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# Posted: 27 May 2007 04:36

Im concerned about general background EMR and would like to know if there is an affordable common material that might have a 'shielding effect' without reflecting erm.

My ambition is to lower domestic erm levels without having to measure.

My concern is that some materials might inadvertantly increase emr levels by reflecting emr.

Does anyone know what effect, say, aliminium mesh on a wall here and there might have?

Dan (Aust)

# Posted: 27 May 2007 12:33

Hi Dan,

I recommend carbon/graphite paint that absorbs EMR and does'nt reflect it.
You can get such paint from YShield in Germany.
It's not a cheap solution but it's the best solution in my view.
I've shielded my appartment from nearby mobile phone masts and neighbors cordless phones with YShield paint. It works wonders.

PowerWatch UK has screening products like silver bobbinet for windows.

You can always experiment with different household materials like foil but you will need measuring equipment to verify the effect.

Best regards

# Posted: 30 May 2007 08:44

Thanks, Henrik, for the links. will look into it.

# Posted: 1 Jun 2007 04:24

What about aliminium mesh (insect mesh)? Does anyone know how EMR would respond to this?

# Posted: 1 Jun 2007 11:36

Hi Dan,

It should work. The finer the mesh, the better the shielding at higher frequencies.
And remember to ground it with an earth connection (eg. to a water pipe).

Info about the Faraday Cage here:


# Posted: 2 Jun 2007 02:43

Is the carbon paint you refer to better than the ECOS paint (which i believe contains nickel)? Admittedly I only painted one wall with the ECOS paint, but i was still disappointed with its performance, esp considering the price..

# Posted: 2 Jun 2007 02:53

Does the carbon paint ELIMINATE stuff from neighbouring DECT phones, wifi, or does it just REDUCE it a bit (like tin-foil does).

Does it only work if you paint every surface of the flat (ie all walls, ceiling and floor)?

# Posted: 4 Jun 2007 19:23

Answer to Anonymous 020607

I have just started to paint my office with Yshield.
I started on the wall where my wife’s “Acousti-com” meter reflected most angrily.

We do not, to my knowledge have near-by masts, so Wi-Fi is probably the culprit.

I have large windows where I plan to install 3-M film, but for the time being I am using Curtain material with carbon fibres which I purchased some years ago for another location.

Just one wall and the curtains and the effect is unbelievable.
It is like walking from a storm (in the main office) into a quiet valley.

The effect is dramatic.


# Posted: 6 Jun 2007 02:11

Dear Henrik,

It would be really useful if you could let me know how effective this carbon paint is at eliminating the microwave radiation from neighbouring DECT phones, especially if they are at very close range, which is what i have found to be the most problemmatic scenario.

Surely, the main contribution that forums such as this have to make to the incredibly precarious and cash-strapped lives of ES sufferers like myself is to be a place where ppl can exchange experiences with products so that we get the true, rather than the manufacturer's view, on things.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2007 16:31

Hi asuris,

Here is a link to a report prepared by an engineer in the German military where they have tested the screening ability of YShield paint:

# Posted: 28 Jan 2008 21:01

I am currently in the process of finalising the last stages for rediness for starting business in retailing YSHIELD Products in the UK. I am a distributor for YSHIELD EMR Shielding Products. My trading name is ElectroSmogShielding. I am the most competitively priced retailer-in the UK. FOR EXAMPLE: 5 LITERS (HSF) 54 = £244.60inc vat + Delivery.
I am based in the Midlands, If you would like further details please contact: Mr Mario Bianchi on 01564 824910 or mario.bianch@virgin .net

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