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# Posted: 2 Jan 2011 23:23 - Edited by: radioactive


I recently found out that the house i was about to rent is 75meter away from a big celltower, so I want to cancel the contract tomorrow.


I've read that the radiation being put out by the neighbours wifi and DECT phones,
is much bigger than the radiation being put out by big cell tower at 75meters distance.

Is this true? Because if it is, then I guess that sometimes it must be safer near a tower than at places with safe distance from them.
I live in a country where the limits of cell towers have recently been lowered to "3V/m";
but it's unclear whether the cell tower I would like to live next to is operating within that standard already, or whether it ever will...
And if it ever will,it's also unclear to me whether that standard is safe?

One thing is certain: i want to continue to live in cities, and not move to the amazon.
I just want to live at a place where radiation is not too extreme;

and I guess 75m near a tower is too extreme... or is it not?
I'm confused!

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 00:03 - Edited by: radioactive

I just located the CELL tower mast on a government website,
and there is even 2 pdf files about this mast. this is for the first 12 antennae, this is for the remaining 6

The tower I'd like to live close to, has 12 (space diversity) + 6 antennae. So i guess 18 in total. The antenna have been placed at least 25meters high.
The place i'd like to live is at ground level, 75meters away from the tower.

The tower is meant to produce elektromagnetic waves between 10 MHz en 10 GHz.
If the mast produces more than 5% of it's capabilities, they must alert the authorities so someone independent from the cellphone operator must go and check whether the radiation levels are safe.

The regulations for this mast, says that around the tower,
SAR values are forbidden to be higher than 0,02 W/kg (in a random period of 6 minutes)

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 00:25

Hi, I'm not good with the technical stuff - my sensitivity to EMRs is at a purely instinctive level; I just feel it as pain to differing levels of severity, depending on where the source happens to be, and how strong the emissions are - but 75m is WAY too close to a cell tower. Originally, 300m was given as a MINIMUM distance for people to live/work/play nearby; and bear in mind that was long before the 2G/3G/4G/Tetra levels were introduced, and blanket residential wi-fi existed.


# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 00:39 - Edited by: radioactive

Yes but you are from the UK,
are the cell towers there not much more dangerous than those in Belgium ?

Someone calculated for me that the tower I just talked about,
at 75meter distance would at very worst cause me to have only 6mW/m˛ of radiation in the home,
that is caused by the cell tower.

He says that wifi on a laptop gives 45 to 90mW/m˛,
and a cellphone gives a maximum of 250mW/m˛...

thus, 6mW would be "reasonably" safe.
Can i trust this logic? Or are there other factors at play besides the mW/m˛

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 01:53

Yes but you are from the UK,
are the cell towers there not much more dangerous than those in Belgium ?

This is very possibly true; although the 300m figure was from Canada, or a North European country's health agency if memory serves. Smartphones and localised wi-fi cause a similar type of pain (and other disabling symptoms) but nothing like as severe as from phone masts, towers or the like. Also remember that your home will be continually in the tower's line of fire, with no let-up, and the radiation will accumulate.

I would be surprised if laptops and cellphones (even smartphones) would cause more harm than a cell tower, long-term.


# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 13:26 - Edited by: radioactive

My mind is made up, I'm not going to live there.

I have made some calculations and according to data available,
the kind of tower and it's distance i'd live next to,
would pollute the place with at least

0.8V/m; and at most 1.5V/m

This means:
+- 5 times less radiaton than WIFI on your lap,
+- 5 times more radiation than DECT base at 5m distance,
+- 11 times more radiation than WIFI router at 5m distance.

But as you said, unlike all these devices, the radiation from a tower is 24/7.

Spending 12 hours per day in such a home would be like sitting 2.5 hours per day with a WIFI active connection on your lap,
or like being at 5 m distance from a DECT for 5 days in just 1 day,
or like being at 5 m distance from a WIFI active router for 5 days in just 1 day.

Every day.

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 14:19

It is a good idea to pay attention to the units used for expressing emissions by the mobile operators and equipment producers .

milliwatts per cm2 is often used by the operators - it is only 'so many milliwatts' and that is nothing... so they say.

