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# Posted: 15 Jun 2017 01:18


To those that have messaged me as a result of my other posts, thank you for your replies. Please could you give me more details of your negative experiences so I don't make the same mistakes when shielding.

Here is a copy of an email I sent to someone about what I am planning to do so far, any constructive comments welcome.

My home is a semi detached housing association bungalow on a road of similar dwellings which use wifi. I am sensitive to both low and high frequencies and am looking to shield my property to prevent further deterioration of my condition. I am chronically ill and also chemically sensitive, this poses issues for using many conventional shielding options such as paint. As a result I am looking to do the following and would appreciate any advice you could give me on the matter:

I am going to get Naturelle linings put on the curtains which are drawn all of the time due to my light sensitivities. On two of the windows that don't open I will velcro the Naturelle to the frames. I potentially may put in Pilkington K glass on the door windows that I can look through. I am putting up trellis on the outside of the building (3 sides) covered in a fine mesh shielding. I haven't worked out what I can put on the adjoining wall to the other property as it spans three rooms including the bathroom, and as said before I can not tolerate paint or many other materials. I will plant conifers on the outside of the house as I've heard they are good at absorbing, have you heard about this or know of any other trees/shrubs I could plant? I do have a fence that goes around my garden - would it be worth shieding that too? I am unable to sit up for very long (in my wheelchair) but I would like to be able to look out for a few minutes in the summer. I am also looking into wifi router bags that prevent radiation to give to my neighbours - I do not have any such thing in my property. Have you heard of these and are they any good if so? I have an electric wheelchair, which I have to have in the room with me, would this mean that the frequency will get trapped in the room? I've heard you can also cover the battery units with shielding cloth?

The wifi in the caravan park has increased in strength and range as previously mentioned, enough to penetrate the caravan metal walls and give a good signal to each holiday maker, can I ask how it is able to penetrate the walls of the caravan but not the shielding please? In some cases I have heard that some is better than none in terms of shielding, and on the other hand if done wrong could make things worse so any help or comments on my plan and questions would be appreciated.

Many thanks

# Posted: 22 Jun 2017 18:12

As a building biologist I have some 20 years experience with measuring, shielding and observing electrosensitive persons.
At the moment I have another opinion about the problemacy.

Contrary to the main belief that the high frequencies are the problems, I have another view. in my opinion, it is the midfrequencies that are the culprit, so between 5kHz and 1 MHz,l which a lot of machines, appliances and other electrical things do emit.
Aside to that, there are very low frequencies, from 0Hz up to 5kHz, that do have a special biological impact (Wifi among others does have a 10Hz pulsrate!)
Most wireless signals, in the high frequency range, do contain all the aforementioned low- and midrange frequencies.
These are all transversal waves.

On top of that we also have longitudinal waves, who are present in the THz frequency range.
Have a look at: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina600.html
Use Google translate.

The traditionally used shielding materials have shown in praxis not to be sufficient. Especially when used double. Many electrosensitives had a number of troubles with them. One of the reasons is, that these materials may shield against transversal waves, but not the longitudinal waves.
The glassfibre materials have proven to reflect longitudinal waves effectively.
I have wrapped a number of devices in it, and the earlier complaints have gone.
My new computer posed a problem, because behind the front, there is a ventilator. Placing a small sheet of this glass fibre eliminated the problem.

Building a cage of Faraday may install a cage of heavy tension.
We had once build one, but when we moved to another place, we had to dismantle it. After this was done, some kind of relief came over us, despite the now entering phone masts and DECT phones of the neighbours.
That was a very curious experience.
So have a look at the webpage, and think things over.

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