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# Posted: 7 Dec 2018 19:55

I sleep in a small bedroom 3m x 3 m in an apartment building; recently new neighbours moved in and the RF values (taken by An Am-10 Acoustimeter spiked from 0.14-.0.20 V/m to 1.5-2.4 V/m.
I applied aluminum foil on the wall separating my bedroom from my neighbour's bedroom and the RF values returned to values close to the initial ones.

However, I have intense unsettling symptoms that I didn't have before: headaches that start like a pressure as soon as I am in bed, heart palpitations, abdominal pains and this is really affecting me.

I turned off the circuit breaker for the night but no improvement. The aluminum foil also covers an outlet that is on that wall.

I measured the Electric and magnetic field using a Trifield 100 XE - nothing out of the ordinary.

Any idea what can cause such a strong reaction and how to avoid it?

My plan is to remove the aluminum and replace it with a layer of Swiss Shied Naturell fabric, but this is a heavy investment and I'd like to mitigate any possible issues upfront.

Thank you.

# Posted: 9 Dec 2018 21:36

It looks like your symptoms are due Electrosensitivity .
Could it be that the aluminium is reflecting any EMFs from the opposite side and concentrating them near you? any concave shapes made by the foil?
I don't know the Trifield meter, why not use the Acoustimeter as before?

Andy 1
# Posted: 10 Dec 2018 19:37

Hello, DEE:

No RFs from the opposite side.

The Acoustimeter values are ok as per the first paragraph of my post.

Any advice re grounding? Aluminum vs Swiss Shield? Thank you.

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