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# Posted: 13 Oct 2013 03:58

Hi all.
I am putting in a new topic, because of an article in The Daily Telegraph this last week.
This was an article on one of the last pages of the paper, but as I see it, it prescribes our situation to a T.
The article is here: http://www.mast-victims.org/index.php?content=news&action=view&type=newsitem&id=6194

And now to my comments:
So all: If you or your child comes home from his/hers Wi-Fi´d, mobile phone/cordless phone ridden office/school and is Physically Sick, what do you do??
Do you go to or take him/her to the local A&E or to your GP??

NO WAY, according to Government guidelines, You book an emergency appointment with the "SHRINK" the Government has trusted solely to diagnose Microwave Radiation Sickness and EHS.

The SHRINK will prescribe You and your child anti depressant medication and tell you that "YOUR THEORY" of WHY the Sickness is "All in your mind" and is a kind of Mental Impairment, so be a good boy/girl and swallow your Ritalin or other some poison, and the world will look Rosy till the day you die.

Have you noticed how the SHRINKS the only ones "Trusted" with the diagnoses of MRS and EHS in the UK and loads of other European countries All seem to have a sideline where they are handsomely paid by the Insurance Industry?
In any other industry this connection would be classed as "Conflict of Interest" so where is the catch?
Yes, I almost forgot, Cash, loads of cash for the treasury!!

What beats me is WHY, as the Wireless Industry seems to be the only one in the UK that has been excused from having to subscribe to a "Public Liability Insurance"
For All other companies this is a legal requirement! No matter how small.
So, Why is the Insurance Industry so worried that they do not dare to insure the Wireless industry??
What do they know that we don't??

And to the Government:
When the MRS and the EHS really get to Epidemic state, what happens then?
If they (government/NHS) state the NHS is totally overburdened Now, all I can see is that it will Dissappear In a Puff of Smoke when the sh.. hits the fan with the MRS and EHS, and they will be in real trouble with all the Mobile/Tetra Masts on the roofs of hospitals, the Free Wi-Fi inside etc.

Lets hope that by then they will have thrown all the Doctors out and hired a shedload of Shrinks instead, who are Sure to Cure our immune systems, headaches, bacterial and fungal infections, Tinnitus, acute skin-lesions and rashes , vomiting, diarrhea.

You might wonder why thins are like this, but if you consider what huge kind of cash from the Wireless "Technology" (actually, again it is YOU that pay) for the treasury, plus of course the Big Brother benefit of beeing able to follow mobile phone and wireless users for Every Step they take, and pin them down in to a location, and when "Smart meters" are finally installed in Every home, being able to monitor everyone's way of life in every aspect.
Honestly, I wonder Why bother.
All this information seems to me to be Free of charge and available on Facebook and Twitter where, it seems, most of the nations record their Every move, so, that just leaves us, just like in 1984, the Wired landline Crowd with an old fashioned wired modem/router.

Have you read George Orwells book "1984"?
If not, It might be a good idea, and to make comparison to where society is , because we are about his predictions now!.

He paints the "Alternative Sociaty" I take that to mean people like us, without wireless communication of any kind, WHO CANNOT BE MAPPED!!
The rest are the Compliant Users, the 2Way TV owners, The wireless phone owners etc, and of course not to forget the wireless addicts and the "Terrorists".

So please all, comment on this subject.
Fact is that we are being classed as Mental by these "psychos" put in charge of our diagnosis of "Acquired" sicknesses.
We really need to work to root out these greedy "psychos" and get the Real Evidence of harm, ca. 3000 studies by Independent "Un-comprimised" scientists taken into account.
Best regards.
P.S. I know it is a proper svada, but I am Not apologizing because these are my true feelings.

# Posted: 13 Oct 2013 12:08

Branding a group of "inconvenient" people as crazy is easy because it requires no real evidence. You only need one skewed study and then repeat the mantra for long enough.

These people understand one thing better than most: the game is not about being right or wrong - it's about "owning" the Public opinion.

It's worth reading Allan Frey's article in The Scientist (2012) where he shows how one military psychologist made a completely uninformed judgement that largely resulted in the shutdown of research funding:
http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/32648/title/Opinion--Cell-Phone -Health-Risk-/

# Posted: 13 Oct 2013 16:58

Agnes you are absolutely right. I could have written that myself.

# Posted: 13 Oct 2013 18:30

I'm surprised our friend Prof. Wesseley wasn't namechecked somewhere. It has the stench of his handiwork.


# Posted: 25 Oct 2013 02:41

Quite right, this is just what is typical for modern civil cervants, he´s got the family in on the job/profit.

So what else is new?
Nothing, he/they is going to milk the taxpayer for all they can.
and he has made sure his wife has got a position "Instructing" our family GP´s to contact her husband if he gets bouts of patients with severe infections, ME, skin lesions/sever rashes, sever wireless related Tinnitus, loss of consentration, and I could go on for ever.
Yes, get to terms with it, all your physical ailments are just a fragment of your imagination, so next time you suffer from a vomitting spout or diarrea because your neighbour installed a Dect phone or a Hot-Spot Wi-Fi, dont call your GP for appointment, make an appointment with the nearest Shrink! (or his wife!).
These people have contracts of work for the insurane industry, who "accidentally" do Not cover harm by wireless "Technology" well, think about it, WHY EVER NOT?
Because they (insurance) Do know it is harmful to health! why Not else?
The insurance industry has done what the GOV does not dare to do (might be beause of the revenue, but that is No Excuse to disable loads of prefectly healthy people, it has actually taking into account the Independent studys that prove harm from the wireless "Technology" and decided odds, so decline to insure.

So, result is: The Only industry in the UK, excused from Not holding a Otherwise (for all UK companies, big or small) Compulsory Public Liability Insurance, arethe wireless "technology" companies.

