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# Posted: 29 May 2013 02:02

Hi all.
Do you have similar experiences?
If you do, please tell us about them, and what you have had to do to protect yourselves.


This article is from the Daily Mail, Monday 27the of May, and here is a link to the original story, where you can post comments about what this has done to YOU!
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2331369/The-women-say-allergic-modern-life- Blinding-headaches-Violent-sickness-Even-blackouts-So-wi-fi-mobile-phones-TV-screens- blame.html

Best regards.

# Posted: 30 May 2013 03:04 - Edited by: ericgeneric

I have some things to say about this, but want to put them in a context which won't offend people. That may take a while to do, so I'll probably post it in blog form eventually.

Basically, though, Microwave Sickness and even the watered-down EHS, are NOT allergies! The sooner the publicity people at ES-UK, or whoever are responsible for repeatedly pushing these stories out into the mainstream media for the vultures to attack and abuse us all again, realise the harm they are doing by calling this abuse of technology and of every living person's human right to a pain-free, pulsed-microwave free existence, a bl***y allergy, the more chance we will have to putting a stop to it.

This approach is not working, it is putting vulnerable people repeatedly in the line of internet trolls and organised networks of industry-led deniers, and aligning the loss of quality of life and increase in horrendous suffering down to an "allergy" which is nothing of the sort.

As I said, I need to word this as diplomatically as possible, but I am still seething.

(And this is absolutely not a criticism of Agnes or Mast-Victims whatsoever, they have no connection to the publicity department of ES-UK and do not decide how to present this inhuman problem to the general public via newspapers and websites).


# Posted: 2 Jun 2013 02:36

You are very right here.
And I fully understand your "seething", mine is similar, but, that is the sole reason for publishing the article.
The inclusion of Microwave Radiation Sickness into EHS makes sure that we dont get anywhere, Not Soon, Not Ever.
EHS is a Wastebasket case diagnosis, like IBS.

And, No, "Microwave Radiation Sickness" is NOT AN ALLERGY! Full Stop!
This is a Total Abuse and a Pollution of the part of the Population who have been Irridated by this Artificial Microwave Radiation for years by now, by the Industry and Local and Central Government.

I asked Olle Johansen Why he/they insisted on calling it EHS, his answer was: It is so easy to put it all in the same basket of eggs, as it is very difficult to sort the one from the other.

But, I do not find it difficult at all, as I am sure you do not find either.
An EHS person is a person who has problems with Electricity, Dirty or Clean, cannot watch TV or listen to Radio, and "Might" Also have problems with Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation.

The rest of us, only talking for myself here, has No Problem with Electricity, Tv or Radio, but have suffered "Real Time" Abuse from Electromagnetic Radiation from next door or near by Mobile phone masts etc.
That is: "Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation Sickness" !! Full Stop!
We NEED to get the decription changed, so that our condition, mark me, a
condition Forced upon us Unvillingly, by an Industry that is NOT a Utility, but a Facility to provide for peoples Gambling, Gaming, Shopping Online, using social sites in their workplace as well as private, etc.

Note: Government says: "It is Absolutely Essencial For Business Sucess" well, I am in business, most of our business is Export, We cannot use the Mobile Phone "Technology" anymore, because of their pollution of us , but then again, we dont do gambling, on-line shopping or have the time to Watch football matches in our working hours, but mabey the Civil Cervants have, which explains Why they want it so badly, at Any Cost!

And, you are totally right: We Need to get it separated from EHS, because that is Not what we are, we are just as contaminated as those from Chernobyl. I have been trying for quite a long time by now, but I do Not have easy acess to the printed media, and so far I have not even been able to get a comment posted, they have all been "edited out"
Best regards.

# Posted: 5 Jun 2013 18:00

The ideocy of lumping microwave radiation sickness into a "Hold All" label of EHS is well illustrated in todays newsflash (050613) about Finnish EHS sufferers.

Symptoms from the survey are listed as allergies, stress, sleeping disorders and fatique.
The trigger is reported to be personal computers and mobile phones.
Most likely, but not stated, is that the computers have wireless connections.
And then, along with mobile phones we are in microwave radiation "Land".
Even the recovered sufferers still reacted to wireless devices.

Of course they would!

The devices are emitting a pollutant: Microwave Radiation, which makes people sick.

No amount of dietary change, nutritional supplement etc. alters the fact that if I enter f.inst. an Airport lounge seething with Wi-Fi, or a pub where patrons are checking their mobile phones.
I get sick!

I was not sick before entering the microwaved area, consequently my "Ailment" is not constant but is triggered by a microwave emitting source.

So, I have to agree with Agnes: "EHS is a Wastebasket case diagnosis", which takes the attention away from the polluter, The Wireless Industry, which is practically unregulated and uncontrolled, and put the causes back to the sufferer himself because his diet is not good enough and he does not get enough vitamins.

Outrageous rubbish.