Health effects can occur at the 'microwatt per square metre' level.

Convert the 'milliwatts per square metre' or 'milliwatts per square cm' into 'microwatts per square cm' units -

Then compare the exposure figure with the findings of the German doctors
See graphs
N.B. The German doctors were reporting health effects in patients at
10 microwatts per square metre.

I had over 1 V/m in bedroom - sheer hell!!

Have a read of the experiences of the Kind family in Dresden who lived close to a T-Mobile phone base station:

Victim Report presented at 1st Bamberger Mobile Telephony Symposium, in Bamberg, Germany on 29th January 2005. [This was a doctors' symposium].
Speaker: Christine KIND
Unser „Leben" im Hauptstrahl einer Mobilfunksendeanlage für
Our „Life" in the Main Beam of a Mobile Phone Base Station for

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 14:34

And note from the graphs in the Chritine Kind presentation that the closer you are in horizontal height - and also the closer you are in vertical height to the transmitter the higher the exposures will be.
It is necessary to measure levels really to know what is there.

Also, read Eileen O'Connor's accounts on the Radiation Research Trust website.

Scroll down to Inadequate 10 year old ICNIRP guidelines
and pick up the link here:
"On 27th November - Eileen O'Connor presented her personal story at the Emergency Conference on Human Health in an Electro-technological World. The event was sponsored by Roger Coghill and was hosted at the Royal Society, London. [PDF]"

Also a 10 minute video

This flat 75 metre from the phone mast is not a good place to be!

# Posted: 8 Jan 2011 01:24 - Edited by: radioactive

Ok i'm starting to get pretty convinced how real the threat is.
I have read though that it's possible to have more EMF-pollution if you live far away from a tower than if you live close to one.

It would depend on the household appliances your neighbours have as well as how the electricity is wired.
Should i stay at my current appartment, shield it with cheap materials and sleep in a faraday cage...

or should move to a different appartment, and risk perhaps having more EMF-pollution that at the place i am at now?

I feel like running away into the amazon :p

# Posted: 9 Jan 2011 19:52

The guide lines in Flanders are now:

for GSM900 max 3 V/m per antenna
for GSM1800 max 4.12 V/m per antenna
for UMTS/3G max 4,34 V/m per antenna.

# Posted: 10 Jan 2011 21:21 - Edited by: radioactive

but the one near me has 18 antennas and i've heard that more may be under way.

even at 3V/m each, i guess 18 antennas at 70 meters is still going to emit a heavy dose of radiation?
i've been told that towers are on average 100W.

if there is 18antennas at 3V/m,
does then the tower still equal 100W ?

# Posted: 10 Jan 2011 23:12

18 antennae at 70m away....even if you are not ES/EHS now, in time you will be, living next to that for any length of time.


# Posted: 11 Jan 2011 16:31

I cannot believe 18 antennas at 70 meters.
If you count all sectorantennas together, yes.
But each sender has 3 sector antennas, so you will have 6 antennas.
One for GSM900, one for GSM1800 and one for UMTS.

So I count then 2 masts, with each 3 antennas.
Problably from 2 different providers.

When they all are blowing at full colors, you may have a total of 9,47 V/m.

# Posted: 11 Jan 2011 22:51

Living in a place with such high radiation would totally suck.
I'm looking for a new place now.

Everyone having DECT phones and TV-sattelites everywhere...
makes it hard to find homes with low radiation. Especially when you're on a limited budget.

How about living in a van and parking the van far enough from mobile mast and wifi. Is that a good way to avoid radiation?

# Posted: 15 Jan 2011 02:31

How about living in a van and parking the van far enough from mobile mast and wifi. Is that a good way to avoid radiation?

That's actually what I would do if I could; if you don't stay in one place too long, and can move around to places where you feel it's less EMR-dense, it limits your exposure....which will lessen the damage it will do. Especially as mast emissions fluctuate in strength from hour to hour and day to day.

