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# Posted: 7 Nov 2013 01:43

Dear all.
This is an Old study from 1998 (already then they knew it was unhealthy)
Please take your time to read the study at link, I promise it is worth it, and the advice and explanations really help
A link to the study

You will find the news item here, and if you follow the Telegrapf link it will show you pictures of the deseaces, (If you are squemish look away now!)

Best regards.

# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 02:17

Hi all.
I write this in the hope that it might help someone here.

Just to let you know that after I read this study I took aboard the diagnostics of Microwave Radiation Sickness and ES, and started using the nutritional advice, Vitamins and herbs it suggests.

In our workplace, from No radiation (except for a radar at an army base and airport, which we had shielded for), just months ago we Now have new owners next door who employ Massive radiation, through a very powerful Wi-Fi system, loads of mobiles, wireless boiler, wireless security cameras etc.

All this radiation penetrates our (only on our side of the walls and ceilings) Yshield treated walls, to a degree that at times we have Real difficulties working.

I got (and still have) big symptoms of Malnutrition, (you can recognize it by the fatigue you experience each day) which this report acknowledges is rife amongst Microwave radiation sickness sufferers as well as ES sufferers. But the worst bit came when I realized that I was affected by Scurvy, because of the radiation depleting the vitamin C in my body just as fast as I could stock up on it.

I had awful symptoms from this, the worst I guess the very large blisters developing on my skin that turned to flaking skin that just came off.

As you cannot store Vitamin C in your body you need to "Top Up" every single dose, and you cannot overdose as excess will be washed out unused.
So, for the last week I have "Overdosed" on Vit C
I have now thoroughly "overdosed" on Vit C for 7 days.
Official daily use is 1000 mg, but by now I take 4000 mg/day, but share it so that I take 2000 before going to work, (for the microwaves) and then 2000 mg when I get back home, by which time I feel totally deflated and exhausted, and working my way up to what I can feel will fit.

Already now I can see the difference in the Scurvy symptoms.
I can keep my skin in check, now well yet, but there seems to be progress.

The long time malnutrition is trickier to heal.
Although All our food is homemade, from class 1 UK Organic ingredients (we are Not vegetarian) a truly good diet, mix of Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, home baked bread, sourdough and ordinary yeast breads, including Rye bread every day) and I have a truly hard time to understand why the malnutrition with a diet like that, I accept that suffering from being sick, vomiting and diarrhea every single day for 10 years can do this to you, and I therefore I figure it will take quite a bit longer for the Vitamins and herbs to help that case.

If any of you suffer, or suspect you do, from like symptoms, please chip in to the debate, and I advice that you not only read, but print out and adhere to the study's advice and use it daily to check progress.

One thing that has really been dramatic for me since starting to use the advice, and that is:
All over my body water collected and stored everywhere.
Whether muscle or under the skin, arms, legs, ankles middle shoulders, back, simply everywhere.
Well, this has turned around.
The body seems to be draining all the stored water and the difference up to now has been between 100-200 gram pr. day.
In one week my body has shed almost 5 kg. of water stored.
My fatigue (even with the toxic environment at work) is less, and the Scurvy is healing, even if very slowly.

So, pls. read and try it out, It will not be all plain sailing, but we have not know that for years anyway, and you wont regret looking into it, and preferably trying it out.
Best regards.

# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 02:30

I am convinced that the recurring skin rashes, blisters and inflammation I am now suffering from, that is resistant to steriod creams and anti-biotics, is caused by the EMR overload.

Thanks for this info!


# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 12:15

agnes & ericgeneric,

The anti-oxidant treatment suggestion was extrapolated from animal studies showing that animals that were full-body irradiated daily by ordinary mobile-phones, and that were given anti-oxidants in the form of vit. C & E, suffered significantly less damage than animals that got irradiated but without anti-oxidants. Rats (the animals used in the study) can produce all the vitamin C their bodies need (for normal functioning) and they were still suffering DNA damage from ordinary mobile-phone radiation. This suggested to me that the oxidative stress caused was depleting the rats of anti-oxidants faster than their bodies could produce them and thus leaving the DNA unprotected from the free radicals produced by the stress.

Before the above mentioned study surfaced I was noticing that almost every study that irradiated human and animal sperm cells, showed DNA damage. The evidence there is extremely consistent. Not surprising really because sperm cells are simply short-lived "disposable transport vessels" so I'm guessing that evolution has favored speed instead of energy-hungry protection mechanisms like other, longer lived cells, have. That's why I think that DNA damage show so quickly and significantly in sperm cells and so they make a great model for study.

