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# Posted: 8 Sep 2015 03:29

anyone recommend the best? something like"coverall with hood" from lessemf.com would be needed occasiionally to do some work outdoors. but it only attenuates 30 db at 3000 mhz. i'm dealing with 6ghz. might it be worth the expensive price.

also normal clothes like lessemf...'s hoodies and "esmog pants" look so so, but may be a waste of money? any advice from experienced users?

# Posted: 8 Sep 2015 04:17


I think a lot of it depends on how sensitive you are, how much exposure you're having to cope with, and so on. The EMR tends to target any weaknesses in your body, so if you have issues with your head area it'll be worse there, or in your joints, your bones, your heart, etc. Note down where the symptoms are worse for you, and try some shielding products on those areas first.

There are a lot of sites and articles out there which pour scorn on this stuff, saying it doesn't work and it's all a con. I don't agree, and I've been using things for about 5 years now.

Nothing will magically block everything out all the time. The pulsed-microwave patterns are constantly changing, so you can end up chasing your own tail. It doesn't help, either, that there are so many different materials being used by these companies. Often the same company will alter its design, and the materials, several times.

For the head, an all-over balaclava style would be best, as it protects the neck, and the throat/thyroid area. They take some getting used to, maybe, but the greater area of your head that's covered, the more likely it will help. I've never seen the point of the "bee keeper" style hats that the (very few) UK suppliers provide.


# Posted: 9 Sep 2015 05:30

thanks for that useful info.

i have one of the beekeeper hats. i think it helps but it's hard to tell. it does turn the acoustimeter down to lights out, no microwaves, in a field of about 3000mw/m2. that's when i put the meter in the hat. also seems useful riding in a car where the waves are coming down from above, mostly.

outdoors the field is 7500mw/m2 at up to 6ghz.4g. very occasionally i have to go out in it. thats why im thinking of the whole body coverall with hood and i would just get it except in their pamphlet it says it only attenuates what i wrote abo ve. i'd hate to spend the money and find its actualluy worse,.

i think im about moderately sensitive but i dont know, wifi seems to be the worst for me. stomach is first place in body i feel them, like my most sensitive antenna is there.

# Posted: 9 Sep 2015 08:57

the figures i refer to above are 3000µW/m2 and 7000µW/m2 --not mw/m2, of course. my mistake.

anyone get the internal trembling in the leg thing earlty in the morning in bed? legs feel like they're shaking , but actually not moving at all, only feel as if the blood is carbonated, moving around.

I wonder if the coverall with hood will just make things worse during the times I'm out because some radiation will get in with nowhere to get out? has anyone got these particular coveralls?

# Posted: 10 Jan 2018 21:53

In 1962, Allan H. Frey discovered that the microwave auditory effect (i.e., the reception of the induced sounds by radio-frequency electromagnetic signals heard as clicks and buzzes) can be blocked by a patch of wire mesh (rather than foil) placed above the temporal lobe

# Posted: 2 Dec 2018 04:17


The Microbiome in Chronic Disease Prevention

# Posted: 2 Dec 2018 04:20

How Radio Waves Make You Sicker


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