The news items in "Mast-victims" are not necessary reflective of the editors´personal views.
I understand that they are supposed to illustrate "both sides" of what is happening in the microwave polluted society.
This forum is where personal opinions appear.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 10:32

In your opinion what is the wifi signal jammer used for? Do you have a basic understanding of the knowledge about it? If you want to know more about it, then you can stop your step then you will get the information and the knowledge you want.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 13:32

A signal jammer will itself send out a signal in the microwave frequency range. Why subject yourself to an additional signal?

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 18:11

I have studied electrosensitivity for more than fifteen years now.
I have measured many different elektrosmog sources, and studied the behaviour of the inhabitantsm abd measured on their bodies in which places they were more or less exposed.
Don't forget that elektrosmog is a very large family. Most electrosensitives do NOT know which is their largest load.
I have found, that in many cases, persons pointed to a mast, while other elektrosmog sources were of greater burden.
(I had cases, where sleeping problems were pointed to masts. But when the static magnetic fields of their beds were eliminated by using no metal in the beds, the sleeping problems were over, despite the still existing masts.)
I don't say that masts are harmless. I only want to point out, that ALL elektrosmog must be considered.
Furthermore I have found, that ca. 75% of the population does not experience any health effects, and will not in some coming years. That is to be considered also. The reason for that is a good functioning immune system.
The other 25% does have a damaged immune system, of which a small percentage has become electrosensitive. This number is slowly growing.

So it is my opinion, that electrosensitives are in one way or another just *sick*.

By repairing the damaged immune system, practice has proven with quite a number of persons, that the sensitivity for elektrosmog can be decreased in such a way, that a *normal* life is possible.

The problem is, that most electrosensitives do not want to accept this, and they think that sporting and eating biologically must be sufficient, which is certainly not.
I have measured on a lot of electrosensitives, that they have a large Calcium shortage, and on top of that also a Calcium loss.
Read what Andrew Goldsworthy has to say about Calcium.
Furthermore, the liver is the first organ, that has to process everything, but cannot. Secondly the stomach and the intestines are under pressure.
The presence of heavy-metals and other poisons also make a factor.
Uncoped trauma's is also a factor.

Especially for electrosensitives, I have developed a treatment therapy, which everybody can use at home, and is beneficial.
It is a better solution than protesting.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 18:42

microwave sickness sufferers are 'sick' in that they are being poisoned with toxic radiation,

Plants die around these masts - they are not in themselves inherently 'sick', rather, they are being 'nuked' with poisonous radiation.

Until the criminal illegality of this issue is dealt with on a legal and political we will get nowhere.

As Erik has already said, constant emphasis on individual self-help is losing sight of the bigger picture - which is that this issue is the biggest scandal of our times where our children's health is being damaged for corporate greed. This technological totalitarianism is a new Dark Age where human rights are completely denied and the environment - on which we depend for survival as a species is being destroyed.

Pendants and netting is not the answer. We need politicians to champion our cause - and this will only begin when they are forced to disclose how many hold shares in the mobile phone and related industries - and we try to organise ourselves with some kind of structured publicity/awareness campaign.

Until that happens we are destined to remain a crowd of 'cranks' who are 'allergic' to modern life/technology - while the authorities watch as we quietly die off one by one.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 18:50

I just received the message, that a dutch group Milieudefensie and Friends of the Earth Europe have studied in 18 European countries, and it seems that people do have the poison glyfosaat in their body.
With 5 of 8 testpersons in Holland, the remains wer present in the urine.
Glyfosaat is known under the name Roundup.
Many farmers, market gardeners, local authorities as well as private persons do use it against weeds.
The food autorities do not test this on vegetables and fruit.

This is also a point that damages the immune system.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 19:53

The only way forward, sick or not, is for us to select and run candidates in the next General Election on the issue of illegal and criminal microwave pollution in our homes.

If politicians continue to ignore us this is something we need to consider otherwise we'll still be going round in circles in ten years time, wringing our hands and looking for chemicals in our urine.

No disrespect Charles - the information you present is certainly interesting and disturbing but we need to try and move things forward legally and politically - we don't want to stay victims for whatever length of time we have left.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 22:18

To obtain what you want, there is only ONE solution.
Only one.

We do need a study, on electrosensitives, in order to determine at what stage elektrosmog is causing damaging health effects, adverse health effects.
Till today no such study has been performed.
Such a study is very costly, and nobody is willing to ferform that.

First it has to be established for which elektrosmog sources the person is sensitive. Then one has to find out after what time the reaction may occur.
Then one has to find out at what levels of exposure the person may react.

I have found that there are for instance persones who do not react to a DECT phone, but heavily to a 5,8GHz signal of a movement detector in a lamp.
Some persons may react to a DECT instantly, but an exposure to a GSM mast may give reactions 8 hours later, when they are in an elektrosmog poor bed and wondering what is happening to them.
I know of persons who do have reactions today, of what they were exposed to yesterday.

The test persons must be pre-conditioned, and stay in an elektrosmog poor surrounding.
After exposure, they must relax, and the time for a next test must be a very long time later on, or days.
All the time, there must be bed and meals.

