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# Posted: 21 Sep 2015 21:49

What about stork! Is that not margarine!
I think most people mean the making of the earth by God when they say creation.
I don't create jam I make it from blackcurrants grown in the garden!

Sorry we have to stop this nonsense.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2015 02:16

Last lesson before nonsense stops.
The Stork, as I know it is a large Bird who delights in building his nest on the top of chimneys, And He delivers babies!
He carries them in a triangle shaped nappy to delighted expectant new parents, so that is where I came from, my mother came told me, disregarding the fact that in Iceland we do not have Stork´s, and very few chimneys at that because we heat our homes with hot water from our hot springs, Girl, are you getting some education here about Volcanic country where I originate from

"I don't create jam I make it from blackcurrants grown in the garden!"
well, so do I, and I also make it from the Vitamin C packed lovely Blackberries, growing all around us, and jam and pickles from Any other C Vit packed Fruit and Veg.
And this is NOT Non-Sense!
The Wireless Microwave Radiation we are doused with every day totally destroys our vitamin C intake, so we have to make sure we fill it up every day to try to keep as healthy as we can. Several Old and newer studies confirm that.
And as you probably know our organism does not have the ability to "Store" Vitamin C, this is why we have to keep on taking it, and in what better form than your homegrown jam?
That way you know exactly what is in it, decide if you want "Additives" or keep it pure, like I do, and in the process keep you and your family as healthy as possible, even with the colossal harm the Microwaves cause you.
All the best, you are a great sport

# Posted: 25 Sep 2015 18:49

You are right that humans do not store vitamin C (and guinea pigs, that is why they used to use them for experiments).

Blackcurrants are the best fruit for jam as they are quite sour to eat any other way. Did not have many this year because I pruned them last year, but had lots of plums from a very young tree for the first time which also makes lovely jam.

Sadly nothing can take the place of reducing your exposure to microwaves. Sometimes I think I must have the healthiest diet but that has not stopped me from having EHS or whatever!

Nonsense stopped!

# Posted: 26 Sep 2015 01:25

So many thanks for your answer
It looks to me that you are on the same agenda as me, to TRY to keep you and your family as healthy as possible to make amends for the microwave pollution health effects surrounding us

Well, if you ask me, HAIL US!
We are really working our but off, against All The Odds.
But at least we are trying!

My blackcurrants were quite dismal this year, and not because I pruned them, they just did not seem to like the "Climate"
No wonder, my neighbor is irradiating them with Wi-Fi 24/7/365.
Plants and bushes Really dislike Microwave Radiation, wonder why, but then again so do Bees and Ants, do they sense something that humans don't?

Some years ago I watched a Jaime Oliver program about Italian food, where he traveled around Italy, stopped and interviewed some people about their way of living.
One of the people he met was a Bee-Keeper.
He told Jaime that when he went out to search for a place where he could home his Bees for the whole of the summer, he would scout the area with his mobile phone on.
When he found a place totally "WITHOUT" a Mobile signal he knew that "This was his Bees New Summer Home"
His Bees were superb, and he collected loads of Honey after the summer.
He put this down to his persistence for the"Right Environmental Location".
(we have really done a lot of work to try to capture this as a video which we could show on mv, but shortly afte we found it it had been "dissapeared from the program"
So, how do we differ from this old Italians Bees, Not so much that it makes much difference.
In a Microwave Radiation situation we are incapable of producing anything.
We exist in a fight or flight for survival at all times.
Given the opportunity of a Totally Wired Environment, things suddenly change, and we can change the world!
It is really as simple as that.
In the meantime you and I try to keep our nearest family alive and healthy by feeding them LOADS of Anti Oxidants.
Keep up the good work girl.
You wont regret it.
Chances are you have your family for longer, Grumpy or not.
All the best

# Posted: 26 Sep 2015 19:28

I saw the same programme by Jamie O., considering I hardly ever watch food films. I noticed the bee piece and grunted to my husband, who completely ignores me on the subject. He knows best you see! But then he gets all the benefit of a wireless free house and good healthy food!

I don't watch food films much because they use too much salt, sugar and fat in everything and they take an age to cook anything. They use butter and cream in abundance without a thought of the obesity epidemic the country is facing. And they take an nice easy recipe and complicate it. I tell you I can write a simple recipe book and take all the fuss out of cooking.

Going back to JO I am not surprised the bee comment was taken off air later. They really are trying hard to stop any publicity.