So. guys , we Need to work on that NO-ONE is excluded from that paragraph, especially Not the Communications "Technology".
And Shrinks and their wives with Good positions we want rid off, as that is clear abuse of our supposedly "Open System" of Government.
They are trying to get rid of family at the MP stage, this is much more serious, this is High Level Civil Servant abuse of the Citizents!

When the film "Ghostbusters" first came out in 1984 we all thought it was a hilarious fiction, but now, as we are trying to survive the "Civil Servant" chrush down on the "Civil Population" to try to chrush the Non-believers (here you have your Marchmallow man) in a plot that would ultimately threaten the profitable position they have been able to make for themselves, through our awestruck, ignorant, greedy politicians.
So, in real we really have it on old celloloid, just never thought it would be used to bully us, did we?

But, today it is a fact, they are killing us off slowly, painfully!
And we have nowhere to turn to.
Only problem is, we are Not blo..y Ghosts, we are Humans, if we were Badgers it would be easier, a bullet, and No More.
Best regards.

# Posted: 25 Oct 2013 17:46 - Edited by: ericgeneric

Agnes, yes it's a multi-pronged attack. Self-preservation is their only aim; do whatever it takes to allow them to make their money and control the public.

They've got the media on-board; this week yet saw yet another thinly-veiled swipe at herbel/homeopathetic remedies such as arnica and euphrasia..."these have been used for centuries but there is no medical evidence they work so avoid them" (ie it's not made by Big Pharma so we don't want anyone using them). They've got the medical profession betraying their core function of "First Do No Harm", and filling hospitals with wi-fi and worse, while Wessley & Co. brainwash the students and GPs with anti-EHS propaganda that has NO truthful science or logic behind it.

All in the name of protecting this ridiculous policy of blanket EMR and stupid smart technology in every part of our world.

(I've been meaning to post a quite brilliantly idiotic plan of theirs to introduce 10-lorry convoys of wi-fi controlled vehicles onto our motorways, in the name of "saving the planet". Because, and I quote the chief muppet responsible for this idea...."wi-fi is more reliable in bad weather". You really cannot make this s*** up.)


# Posted: 25 Oct 2013 19:16


Well said. That article exactly portrays what is happening to us - psychiatry is being used to classify anyone who speaks out as insane. The governments use this classification to keep us quiet. Stalinist Russia and many oppressive regimes use the same tactics.


Very interesting article by Frey, the corruption is detailed - it is shameful the way those in power brazenly deny the truth. It is a pity that the population have become radiation junkies to the extent that they don't want to know the truth incase it interferes with their toys.


You are right - you couldn't make it up if you tried. If someone wrote a short story or made a film about a planet where the rulers decide to saturate the people with toxic radiation, and despite health warnings the people lap it up and willingly rot their bodies and brains no-one would enjoy such a story because it would be too far-fetched - no species could ever be that thick.

I'm not that bright myself but never again will I underestimate the sheer stupidity of the human race.

For a time I wondered if all this microwaving was to shield off meteors/comets seeing as the planet is about to do a magnetic pole switch which will lessen the protective properties of the earths magnetic field leaving us more open to stray meters - who knows - meanwhile the majority are nuking themselves into brain death and if the rest of us protest we are deemed mad. What a life.

# Posted: 26 Oct 2013 01:53

Welcome back, we have all missed you and your input.
Best regards.

# Posted: 26 Oct 2013 18:23

Thanks Agnes,

Amazing that in the wonderful democracy we have here in the west this forum is the only one which allows our voices to be heard.

To label someone as insane, or with mental health problems, as the authorities do in our case, is to ensure that we are not believed, not listened to, not taken seriously. But as more and more people go under with microwave sickness the false diagnosis will be exposed and the full scale of the deception and corruption will be revealed.

In a recent interview with Deborah Tavares Barrie Trower says it will take another 60 years before the truth will come out - I believe and hope things will start to change well before that - too many people are developing bad reactions to the radiation - and governments won't be able to continue to classify them all as having 'psychological' problems. It will end up with nearly 50% of the population being labelled as mad - and surely then the truth will have to come out.

# Posted: 26 Oct 2013 18:38

Alex, it may take 60 years for the truth to be admitted, but it will be a lot, lot less than that before we hit criticial mass with the public health crisis this technology is causing, you're right.

It is, to coin a phrase, a s***-storm brewing.


# Posted: 6 Nov 2013 15:38

Hi all,

The updated shrink manual, the DSM-5, has been reviewed as if it was a novel, and it's great!

"Book of Lamentations", a review by Sam Kriss:

a few quotes:

"A new dystopian novel in the classic mode takes the form of a dictionary of madness"

"The narrative voice of the book affects a tone of clinical detachment, one in which drinking coffee and paranoid-type schizophrenia can be discussed with the same flat tone"

"The normal individual in this book is tranquilized and bovine-eyed, mutely accepting everything in a sometimes painful world without ever feeling much in the way of anything about it."

# Posted: 7 Nov 2013 02:11

Have you ever thought of how "Conflict of Interest" only seems to cover certain people, but it seems to disappear when it gets to the Shrinks?
Who we All know should be heavily discredited by their connection to the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries
If you consider Wesseley, who´s wife is in charge of the establishing his ideas as the Holy Grail to your local GP, you start worrying, and as the GP reaches for the prescription pad and administers to you the Prozac recommended, RUN FOR YOUR SANITY!
Alas, not without Wesseley´s poodle Rubin snapping at our heels.
Best regards.
P.S But, one day, they will have to answer for it, there will be established an Independent inquiry by Experts at Kings College.
The taxpayer will meet the bill!

# Posted: 7 Nov 2013 02:15

Thank you, we really needed that.
Best regards.

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