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# Posted: 17 Oct 2014 00:45

I had to write something about this, after seeing yet another story in the media (kindly posted here by Agnes) about someone suffering from this "rare allergy to technology".

When will they stop the blatant misinformation and ignorance?

This has nothing to do with being allergic to something, like a strawberry or a nut or dog hairs. Pulsed Microwave Radiation has become a 24/7 presence in everyone's lives, whether they wish to be radiated by it or not, and by nature it will interfere and disrupt the biological and mental functions of a human being. To what extent, remains the only variable.

To persist, as the media do, in trying to make out that falling sick due to exposure to non-stop harmful radiation imposed upon us is simply a freaky allergy, is a disgrace.

All of us who have had their health ruined, their lives destroyed, are - if anything - the "canaries in the coal mine". We have simply shown that this EMR is dangerous. People ought to thank us for flagging up the myriad problems and lethal results of pumping this junk into our world.


# Posted: 17 Oct 2014 01:47

I aggree totally!

And No, this is NOT a "Rare Allergy" or a sickness.
This is "Poisoning" people, like with contaminated water, Asbestos or other poisonous substances in our environment.

The Stupid, Greedy Media, not even only the press seem to think they depend on them for profit: Study how many adverts they all carry for the Mobile Phone Industry every single day, be it newspapers, TV, Radio or
whatever. (Even the Non Advert BBC)

The Media fools think that if they are´nt nice to the Industry, the Industry will stop buying expensive advertizing!

But if you think about it, common sense tells you that the Industry might get annoyed, But Stopping advertizing in the Media, No Way, if they did not No-One would Know they existed!

And pretty soon they would be just as extinct like the Dinosaurs!
Best regards.

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