I am not doing much of good work. I continue to be swamped with family problems who need support.

Fight or flight is a good description, the anxiety people feel is due to this. It is useful when you are in a dangerous situation but wasteful when you have nothing to flee.

PEOPLE, IT IS THE MICROWAVES MESSING UP YOUR BRAIN, HORMONES, BLOOD /BRAIN BARRIER and goodness knows what else, that makes you feel anxious way above the size of the problem

I think we have got stuck in a groove here, but I will be away soon - no peace for the wicked!


# Posted: 26 Sep 2015 19:35

Just a correction, Humans and Guinea pigs do not make vitamin C that is why we need to eat it daily, and we don't store much of it because it is water soluble and excess comes out in the urine.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2015 01:59

I don't agree with you on this level:
"hey use butter and cream in abundance without a thought of the obesity epidemic the country is facing"

Well, I am an Old girl (70+), I cannot stand Margarine, never have.
Our mothers used it (less expensive than butter) but believe you me, I swear by "Natural Ingredients, Only"!

I buy my meat at the local butchers, free-roaming Gloucestershire old Spot, they live out all year in Pig Nissen huts.
Beef from the local beef farmers, lamb from the local sheep farmers.
Chickens the same, all "Really Free Range" granted more expensive than Supermarket to buy as the cuts are a lot bigger, and into the calculation comes the amount of meals you can get from the cut, and the many, different meals you can make out of one cut to store in your freezer which is what I do

My Veg. come from the Local market, Organic, but if you calculate the price it is about the same as the supermarkets charge, and my veg are Organic, fresh, last a long time and if you ask me, CLEAN from Chemicals.

It costs me LOADS more effort to cook a good meal every day, but if you think about it we are both 70+ and only use the NHS if we are so unlucky we fall on the winter ice and break a bone.
How good a record is that on "Geriatric Health"?
I recon it is worth it. and here is why!
We have not seen the inside of any NHS institution for years, including the GP. my husband for ca 15 years, me for less as I broke my ankle falling on the Ice a few years ago, and I still have problems with that.

We are NOT Obese, I use butter for all our frying, and have done for many, many years years and I use cream a lot in food.
Again, All natural, no fakes, no substitutes.

I do not have much confidence in Jaimie O, at the moment he seems to be copying people who adhere to the "Scandi" diet, Well, we here are both "Scandi´s" we were both brought up on Kale, (if you need a really good recipe just ask me) y husband was brought up on pork, Me, on Fish, Cod mostly but also anything that caught the line and was pulled in.
And one thing we had loads of in our diet was Animal Offal, like Liver, Hearts, kidneys etc.
Still do.
Its Very good protein, dirt cheap takes quite a time preparing and making, but is well worth it, and made right truly scrumptious.

Obesity, in my mind mostly comes from laziness, buying Takeaways instead of bothering Cooking a Good meal from Good ingredients.

You can make the most beautiful curry f. inst from local ingredients, by making a homemade Curry sauce,
And most importantly, making your own homemade meals with local meat and ingredients is stop full of all the vitamins, minerals and whatever you need to keep anyone healthy, growing pains or not.

But then again this is just My experience.
Best regards.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2015 11:52

Everything is frequencies!

Water is a medium that can hold information, like frequencies.
Many watertowers do have mobile phone transmitters mounter at them.
Of course they transmit also backwards, into the water basin.
So, everytime you open your water faucet, you will have these frequencies in the water.

Be aware that the transmitters of mobile phones do emit also many other frequencies, and in the low frequency band. That is depending on the quality of the used electronics in the switch boxes.

With a NLS system, one can check whether a pill, drug, food, liquid, etc. is good for you or not. NLS systems work with frequencies between 1,8 and 8,2Hz. NLS systems can check your organs, tissues, cells, chromosomes, DNA and RNA, etc..

# Posted: 30 Sep 2015 02:57

I am aware of Water Memory, and of course that involves frequencies,
But then, some frequencies can be beneficial, and others lethal.

What about "Spring Water" that has filtered through Hill Rock always?
There is not a mast i sight, although a couple are a few UK miles away.
The water is NOT Mineral water as there are No Minerals in this kind of rock, and the hills have stood here and filtered water since time ancient.

WE use only the fresh spring water as drinking water. all other water is boiled tap water. (What happens to the Water memory frequencies when water is Boiled?
Do they stay, or do they evaporate?
Have you measured the water frequencies ?

