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# Posted: 15 Jun 2018 11:47

Addictions come from man made mimics of body systems. Why has no research been done on electricity addictions, this or has it been hushed up? Why not do controlled testing on pigs to see if they behave like they can be attracted to ring mains wifi magnetic fields RFR MWs etc ( any thing measurable in watts and amps and gauss.) These seem the most obvious tests that appear never to have been done or published.

Could this addiction explain a maturational propensity to over react to artificial man made radiations instead of our innate bio signaling, and hence the initiation of health consequences?

In light of the tiny amps and volts and AC and DC systems in the human body and the fact that half our food is used to make electricity it seems likely to me. So why no such research?

If you can find any research on the Internet please drop in a link. I have never seen any question less well answered by google. I cannot find independent and objective scientific research either.

Can any one tell me what a live electric field reading of 1440 V/m ( like all unshielded cables have) means as that is not on the Internet and no one I have written to will tell me?

# Posted: 1 Jul 2018 16:43

They keep telling us that is how our brains work but any suggestion that electricity in such levels as we are exposed to may be doing harm is completely ignored. But then again who is going to make any money of such a fact? Nobody will look at the problem unless there is money to be had.

I remember years ago there was a lot of talk about electricity pylons causing leukaemia in children now we just accept that children get cancer with no questions asked.

Addictions can also result from anything that keeps the person away from the real world and its problems for long periods of time.

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