I'd live that nomadic life myself if I wasn't severely ill and dependent on other people (as well as committed to a property which we cannot easily sell).


# Posted: 22 Jan 2011 17:32

An electrosensitive friend was driven out of his home because of the nearby phone mast emissions. He rented a rather grotty, old, aluminium caravan somewhere remote for a while. BUT, he had breathing problems because of the mould in the caravan = despite his efforts to remove it = and also he also had problems with the chemical loo in the caravan. He is also chemically sensitive. He moved out for the Winter into a rented house.

If moving into caravans check out for mould and chemicals too!


# Posted: 11 May 2012 15:33

I have a similar issue... bit further away, I'm considering renting a property 500m from a ginormous tower/electricity station on a main road.
I want to know what a safe distance would be, it appears they are everywhere but some are emitting stronger frequencies?

I found this info about it:

http://www.rfnsa.com.au/nsa/siteDetails.cgi?sid=P47qk9Wp9G33m55lj1UudUk38QcZAcgj5cYdg uj7ghF4XUQtkK&siteID=5024001

Location and Management
Site Details
ACMA Site IDs None entered
Site Coordinates
Datum GDA94 Latitude -34.90750 Longitude 138.50556 Google Elevation 3.4m
Zone1 54 Easting1 272097 Northing1 6134375
Show Map
Carrier Site Names and Codes
Carrier Site Name Site Code
Optus Fulham Gardens A0088
Optus Vodafone Joint Venture Henley Beach -V JA9029
Telstra Fulham Gardens 9281
Vodafone Henley Beach 5533
Vodafone Hutchison Australia Henley Beach UA5533

# Posted: 11 May 2012 22:30

The further away the better.
If you are in direct sight of the mast that is not good.
Bear in mind that levels tend to be higher on the 1st, 2nd floor of a house compared to the ground floor. If you are in a flat living on a high floors then you will be getting more exposure.

You really need to measure the exposures at any properties that you are considering.

Do a search for:
"Our life in the main beam" + "Christine Kind"


# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 17:59

Im living at 3rd floor of the building and the tower is situated over my roof? How much Im affecting by the radiation? should I change my residence?

# Posted: 30 Oct 2012 20:16

You will be getting radiation from the side lobes of the transmitter.
Yes, you will be getting affected. If in the UK, hire an Acoustimeter from EMFields and check it out for yourself.

You need to get out of there ASAP for the sake of your health.

# Posted: 28 Dec 2013 17:25

I'd say before moving measure the rF's in the place w/ a sensitive RF meter. I just ordered an accoustomer 2 for that. Better than to think I am safe, if it's not.

# Posted: 28 Dec 2013 17:39

If the beam of a transmitter is for instance directed to the North, this beam will transmit about 5-12 degrees under the horizon.
Diagrams of transmitters only show a vertical and a horizontal view, but never a 3-dimensional view.
With the aforementioned transmitter, there may be side beams.
They point in the East and the West, but not under an agle of 5-12 degrees, but about 80 degrees under the horizon.
Some time ago, Bornkessel did measure may transmitters in Germany, and found that under those transmitters RF radiation was measured reaching the famous Swiss guidelines, which is a lot.
See reports on http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina12d.html
So, below mobile phone masts, it is not safe.

# Posted: 31 May 2014 03:43

Hi there,

I reside in Ocean shores where Telstra project of putting a 33m tower in the middle of a residential area- 80 m away from the fist one and less that 300 m from 2 schools..... What do you think of that. Any technical or scientific reports or remarks will help- I am opposing the project and they are about to put their DA soon.... Thanks

# Posted: 21 Jun 2014 09:05

Dear Sir,
I reside in Laos and I worry that I lived next to 3G cell tower, the tower is height 40m and next to my house is about 3m and is there any risk from radiation?

Best regards,

# Posted: 21 Jun 2014 13:03


Just to be sure: the tower is 40 meter tall and only 3 meters away from your house?

From such measures of distance, one can only speculate on the amount of radiation exposure you are receiving at home and there are many factors to consider, like the building materials of your house (concrete? bricks? etc.).