I am all ears here, as knowing weather to BOIL your water or NOT is a Very Important issue in the daily life of us humans.
I hope you answer my question.
Best regards.

# Posted: 15 Oct 2015 21:19

Hello Agnes,
no, I have not measured frequencies in boiled water.
But in my opinion, boiling water does not have an influence on the frequencies.
Only magnetic fields can change the information of frequencies.

An anti-lime, or anti-calque device can kill all frequencies and information in the water.

Dr. Gruen, the inventor of the BioProtect card has checked a number of devices, which can *vitalize* water.
See: www.milieuziektes.nl/Rapporten/waterE.pdf

There is a Tube, which can connect two plastic bottles.
One bottle has to be filled with water, and when turned, the water *spiralled* into the other bottel, and gets vitalised, according to Viktor Schauberger.
I have tested this with my bio-energy meter.
(I now have a new one, the LM4.)
See: www.milieuziektes.nl/Rapporten/waterTornado.pdf

In one of the pictures can be seen, that I first have mounted an anti lime device on the incoming water pipe, and next an Aquarius Water Vitaliser.
I measured the water before and after the Vitaliser.
And it showed an improvement in bio-energy.

Recently I measured the tapwater here in Breda Netherlands, and compared it with tapwater from Meerle in Belgium, just across the border.
That water has much more energy than our tapwater.

# Posted: 15 Oct 2015 21:30

I do know a bit about frequencies.
There are a number of bioresonance systems on the market.

Hulda Clark has found specific frequencies for microorganisms.
They are between 40Hz and 1MHz. 3-5 minutes per frequency.
They are given by handelectrodes.

Royal Rife has frequency sets for a number of diseases.
They are between 1Hz and 10kHz. 3-5 minutes per frequency.
They are given by handelectrodes, or lamps, or sound.

Now, the Non Linear diagnostic Systems scan and treat a number of items in the body.
The frequencies are between 1,8 Hz and 8,2Hz. 2-5 seconds per run.
They are given by special headphone.
We have obtained extra-ordinary results.

Where electrosensitives may have problems with the Clark and Rife devices, several are very satisfied with their NLS systems.

# Posted: 16 Oct 2015 02:52

This is very informative.
Thank you

# Posted: 18 Oct 2015 19:06

Charles it has to be said that I don't understand what you are talking about. I can't say that I read it properly, but all things have frequencies in as far as they are made up of atoms.

How I understand it is that it is not only the microwaves per se that are harmful but also the fact that in wireless gadgets they use pulsed waves.

As for water having memory, it absorbs microwaves that is why things can be heated in a microwave oven, and probably why microwaves get stopped by the body after a few cm's.

whilst away I had the healthiest diet, on which my son commented 'celebrities pay thousands to get this detox.' alas for me I did not have a cooker - so lots of raw fruit and veg along with boiled eggs, cheese and fish (anchovies), all washed down with freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice. And minimal exposure to microwaves.

However, on my way home I had the worst headache, as though needles were threaded through my temples, in the plane during the last part of the journey. I only get this bad if I stand in front of a microwave oven.
So ES is still there.
No it was not a holiday, but out of duty and there was much to do.

# Posted: 25 Oct 2015 09:48

I have made a publication about NLS systems.


(Also earlier; http://www.hetbitje.nl/BitjeE201411p.pdf)

I have scanned and treated several EHS persons with my NLS systems, and nobody experienced any problems, but I has used my special shielding for reflecting the longitudinal waves.

# Posted: 27 Oct 2015 21:45

Charles thanks I will ty to read t but I still think that avoiding exposure where possible - or as much as possible is probably the best course.

# Posted: 27 Oct 2015 22:11

Hi all I have been trying to get the website for the activist on wireless techs at schools but don't seem to find it. I know it was here recently. It is something like Seta, or SEETA. Can anyone please help?

# Posted: 28 Oct 2015 01:02


Try: http://ssita.org.uk/

# Posted: 28 Oct 2015 01:22

Dear Ann. I am so sorry that you felt so awful.

