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# Posted: 12 Jun 2018 10:56


Jet Lag and Frequent Flyer Fatigue

Jet Lag is a perfect example of a major EMF attack. The interior of a commercial airplane has been measured at over 100mG – really a big milligauss oven that everyone is baked by EMF for the entire flight. Many people discuss their Jet Lag, yet have no idea that EMF plays a large role in their reaction.

A healthy researcher who worked with us abhorred flying because it would disorient her for almost a week after a flight. A woman flight attendant in her mid-forties with many years on the job came in for a consultation and explained how she and her flying colleagues were always tired and sick with colds and headaches. She also told us that a fairly large percentage of the retired flying community, instead of enjoying the golden years, got ill and died within a few years of retiring.

Frequent Flyer Fatigue is old news with a new name. Frequent Flyer Fatigue is simply multiple flight attacks by an airplane's strong EMF without enough in-between-time to heal and overcome the low-cellular energy cycle. People with Frequent Flyer Fatigue have lowered cellular vitality/voltage and often show the signs of poor health, colds, fatigue, insomnia and premature aging.

However, there is also another major health issue about Frequent Flyer Fatigue that most people do not know. Flying high altitudes has much less atmosphere to buffer the increased radiation in the cabin from the big thermal-nuclear device we call the sun. The radiation saturates people with more radiation at high altitudes in one commercial flight than most people who work full time in the nuclear power industry. BiomagScience suggests Biomagnetic therapy in conjunction with 3 grams of vitamin C daily to provide the minimum anti-oxidant "donor electrons" to supplement the body with enough healing energy to overcome the massive free-radicals of the radiation.

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