And the persons should not fill in formulars, but measured on their body.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 22:21

That way new guidlines can be established.
My main question remains: How many kilo's headache is damaging?

So, maybe an outcome may be 60% sleeping disorders may become a new value.
If you experience 65% sleeping disorder, you have a point for reclamation.
This goes for all the well known symptoms of electrosensitives.

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 23:26


Are you familiar with the Rea et al. study? Its from 1991 and has a robust study design with multiple iterations to pinpoint the frequencies that the subjects are most sensitive to:

# Posted: 12 Sep 2013 23:58

Yes, but that is not what I mean.

No critical values were determined. They just found that EHS-ers did react in general.

For my study, no control group is needed, because they do not have anything in their body that can react.
Only electrosensitives do react.
And one has to find out for which type of elektrosmog, what level, and how long oit takes to react.
Most studies were done in 30-45 minutes, which is far too short.

# Posted: 13 Sep 2013 03:03

Dear Charles.
I would think you should have a control group as well, even though you think it is a waste of time, But, and a Big But, it is the only way your study will be taken seriously by the medical profession, and the medical journals.
Me, I am NOT an EHS, I am fine with electricity, TV,Radio etc, but put a mobile phone or (in our case the first ever 3G mobile mast in the Uk next door to our home, and place of work at a lower level (we lived on a steep hill) so it irridated the whole of our property and we were totally done for.
No need to say that we were forced to abandon the property, and eventually were able to "Give it away" to a rental property developer.
A funny thing I have noticd, in the Uk the shortest time you can rent a house is for 6 months. My lovely old house has had New Tenants in Every 6 months.
So, what we suffer from is Not EHS, it is Microwave Radiation Sickness!
And it gets Worse, not better even if you move away, any mobile, dect, neighbours Wi-Fi triggers horrid health consequenses.
I only write this to make you aware that what we need are "peer-revieved" studies that will be accepted by the medical journals.
All other will be heresay.
Sorry, but that is the truth of it.
Best regards.
P.S. If you are interested I can send you som photos of what happened to me last time I had to go to my GP surgery, where there was Ample use of mobiles, tablets etc.
It has taken me over 1˝ month on antibiotics and steroids to repair the damage so that I can return to work I hope on Monday next.
let me know if you are interested.
It totally woke up my GP, no end, I had told her, but as most of us know we just get "Humoured" and labelled crackpots, but this reaction was Gross.
Best regards.

# Posted: 13 Sep 2013 11:03

Hello Agnes,

I am sorry, but must disagree with you.
I know persons, who have managed to repair their immune system, and do not *feel* anything by mobile phone masts, etc. They are not influenced by it.
They travel wth public transpoert and sleep in foreign hotels where Wifi is heavily installed.
So microwave sickness is NOT involved here.
Some tiny amounts of *dirty power* as well as *dirty air* may have an influence on them. These are frequencies of 5kHz up to 20MHz.

By shaking my keyboard upside down, my posting come rolling out. ;o))
I had to replace my keyboard, and bought a Trust type.
From that moment my wife (who is ex-electrosensitive) felt uneasy when she was using my computer. I checked with my sensitivity detector and found *dirty air* over the keyboard at 20-30 cm height, and every 5 cm different and alternating in strength. Also the cable showed a strange pulsing (like a modem) which came from a PS2 cable with USB adapter.
I exchanged it for a simple Microsoft keyboard, and now I have the problem of chasing my wife away from my computer, ;o))

# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 03:18

I'm afraid the statement that normal people with no history of sickness do not, and will not, get affected by the levels of microwave radiation bombarded upon them 24/7, is not true.

Previously healthy people became EHS after a few years of living 100yards from a mast. That's living, sleeping, and eating in a home with this junk being beamed into it.

The reasons why those such as myself got so chronically affected by EMR is more complex, but simply being exposed to enough of it for long enough in the form of a mast is enough to trigger EHS.

There are so many studies around the world, so much evidence mounting that this amount of microwave technology is hazardous and harmful to a very, very serious degree, that there really is no debate any more. It's just a question of pulling the plug, or not pulling the plug.

How we get the people in power to realise there is no alternative, no solution to this nonsense, until they pull the plug on this damaging tech, is another matter.


# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 12:30

You are absolutely right EG. The notion that people with no history of sickness do not get affected by the radiation is just wrong.

Constant blasting [>1.3 V/m] from nearby phone masts caused my EHS.
Not helped by a metal implant that acts as an antenna.

Many people who become EHS were healthy - anyone can be affected when their immune system is damaged by the radiation from phone masts/ DECT /Wi-fi/ TETRA.

I just wonder what low frequencies are being added to the signals to make people sure that feel so physically and mentally addicted to their mobile devices.

# Posted: 14 Sep 2013 13:46

ericgeneric & Anonymous,

I'd say that a compromised immune system is certainly a factor in how quickly a person develops sensitivity.

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