But, if you ask me your son was totally right.
Get your Diet right, and that is 50% of our fight. The other half is getting your Vitamins/Minerals right!, as the Microwaves ruin our intake of vitamins.
So every time you put on your Microwave, Your vitamin C, as well as most of the other essentials go down the drain.
So pls. listen to your son, he might not have all of it right but at least hes got the gist!
All the best

# Posted: 31 Oct 2015 17:58

Thanks Henrik.
There is a letter on there which gives a list of the research on microwaves and health especially on children, which I would like to print. The letter could be sent to your MP or Headmaster. I had already sent 3 a few months ago but had no reply.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2015 17:50

Thanks I just got on the website and did some reading and watching!
Dr Erika's Malory-Blithe's lecture is brilliant. It has probably been on this website but if you missed it you can find it on www.vemeo.com 100623585 (I think) or vimeo?
Sorry I will check again.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2015 17:52


# Posted: 1 Nov 2015 18:28

Agnes I have read your blog on food and healthy eating. I could not agree more. I too do all my cooking and for 8 years I cooked for 2 families. All from fresh ingredients making my own sauces for curry and bolognaise. But I do keep fats to a minimum and only use olive oil or sunflower oil for frying and roasts but I think that reflects our origins (you butter and me olive oil!)

I cannot say that I use organic food as we live in a more suburban area and it is overpriced. We have had a healthy diet and I smile sometimes when I read 'eat this or that superfood and all your health problems will vanish'. The said superfood being almonds, pomegranates, peppers, kale. spinach etc which I use and used in large amounts for many years.
I will tell you 2 superfoods that will not break the bank are carrots and cabbage. Eat in plentiful amounts in soups, sauces, salads. These have plenty of vitamin A, fibre, and antioxidants.

I think we aught to do a section on healthy eating and share some recipes

# Posted: 2 Nov 2015 01:11

Ann. # Posted: 18 Oct 2015 19:06
The change from ordinary Cooked food to Raw Diet can upset you, no end.
Why I am saying this is that, my family (my children and families are Vegan and Vegetarians, their food is expertly cooked by my eldest son who is a Vegan, but it kills my system. And I actually have quite a bad time for days afterwards.
(Brought up on Ordinary Icelandic diet of fish and potatoes mostly so, Non-varied foods (I guess I was very immersed in making sure I fed my young family right, to make sure they got everything they needed to develop OK.)
Look, I was brought up by quite poor parents, my mother was a manager in a Fish Freezing plant in Iceland, got fish for supper for free,
So, me and my brother's evening meal (as well as our parents) would be whatever was being processed for sale at the factory.
My mother was Not a great cook, and never had the time to get to be one anyway. so what we got was "Boiled Fish (whatever fish was being processed at the time at the factory, with boiled potatoes and fat rendered from melting sheep' s fat.
Then on Sunday's, If we had surplus cash, we would get a lamb roast, with some trimmings, like Pickled Cooked Red.Cabbage, (dried from a cellophane bag) and cooked in house, pickled Beetroot from a bought jar, and some sweet stuff like Rhubarb jam (usually homemade) or Redcurrant Jelly. Also bought But this meal for us was Bliss.
Then, my husband Erik (Danish) and me moved to Denmark in 1964 and I had to go onto a diet of Pork( national animal eat) and beef.
No fish anywhere in sight. My system was in total agony So, don't despair
You will be OK in a short while, getting back to your own chosen diet.
All the best Agnes

# Posted: 2 Nov 2015 01:20

Tess. Posting: Posted: 27 Oct 2015 22:11
The website you are looking for is:
All the best.

# Posted: 2 Nov 2015 20:00

I know your system gets used to the foods you are brought up with and even possibly over the eons you have evolved to cope with those foods. I even have the genes to show where I was brought up, (malaria related).

I don't know why you feel I am not well. In fact I have good health as long as I keep away from microwaves. It is interesting that your mother did not do much cooking - mine did not either she was totally into paid work and did nothing else - just to keep a long story short she was the 'Polish worker (slave)' of the 60s England!
That is probably why we do lots of cooking, I was never going to inflict that on my children so I over compensated and always cook good food.

# Posted: 3 Nov 2015 00:50

Same here.

# Posted: 10 Nov 2015 20:09

Agnes Thanks for the http://sita.org.uk website. It is very useful. You are full of brilliant info. I hope other people will look it up. They seem to be doing great work with children's issues.
Any of you reading this and care about children's health it is worth reading. and there are letters you can send to head teachers.

# Posted: 14 Nov 2015 16:53

People are willing to accept some 'voodoo' cure than try to avoid what is making them ill.
I looked at the sita.org.uk site and it is very good.

# Posted: 22 Nov 2015 17:33

it is ssita.org.uk if anyone wants to look it up. otherwise you get into the wrong website! It has some very useful bits of info.

# Posted: 22 Nov 2015 17:46

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