So oxidative stress seems to be an important mechanism of action, and fortunately a lot of that damage can be offset by maintaining anti-oxidant levels. Since humans don't produce vitamin C we'll probably need to take heavy doses (I'd say more than 1 gram daily) to avoid depletion from wireless radiation induced oxidative stress.
One visible consequence of widespread chronic vit. C depletion will likely be that scurvy will return to the population and there are indication now of that being the case.

About the water retention: about ten years ago I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. My body was retaining water just like Agnes describes. Once I cut the problematic foods out of my diet, the water flushed out again. So I'm guessing that water retention is a stress response of the body.
Also, I think this is somehow linked to the development of microwave sensitivity. Peoples reactions to exposure are so different and I'm speculating that the individual reactions are related to how the individuals immune-system was stressed in the first place. It simply takes less to push an individual with long-term oxidative stress into a symptomatic state.

Dr. George Carlo gave a talk in London (2008) where he mentioned cases similar to that. He said that every single case of EHS he and his team of doctors had looked at, had suffered some sort of trauma prior to developing EHS, leaving the patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Carlo's talk is archived here: (MP3 link) and is well worth listening to. He mentions the EHS stuff around 14 minutes into the talk.
When I listened to his talk, it seemed to me like these patients were "set up" for EHS by having a destabilized immune-system from other insults suffered prior to the chronic microwave exposure.
Stress taxes the immune-system via oxidative stress, be it physical or mental stress (and that is not to be taken as a "all in the mind" statement - not even vaguely!).

I'll go deeper into this on this thread later when I have more time. I've found some simple, albeit curious :) techniques that can help in lifting some of the stress.

# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 13:04

My EHS started after I had a metal knee implant.

# Posted: 12 Nov 2013 12:53

Read my 30 points plan.
Many shortcommings and needed supplements are mentioned there.
As I have measured on electrosensitives, they all have a shortage of Calcium, and besides that, they also do have a loss of Calcium.

# Posted: 13 Nov 2013 03:07

Try "over-dosing" on Vitamin C for your skin rashes, blisters etc. as it sounds like you are having trouble like mine.

I have done a Very thorough search on Skurvy cures, through a very long period, (actually all the stuff online about it since 1870) since our Naval friend, who told us What to look out for, and have found the Old cures were very inefficient, as they were fambling, trying to find out what could cure it,
(Captain Cook kept his men free of Skurvy, on the way to Australia, by feeding the Sour-craut, which they hated, but Fact is it kept them healthy.
but the New advice, even if dismal gives points you in the right direction.
(Serious alrets in the news are that Skurvy and Rickets are beeing diagnosed in people, particuarly children, this is blaimes on "Microwaved Food" No-one is so bright as to look into if it might be caused by the Microwaves themselves" God forbid Scientists dependent on Taxpayer cash (Government sponsored reseaserch) bit the hand that feeds them!

Todays advice is "Heavy Vitamin C intake" I add to that with making a "Pressed Lemon" drink that I take before I go to bed.
I also drink quite a lot of Orange juice (Not homepressed I have to admit) but a good quality one, and pls. note, that the cheap Lidl´s "fresh pressed from real oranges" (the one with bits in) is just as good as the expensive upmarket Tropicana, and contains the same amount of Vit C.

Another thing, on what Henrik mentioned about water in the body.
There is a Very powerfull "Organic" remedy available from Herbal Health shops, Highstreet and online that is called "Barley Grass" this is a bright green powder that you mix with water, or you can put it into Orange Juice whatever you fancy to take that raw green taste away. (I just use boiled or spring water, it is not a nice taste,) but it is one of the most powerfull Anti oxidants you can get, and it drains the excess water from your body like nobodys business.
Using Barley grass I am draining water from my body at the speed of between 200-600 gr/day, so within a week it has drained off 5.5 kg of exess water from my body.

And because the radiation seriously affect my digestion I have found a British product that I use every morning, before anything else, that is named Symprove. It is like Yakult and that kind of stuff, only it is seriously effective (if you follow the rules) only, it is quite expensive, it is approved by NICE and the most important bit is that it Works!

If you are interested (and these are helping me no end) write to me direct and I can give you addresses of the cheapest suppliers I have managed to find.
Best regards.

# Posted: 13 Nov 2013 03:10

Chances are that your Metal Implants are working like Antennae.
Tell us more so that we can see if we can help in any way.

I had steel bolts incerted into my hip because of a broken hip.
I had them removed a year later, when I complained.

Yours is a lot more serious.
Tell us pls.
best regards.

# Posted: 15 Nov 2013 22:11

Agnes, thank you for all the info!

Will print out and investigate.


# Posted: 17 Nov 2013 17:54

It is now about 8 years since i had my metal knee replacement done. There was no choice. I was unable to stand for a minute or even walk down the garden or driveway. It had got to the point where I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair if nothing was done. The operation did take away the pain in my knee joint and it did give me back some mobility. At the moment 20 minutes walking very slowly is the most that I can manage.