According to the scientific cell tower studies published to date, then yes, there is a risk from radiation exposure, especially if you live closer than 400m to a tower. 80% of cell tower studies show health effects. Yet only few countries have taken precautionary measures to reduce exposure.

In your case, since your house is so close to a tower that is so tall, a portion of the radiation might be going over your house and thus not directly exposing you. Cell towers transmit directional beams of radiation that typically reach ground level at a distance of 100-250m. It is in that area that the radiation is most intense. However, keep in mind that cell towers also produce so-called "side lobes" that are like narrow rays of radiation that reach ground level as close as 10m from the tower.
See the image below (click the image to make it larger):
Cell tower radiation pattern
Note: the dark areas show the radiation pattern. Close to the cell tower there are sharp side-lobes shooting towards ground-level and then there is the main-beam that reaches ground approx. 100m distance.

It is advisable to get microwave radiation measurements done to be sure. Prefer an independent technician who measures pulse-peak values instead of Industry technicians who only measure an averaged level and therefore greatly underestimate actual exposure.

Feel free to write back if you have more questions.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2014 15:28

Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for your good information and make me understand and when I look the image so I think my house, family and I will not be directly exposed from radiation, but to be sure I will ask the technician to measure the microwave radiation. My house is a villa house, about 8 meter tall from the roof to the ground. Now I am worry and afraid that the cell tower fall down and make my house and property are damaged. So excuse me, Has the tower ever fallen down and should it be removed? and should I install an earth line in at my house to protect thunder?

Best regards,

# Posted: 7 Aug 2014 16:14

I gave away my first cell phone after 6 days in 1999, then I went back to using cell phones, but not that much, then I started using them only with a headset, now I like to leave it switched off, the next step will be to throw it away.

Since the gradual introduction of 4G and residential wi-fi I am dead meat. I have a constant headache, and I can't live in my country anymore (I am in Switzerland). I am currently making contingency plans to go up into the mountains, and later I will go out of country and out of Europe.

The microwave installations are weapons of the new world order, lobotomize the popolation by choice and consent, and have them even pay you for doing so! Time to wake up!

Weather today: chemtrail fallout from blanket spray yesterday! I want to throw up!

# Posted: 9 Aug 2014 03:01

You say you will ask THE Technician to measure the radiation!
Which Technician?
The cell phone mast installing company Technician??
Please dont, get an Independent Technician PLEASE!
The cell phone company technician will give you a measurement that fits His Employers, Not You and your family!
Believe me please, we had that done at our home, and none of what they told us was true.
So, Please get an Independent Company to measure.
I do not know where you live, but we know of Independent experts in many countries and might be able to help with a name.
You can write to me confidentially here<: agnes@mast-victims.org
and give me your country of residence and I will see what we can find through our many international connections
Best regards.

# Posted: 22 May 2015 16:00

I newly built a house just 25 meters close to a telecom tower mast (cell phone mast) This is just the second year and we all in our family have severe joint problems and bones and muscle problems. Although we got treatments from several doctors several time still we have the same difficulties. So , I have started thinking about the tower mast. Actually ,there is no one for us to get a proper advise. Is this distance danger to live.

# Posted: 22 May 2015 18:19


A few questions:

1). How tall is the telecoms tower compared to your house?
2). Are there different age-groups living in the house? Like both adults and children?

25 metres distance is far closer than anyone should live to a telecoms tower. Available studies on people living in the vicinity of such towers report health problems at up to 300m distance. The worst place to be is either very close or in the area where the main-beam of the tower hits the ground, which is typically within the 70-250m radius away from the tower. Close to the tower, so-called "side lobes" of radiation shoot downwards and hit the ground with similar intensity as the main-beam.
Click on the following image to see how the radiation from a typical telecoms tower spreads out (note: the dark areas represent the radiation):
telecoms tower radiation

Have you tried going away for a week to a remote place without telecoms towers or wireless internet and phones? If you do that and you're symptoms lessen, then you can reasonably assume that the tower at home is causing your health problems.

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