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# Posted: 25 Jun 2007 13:18

This is a forum topic for discussing this article on mast-victims.org

The Church of England’s Diocese of Lichfield has today spoken out to calm fears caused by two separate demonstrations against mobile phone base stations in the Black Country.

The press release says:
"Secondly that the Chancellor took into account the scientifically unproven concerns of local residents as to health hazards, which should have been treated as irrelevant and thirdly that the Chancellor attached undue weight to the level of local opposition which in his view was likely to undermine the mission and worship of the church."

Should the Church be talking about "scientifically unproven concerns" ??

Dorothee Krien
# Posted: 30 Jun 2007 19:20

Has anybody living in the Lichfield area got a copy of Dr Masaru Emoto's book "The Hidden Messages of Water"? Water treated with microwaves has strong similarities to water that had the word "Satan" fixed to the bottle before freezing.
I couldn't find those pictures online. You can find an interview with Dr Emoto on http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/nov1/cwater.htm

The pictures are stunning and some are amazingly beautiful.
Scientific arguments might not convince people, especially if financial interests are involved - but the pictures might help to start the clerics thinking. They claim be the experts who know about evil.

Love and gratitude help to counteract the effects of microwaves. It really works. I'm very sensitive - but nonetheless I would chose not to live in the vicinity of a mobile phone transmitter.

# Posted: 20 Aug 2007 18:06

Please can we not have such things in these website!? It will be bad enough trying to make the point that microwave technologies are making people ill without getting into such areas of metahysical...... whatever stuff. And ury geller made a lot of money out of his spoonbending. Just stick to what we see and the connections with health!

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