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# Posted: 15 Aug 2017 18:54

Hello everybody,

I am a new member.
15 days ago a telecoms company installed a new antenna 100 meters
from our house and I would like to ask if anybody can identify the
following type of antenna:


Do you have any idea of the type, frequency or if its directional?

Thank you very much.

# Posted: 15 Aug 2017 23:42 - Edited by: Henrik


Looks like a standard mobile-phone basestation antenna.

They are directional in the direction the panel is facing. At the link below you can see an image of the typical radiation plume from such an antenna:


It can be any of the mobile-phone technologies in use: GSM (900MHz, 1800MHz), 3G/UMTS (2100MHz) or 4G/LTE (700MHz - 2600MHz)

Which country are you in? Some countries have antenna databases.

# Posted: 16 Aug 2017 06:12


Thank you for the information.

I guess the good thing is that its directional, as long as the direction
is pointing away from the house... I would have to check that.

If the direction is towards the house which is 100 meters from the
antenna, do you think that this might be a cause for health problems?
From the radiation pattern graph I see that the side lobes are quite
large and even if its not directed towards the house it looks like that
at 100meters it will reach us. It depends on the output power as well
which I would have to measure.

I live in Greece.

# Posted: 16 Aug 2017 19:13

I went there for a closer look and the aerial does not have any flat
side. Its circular. Is it an omnidirectional (?)

Here is a photo of the cables going in from the base:

I measured the radiation with the Spectran HF-2025E and I get
0.022 V/m @ 934Mhz. No radiation in other higher frequency bands.

It does not look too high but do you think that this might be of concern?
Thank you.

# Posted: 17 Aug 2017 02:08

100m is way too close to your home to be anything other than harmful.

And that is one great ugly base station. I can only imagine the junk that is going to be pumping out day and night.

If it is at all possible, I would recommend moving away.


# Posted: 17 Aug 2017 06:24 - Edited by: hgg2k

>>I can only imagine the junk that is going to be pumping out day and night.

I did measure it. Its 0.22 V/m max @ 934Mhz
(EDIT: Its 0.022V/m)
Is this level considered dangerous?

# Posted: 17 Aug 2017 11:15


Ah, so its circular. That wasn't so apparent in the first image you posted.

I've seen many flat-panel aerials disguised as flagpoles where they conceal it inside a circular tube with a removable top, so I'm pretty sure its an ordinary flat-panel on a pole, with a protective cylinder top over the panel. If you try going in a circle around it, pointing the meter antenna at it and measuring at various spots I'm sure you can figure out its directionality from the direction of highest measurement.

The measured frequency of ~900MHz suggests its a GSM (2G) antenna.

Antenna panels will typically tilt down a few degrees to direct the main-beam towards ground (or tilt backwards if the main-beam is to be directed, say, above the rooftop of a building). The point here is that because of the antenna directionality and tilt, the main-beam of intensity will hit ground level in a circular "patch" about 50 - 250m from the antenna position. Click on the image below for an illustration of typical horizontal main-beam radiation plume when panel is mounted on a pole:

typical main-beam
(note: dark areas represent radiation)

The measurements you made, are they done outside or inside your property?

0.22 V/m corresponds to a power-flux density of 128.450 µW/m2

The latest biologically based guidelines (BioInitiative 2012) are 3 - 6 µW/m2 (0.033 - 0.047 V/m) for chronic exposure. But with todays telecommunications exposure, such levels are virtually impossible to achieve outdoors - and indoors without proper shielding techniques.

What the above BioInitative recommended max. levels mean, is that the available scientific evidence at the time of the report (2012) showed adverse biological effects at exposure levels down to 30 - 60 µW/m2 (0.10 - 0.15 V/m) and so to avoid such biological effects of long-term exposure, a reduction factor of 10x is applied, thus arriving at maximum recommended levels of 3 - 6 µW/m2. The BioInitiative report clearly states that this is not final recommendation and may have to be lowered as new scientific evidence emerges. The only levels we can assume to be safe are the natural background radiation levels in the part of the spectrum now used by telecoms, which is somewhere between 0.00000000001 - 0.000001 µW/m2 (0.00002 - 0.00000006 V/m) and is what we evolved within.

In contrast, the official ICNIRP levels, unchanged since 1998 and based solely on protection from thermal heating of tissue, is 9000000 µW/m2 (58 V/m).

Personally, I'd recommend at least having a living space with levels within the German Building Biology SBM-2015 "slight concern" level of maximum 10 µW/m2 (0.061 V/m). There's a table of these guidance levels here: http://www.rf-emf.org/Publications/SBM2015---Tabular_Presentation.pdf

# Posted: 17 Aug 2017 16:28


Thank you very very much for your detailed info!
I made a mistake on my 4th reply and wrote 0.22 instead of 0.022 V/m

I will try to measure the radiation by going around the aerial.
The measured radiation level is outside the house.
I will have to measure the bedroom which is higher and also
make measurements at different times of the day.

Again, thank you very much!

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