to find the cause of painful and distressing symptons including sudden loss of hearing in left ear. Strangely I pick up radio transmissions from my dead ear! ! Even stranger is that my neighbours both above and below me had their satellite dishes installed, 10 years ago....coincidence!! These dishes are only about 3 feet from my livingroom window. If I were to open my window I could touch them and they are big. Sometimes I have the sensation of being microwaved. A strange, hot prickly feeling from head to toe which makes me so irritable as I can't shake it off. WE SUFFERERS NEED OUR CONCERNS HEARD AND ACKNOWLEDGED. WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND STAND AS ONE VOICE.A VOICE THAT IS SO LOUD IT WILL DEMAND ACTION. I'M ANGRY NOW AND READY FOR THE FIGHT ! BECAUSE IT LITERALLY COULD BE THE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES!

# Posted: 24 Dec 2013 11:01

P.s. forgot to say I live in Scotland. I also want to mention that over the years what my illness took from me it also gave. I became an observer of life. I have seen and felt the beauty of mother nature at her finest but have also witnessed the dark elements that seep through society intent on destruction. I learn of new things everyday like today from you good people. My aim as a self declared investigator is to route out injustice, greed, inequality and any underhand activities that cause disruption to our lives by those who feel superior to us. What I have found out recently and feel you should know is that a new scientific project is about to start in London. David Cameron officially opened IDEALondon-an initiative between UCL, DC Thomson and Cisco. This partnership-the Innovation and Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEA) is supporting the growth of rapidly expanding digital, technical and media start ups. It will be a closed community of about 15 company's called TechCity. Along side the UCL Decide project including the BBC. It is intended to be the World's largest "Living LAB" for digital and media projects. IN OTHERWORDS MORE DIGITAL CRAP BEING CREATED AND FORCED ON US WHETHER IT MAKES US ILL OR NOT.

# Posted: 26 Dec 2013 13:13

Charles, the waves behind of sattelite dishes could not be shielded with paint or canopies?

# Posted: 14 Jan 2014 10:19

Update on what my neurologist states in his letter to my GP's regarding my consultation with him...."I am afraid today's consultation got off to a bad start because she came with the misapprehension that I was the person to request a full body MRI scan. As far as I'm awafe a "full body MRI" is never done as an investigation at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. She continues to experience multiple physical symptoms including headache, left sided abdominal pain, back pain, left leg and groin pain, episodes of flickering in the left side of face, abdominal and joint pain, haematuria, thirst and breathlessness and loss of hearing. This. Most of her symptoms are confined to the left half of her body. I can confirm that this is a situation which I recognise. It is what is called a "functional" neurological disturbance, which means that feelings in the body have become distorted. Because this is a functional not a structural disturbance of the nervous system a scan would be shown to be normal. Have advised her to check out the website (www.neurosymptoms.org).

So after 10 years of feeling ill this is the explanation-Ignoring the fact that I'm surrounded by telecommunication masts with more on the way disguised like very tallstreet lights/come lolly pop sticks. I am so positive the emissions from these masts are distorting and damaging our nervous systems but is being totally ignored by the World Health Organisation. WHY! I also found out that the water supply (drinking water) became Chloraminated in 2003 without consent from the public. The goahead was given by believe it or not NHS Grampian Health Board. A board of Managers who know that adding ammonia (a poisonous substance when ingested) to drinking water can cause serious health problems including cancers. If depopulation is the agenda then the process started 10 years ago judging by the large escalation of health problems and cancer deaths since then. This is something that needs to be challenged but is very difficult for one person. I have been ignored, lied to and suffered character assassination by those in positions of trust who work in the 'caring profession'. However on saying that Giving Up is not an option ! This has to become everyone's agenda for many more friends and family members are going to continue to become ill or die. Some well before their time !! Trust your intuition !

# Posted: 14 Jan 2014 13:24

The waves behind satellite dishes are longitudinal waves.
They can be shielded perfectly by the Aaronia A2000+ glassfibre fabric.

# Posted: 20 Jan 2014 21:40

Charles, why should any citizen have to shield themselves in their own home or environment ? These masts along side new technologies are damaging our health. Can you not see what is happening around you ? The government wants a New World Order whereby technology is going to govern every aspect of our lives. Many are going to suffer !! A situation that no one will be able to shield from. What then would your reply be ? Many people like yourself have become immune to the suffering of others. "You cannot plaster over a septic cut and expect it to heal." Hope you get my meaning. P.s. please read George Orwell's book 1984..

# Posted: 20 Jan 2014 23:49

Well said, tilly. Very well said.


# Posted: 21 Jan 2014 00:00

Ericgeneric, I thank you.

# Posted: 21 Jan 2014 21:00

Well Tilly,
I just gave a well-intended advise regarding satellite dishes and how to cope with them.
You prefer to do nothing.

Protesting does not does not threaten to shovel the radiation away.

# Posted: 21 Jan 2014 22:37

Thank you Charles for taking me back to earth. It is so easy to misinterpret a message in txt. My frustration is with the absurdity of it all. Sometimes it's like living in the twilight zone. I am reigning myself in to focus on making changes in my own community. Maybe that is where the answer lies for us all - taking back control from those we put in charge of our affairs in the first place. Best wishes.

# Posted: 28 Jan 2014 21:41

Well Tilly we understand how you feel. One thing to do is to write to your MP or (MSP), charity groups, medical experts, newspapers, blogs.. Be specific about masts or smart meters etc.
Over and above that you can try and help yourself by reducing your exposure to wireless. The thing we are also fighting is that not everybody gets so ill. It still amazes me that so many people are relatively well. I get particularly forgetful and cannot talk without a stutter when I get exposed to mobile phones. The most common symptoms I get are headaches, depression - shut down, bad temper and forgetfulness. and insomnia.
Largely I avoid thee by being very careful about exposure to microwaves

# Posted: 28 Jan 2014 21:44

Well tilly etc. Sorry I didn't mean to be anonymous

# Posted: 28 Jan 2014 22:49

Anonymous I know exactly what you mean ! Some days I have brain fog to the point of shutdown alongside mood swings. By nature I am a happy, outgoing person but since I moved here and the health problems started I don't know who I am most days. Irritability is one symptom that is difficult to handle. Walking in the fresh air out of the city is when I feel alive again. Sadly I don't have the money to buy even a small strip of land to place a tent on and even if I did the council would say it's forbidden because of the lack of sanitation. Well I'm more worried about my sanity than lack of sanitation.The countryside has its way of recycling biodegradable's anyway
. It's a pity they don't recognise our distress like the Swedish Councils do and build a free zone area for EMF sufferers.

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