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# Posted: 20 May 2019 15:01

Given the low penetration of RFRs ( 95% of energy lost in 4.5mm by wifi) and the fact that they loose their energy very quickly as they enter the human skin how can one account for the sometimes dramatic and often very varied response of individuals to RFRs? The answer lies in each individuals skin response. Skin evolved defenses long before our brains build cognitive models and learned appropriate ways to respond to threats. Skin is our largest organ and has a primordial set of defenses that we experience largely as mood or feelings of well being without really understanding them or being able to consciously controls them.The skin's protected by a blood messaging system called the neuro-endocrine system which sends emergency signals to shut down unnecessary system in times of danger to increase the chances of preserving life. ie blood going into clotting mode known as Rouleaux. This means it is stick together in tubes and only services vital organs and forget peripheral functions and is ready for physical trauma. The problem is that this is now being activated 24/7 in some people without good reason my RFRs that penetrate 1-3mm into skin and short out creating electrical currents that excite falsely the sensors for all the different messages of skin distress. This varies from individual to individual according to their genetics but it is now common enough to have become a major source of biological stress and hence illnesses of modern civilisation.
These blood messages of panic travel to the Endothelium messaging system where they initiate the REDOX and NO ONOO sets of reactions. They also go the the Thyroid and pyrathyroid and initiate the Ca2+ crises. These skin blood responses are not appropriate to any real threat but are rather the response of electrocuted skin to what is often 24/7 stimulation that our evolution never prepared us for. This then is a pollution and not an illness or mal adaptive response. Whether this skin response is heightened by re-dedifferentiation of stem cells under exposure of by maturation and identification remains to be shown.
If you run down the list on the left you can match the super stimulated warning messaging system to their consequential systemic illnesses.

https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Skin-neuroendocrine-system-follows-the-algorithms -of-classical-neuroendocrine-or_fig2_230677178

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