I was not EHS before the operation. Over the years I have had a lot of physiotherapy which involved treatments using radio-frequencies for knee and back problems. The knee replacement was the 4th knee operation.

After the operation, the level in the bedroom was over 1 Volt per metre [peak] from a phone mast. Since then, I have done considerable shielding.

I know someone who had EHS problems after a metal hip replacement.

I have also had major heart surgery and now also have metal clips holding my ribcage together, That too has made a difference. I wear a shielding vest always over a blouse - but a shielding blouse when i go to somewhere that I know is a particular problem.

The surgeon has suggested that I have a pacemaker fitted because of intermittent heart irregularities [atrial fibrillation].
But the prospect of a pacemaker has me worried...I am currently taking medication... Another antenna... not unless there is no other alternative.


# Posted: 19 Nov 2013 02:32

If I remember right, I have quite recently read in newspapers that the old metal hip and knee joints are beeing removed an exchanged with China or plastic joints, because of "Metal Poisoning" in the blood and body from the wear off, (probably metal shavings) when you move and use the joints.

I think it would be totally relevant for you to go to your GP, tell him/her about your problems and fears and ask to have a bloodtest for "Metal Debri" poisoning you, and that all the metal in your body seems to act as an antennae for the microwave radiation, by now everywhere in our environment home or away, (and GP surgeries and the NHS hospitals are some of the worst offenders) are unavoidable.

Him/Her might treat you like an idiot (mine did for 10 years, untill a recent, Very Dramatic, Very Visible health effect happened to me, caused by the radiaton in his surgery waitingroom and from his reception at one of my rare visits there).

So, now he seems very receptive for, and listens to what actually happens to us when we get doused by this environmental pollution.
What helped as well was, that I brought along the GB doctors letter, the Austrian doctors letter and the Irish doctors letter, as well as the Bioinitiative, and the IARC 2B cancer causing classification of EMF.

I know now, for a fact, that he got all this scanned, not just into my file, but also into a diagnostic file for headaches/migranes/cancer.
So to me this spelled a little victory.

About the heart pacemaker I cannot at this time of day say anything.
I have no idea if these exist in different materials but metal, but will try to find out.
But, one word here, I remember reading in this very Forum about someone who had Real Trouble with EMF after having a pacemaker,
I will try to find it
Best regards.

Just a curio: I saw one of the other GP´s at our local surgery at one time, and she thinks I´m a crank because of my believe that EMF is causing my health problems.
I asked her if she now lived locally (ours is a very small rural village, (1000 households) but with some good aminities, like a Train platform, GP surgery, Chemist, butcher, greengrocer, village shop, a hotel/B&B´s, 4 pubs and a couple of cafe´s and a hairdresser and a small industrial estate).
She told me yes, she had moved here as this was a lovely and healthy place.
So I asked her, would she have considered buying a house here if there had been a Mobile Mast in the middle of the village.
Knowing she did not believe a word I said about the health damage from Wireless "Technology" I was asounded when she told me, No, she would NOT have Bought a house in a place where she had a mobile mast as a neighbour.

What gets/wonders me is the Hypocracy!
Cannot live without the "Technology" but are NOT prepared to live within the reach of its tanticles.
WHY EVER NOT IF IT IS SO BL...y HARMLESS, according to the HPA??
Good enough for US, but Far to Dangerous for Them??

And Still they treat us as total IDIOTS!

They need to Get Real, Get Informed", act like GP´s = "Medical Doctors", and stop prescribing to the Kings College "Shrink family" who are presiding over the UK´s, and (by the taxpayer) very handsomely paid for, "Its all in your mind diagnoses of this Horrid Environmental pollution"
Beat regards.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2013 02:32

I am currently trying some Vit C but my body isn't liking it all that much so far. Shall keep on for a while to see if it stops reacting badly....


# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 02:13

Your body will not like any changes at any time.
If you are reasonably comfortible in it, that is No. 1.
But you are not! so you have to make an effort, and here goes.

You can swap the Vit C for good commercial juice or freshly pressed Lemons, Oranges, Rosehip Syrup, ordinary British summer berries (I make jam, Syrup, conserve and pickles from Strawberries, Black and Red currantsand Gooseberries that we grow in the garden and vild others we can pick from the surrounding countryside to use all year round (Erik uses them on his breakfast bread) Pickles from carrots, cauliflower, broccoli you name it it is in there. And please note loads of ordinary green British vegs, even potatoes have Vit C, many time a lot more than the new "Superfoods" everybody is trying to flogg.

