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# Posted: 26 Apr 2019 15:50

You only need one meter - you seem to have one that gives an idea of the levels of EMFs. Good luck with house hunting.

# Posted: 5 May 2019 15:27


thanks for your response. You say I only need one meter. Which one are you referring to?

I find the Acousticom good for ambient RF-EMR in the general environment, but the RadAware seems better for me when measuring my local space wherever I am.

The PF meter for electric and magnetic fields also does what I need it to do, and has shown me the high rads on light switches, embedded cables in walls etc., as well as any and all electric devices I need to use.

I just saw a review of the new Trifield TF2 on EMF Academy site at:


Are you based in UK or USA? I looked briefly at


but it seems to be for USA only, so I use


Please let me know which meter you recommend.


# Posted: 12 May 2019 17:21

The meter I have is Acousticom 2 by EMFields. I bought it about 5 years ago and it has been a great help. If you don't need much detail but just a rough estimate of the EMFs present it is excellent. At least it lets me know that I am being microwaved when I feel the pain in my head and it is not my imagination, as some friends and family tell me.
It is amazing where I found excessive amounts of EMFs (microwaves): a childs toy car - not remote control but had batteries. I used to get a headache every time I baby sat for this kid until I turned my detector on and found that it was going in the red band, when the car was running.

Also a child's car they can sit and drive, with batteries, was giving me a headache, and was emitting microwaves in the red band when I used my detector. I could detected it a long way from the car - which was quite worrying and wondering what it is doing to the child. When I mentioned it to the parents they just ignored me. And we all wonder why so many little kids get cancer. What is Public Health England doing?
I also found microwaves in other toys, such as a cash register where children can lean to count and use money, a globe, and other toys that use batteries.
In the house I know the areas where there is a lot of emissions and avoid them. Luckily downstairs it is clear but upstairs some rooms are quite bad, but not where I sleep.
I think every person who is affected must have a detector.

# Posted: 19 May 2019 20:15

ann, thanks for that reply. Mine is also the Acousticom 2 by EMFields - the first one I bought which showed me high levels at home from my lounge and bedroom windows. It was summer and leaves on the trees.

In autumn/winter with no leaves on trees I could see the mast array with 4 companies transmitters on half a mile or so away. I checked it on mastdata.com and saw it was 67?.? meters away!!!!!

I walked past it last Monday and saw it being taken down with a large crane - its on top of a high block of flats. Then Thursday the crane was gone and I could see the various transmitters fitted directly to the building roof-access part which is much smaller than the flats perimeter. Almost like a shed with just enough room for an access staircase.

I then was told by a neighbour that there are signs up around town stating "5G coming soon".

That particular array was where 4G was tested from, and we all got cards through the door asking if we had interference/NO SIGNAL notices to FreeView on our TVs.

I rang the number on the card and was told 4G was being tested in our area and that it interferes with FreeView, so they send me a small filter box to plug into the TV aerial input at the rear of the TV, with a place on the back of it to plug the aerial back in.

All was fine and no more interference/pixelation on the picture and no more "NO SIGNAL" notices on many channels.

It seems this array is where 5G will be tested from - SOON. Hmmmm! I feel a headache coming on just thinking about it.


# Posted: 19 Aug 2019 15:54

I wonder what the future will bring with all these radar battering people's brains? I am actually still amazed the problem is not bigger than it is. Or, are we entering a period of total lawlessness where 'each to their own'.
There are 2 books published recently one called 'The Art of not giving a F.....' and the other 'Why Mum does not give a ........'.

Is this the new era in history when nobody cares about anybody any more?

Do you remember when a comedian (Cathrine Tate) made her name by saying ' am I bothered, am I bovvered?' To me that signified the attitude of the 21st century. Youngsters had an attitude problem and 'am I bovvered' would be the answer when told something. Me, me, selfies are the order of the day.
Happy days.

# Posted: 22 Aug 2019 03:25

Society is best at taking offence and seeing all kinds of discrimination these days. The focus is on celebrating whatever minority you are part of, or minority interests you have.

Unless that minority is the handful of millions suffering from radiation sickness and assorted tech emission overload, in which case you don't exist and have no voice.


# Posted: 2 Sep 2019 16:59

And the BBC is the arch-promoter of these minorities. but our interests are not taken into account - we are not of their choice of minorities!
Whenever they have something on depression - and they had a lot of it lately - I would comment but they don't take any notice.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2019 18:21

All we hear about now (apart from Brexit) is depression. burn out, stress, but they still don't accept the reasons we give. Doctors are not coping with work and where do you get so much wifi? In hospital.
I took a friend there recently and I was alright when I got there but ended up suffering badly with headaches and took me another day to recover. You see them all with their iphones and ipads and wonder why they fell ill.
I fear people would be unable to do a day's work at this rate. Youngsters seem unable to cope with life.

# Posted: 22 Mar 2020 11:25

AFAIK the MRI detects the concentration of protons within the body, most of which make up water molecules. Using magnetic field gradients and radio frequency the MRI is able to produce a two dimensional image which roughly correlates to the concentration of water. Hence bone and cavities show up as black and fat very light. Different tissue types respond differently and this is how a radiologist is able to make sense of the MRI films.

Like the period before the discovery of the MRI, most practitioners and observers of magnetic therapy are stuck in the old North and South Pole paradigm, but the science has moved on. The common bipolar magnet generates a uniform magnetic field with negligible field gradient or variation. Bringing North and South poles together such as in the Quadrapolar array, generates steep field gradients which produce rapid changes in field strength.

Perhaps you can try desensitization using magnetic fields to find relief?

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