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# Posted: 30 May 2017 01:02

I wonder if any of you can enlighten me about the rules/principles of shielding?

I understand that there can't be any gaps or slots when shielding and in effect you need to be in a sealed (shielded) unit. But I am also confused about if you then create EMFs within this unit by using something electrical (I hardly use anything but Im reliant on an electric wheelchair). Ive heard that this can worsen the sensitivity symptoms by creating EMFs that bounce around the room?

Also has anyone had any negative experiences of shielding whereby it reflects the bodys own EMFs back at them?

Thank you.

# Posted: 31 May 2017 11:23

If you are electrosensitive, it is better to study what is written on:


Use Google translate.

# Posted: 2 Jun 2017 18:34

There is nothing worse for EHS than DC motors that your wheelchair will be using. Take some meter readings around them. AC motors are much less dirty. Even a computer fan or hard drive makes a load of dirt.
I have a Faraday cage lorry box that I spend my time in when the radio waves are making my head ring.
To earth a Faraday cage from radio waves you must use a very many stranded copper cable as radio waves follow surfaces. Deep earthing is advisable.
Being in a box can be problematic as like in newer houses with foil faced insulation reflection can be worse that exterior pollutions. A cave is best as there is little penetration or reflection.
My greatest fear is to be using an electric chair. I worked with quadriplegics for many years but they all just found a way C3 to flipper along.. The one thing most banned from my life is DC motors.

30% holes is 30% leakages. If you want to cut out 99.999 you need need a load of kitchen foil and some foil tape and conducting paint. There are loads of rip off price products but any highly conducting metal ie ali iron galvanised steel. will do it. Holes are V important.
I use SMD 12vDC bulbs that produce no radiation. DC lights are typically very good. Test with a MW radio. Use ferrite cores if they are powered from the outside. There are low EMR charge controllers available for solar.

I'm not sure what experiences of shielding whereby it reflects the bodys own EMFs back at them means but your DC Chair would give me the run aways. Seriously get it metered and think if there is another way. Listen to it with a AM radio. This is enough to make me very ill.

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