Here is a short sentence I copied off a website:
"Excellent food sources of vitamin C include broccoli, bell peppers, parsley, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lemon juice, strawberries, mustard greens, kiwifruit, papaya, kale, cabbage, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, oranges, cantaloupe (melon), summer squash, grapefruit, pineapple, chard, tomatoes, collard greens, raspberries, spinach, green beans, fennel, cranberries, asparagus, watermelon, and winter squash."
(I imagine if it includes Squash it will also cover Corgettes, Marrow, Butternut squash etc. and Beans ti will also include peas, and of course carrots are rich, not just in Vit C, but also in Carotene, which is one of the vital ingredients, and the humble Onion has 7.4 mg Vit C for every 100 gr, and we use Onion in every meal we ever make.
So, you see, there are simply loads of Natural Alternatives to Tablets.

We Only ever eat Homecooked, made from scratch, meals with fresh meat/fish/veg and that is an easy way to calculate what you get, you can get All the info from the net, so you can really plan your vitamin/protein intake from calculating what is in your fresh/frozen ingredients.

I hope this helps, if not let me know, you know my e-mail and if you need help with planning or concoctins, write to me and I might have just the thing you need.
Best regards.

So really in short, All our summer and winter vegs,
(And, they even forgot the pots, cherries, apricots, fresh or dried, apples raisins, prunes, dates, figs and all things fruit, fresh or dried) and many other things we have locally, and they also forgot the British Bitter, Cider
and British Red and White wine which are also full of Vit C.

But here is a link to the website where I got the sentance from: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=109 and this is just one of LOADS.
So, dont give up, there are loads of combinations, and it sure does not need to be in Tablet form.
(If you like Chillies, there was another website that listed Chillies as the top of the pops for vit C, Well, we like chillies, I grow them, and am in th process of of freezing some down, drying others for winter use, in Curries and Chinese meals.

# Posted: 21 Jan 2014 12:04

Agnes, you give out very sound information in regards to nutrition. A healthy immune system is so very important in combating the exposures of toxic emissions that exist today. However I am the bearer of disturbing news ! For many years the Governments of the Uk, US and Russia have been collecting and storing our planets natural plant and vegetable seeds. WE NO LONGER EAT FROM THE ORIGIN ! !
MILLENNIUM SEED BANK PROJECT (MSBP) was set up in the UK in 1995 after years of collection. But the first and worlds oldest seed bank began in Russia in 1894 by a russian scientific researcher called Ni Vavilov-All. In the US the vegetable seed producer SEMINIS sold to MONSANTO for 1 .4 billion dollars. Why would seeds be so much in demand by these institutions ? Well thats easy - Total Control of our Health in collaboration with the Drug Companies. If the human is dull in body they are dull in mind thus become compliant to rules and regulations.

A very good example of this is the EUROPEAN COMMISSION is planning to criminalise nearly all seeds and plants that are not registered. VIRTUALLY ALL PLANTS, VEGETABLE SEEDS AND GARDENERS WILL EVENTUALLY BE REGISTERED.
Everthing that was given freely by our CREATOR is being STOLEN, SOLD AND ABUSED by EVIL DOERS. They plan OUR FUTURE at least 20 years in advance. So as far as they are concerned everything is going to plan -OR SO THEY THINK ! !

Many thousands of ordinary people across the world are Awakening to what is going on by the help from like minded souls. Although there is a contradiction in that this is largely due to the technology that is harming us I have to state that everything has to be in moderation.
A balance is the key not a bombardment ! But as usual wwwhere there is good there is evil. We all have the intelligence to know the difference and we all have the power to say NO.

# Posted: 22 Jan 2014 19:36

Tilly, you are wrong.
It is not thousands, but only a handfull of persons that are awakening.

It is the governments who are intending to bully us and forcing their will, which means to undermine our health and financial resources, in order to protect the maffia, which has overtaken the banks, health institutes and governments.

If you point in that direction, you are accused of complot theories.

The government wants to make you sick on purpose, by elektrosmog f.i., they want you to take drugs, which do not help, and to forbid the alternatives which do indeed help you.

I am afraid that our battle is in vain.

# Posted: 22 Jan 2014 20:03

Well Charles it is sad to think that our battle is in vain. But maybe your right. The only thing left to do is die - you go first..... !

# Posted: 24 Jan 2014 10:29

Charles, nothing is in vain if you look for positivity in a problem. A problem shared is a problem halved ! Good changes are happening around the world. We are gaining new knowledge every day that helps us to see which direction to go in. Every now and then I
get run down with having to deal with horrible and painful symptoms of EHS. Most times I can't get sleep because of burring noise from huge mast very close to my home but I try
to find positivity whether in classical music or funny movies.
It's not just the immune system you have to build up , but the human spirit needs feeding
also. And because of forums like this one it helps a great deal to know you are not alone
as we are all sharing the same problems and helping each other along the way.

Keep the information coming ! Keep Positive ! Keep Believing in your self !

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