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# Posted: 12 Jan 2006 03:02

(Letter no. 1)

Director-General Lee Jong-wook
World Health Organization Headquarters
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27

Subject: Your urgent interference is needed to investigate a crime of your employee towards the world health

Dear Sir,

On the 5th of July 2005, it was publically published that your employee, Dr. Michael Repacholi - Coordinator of the WHO's Radiation and Environmental Health Unit- receives 150,000 dollar a year directly from the cellular phone industry with additional money for meetings and travels, meaning he broke the rules of the WHO which bar to receive money directly from the industry. (microwavenews.com 5.7.05).
In addition, Dr. Repacholi is documented to invite power industry representatives in order to participate actively in setting public health standards for electromagnetic fields emitted by powerlines and transformers. The names of the powerline industry representatives are all documented and all the details described above are attached for you to review (Microwavenews.com 1.10.05, 22.9.05) It is important to note that this happens despite the fact that Dr. Repacholi said himself to the protocol of a Senate Committee Inquiry that: "[T]he world health Organization does not allow industry to participate in either standard setting or in health risk assessment. The WHO takes the view that there cannot be industry representation on standard setting working groups. There cannot be someone on the working group who is having an influence on health effects for an industry when they derive benefit from that industry."
Reference: Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation, Report of the Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee, Section 4.115, page 151, May 2001

Dr. Repacholi systematically downplayed and ignored for years many scientific findings with one common ground: the findings which show that the cellular technology is not safe and cannot be freely distributed without a health price for the world population. Dr. Repacholi’s sharp bias threatens the world health (translated: millions of people are in his hands) as no enemy has ever threatened the world.
Dr. Repacholi takes care of the industry’s interests and makes the public asleep about the dangers of the technology, proven dangers that were documented in peer reviewed scientific studies. Repacholi’s refusal to guide governments to take the appropriate safety measures cost human lives. Instead, he published a WHO recommendation discouraging the general public and governments from measuring electromagnetic fields in homes (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague,
Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting".)

Dr. Repacholi was asked to respond to the publication of the money he receives from the industry directly and he did not deny that he receives 150,000 dollars directly from the cellular phone industry- every year. Is it the WHO’s formal policy to cooperate with industry at the public’s expense? If not, why is this case not investigated?

You were sent an international petition to remove Dr. Repacholi because he does not serve the public interest. We never received any response from you.

Karolinska Institute is one of the key referral institutions for the WHO. That is the reason why we would like to bring to your attention that prof Olle Johansson reported that in Prague conference on electromagnetic sensitivity, Dr. Repacholi distributed disinformation about the acknowledgement of Swedish government in electrosensitivity. (Attached is prof Johansson’s formal reservation which Dr. Repacholi denied him from including in a WHO workshop summary, although he participated in this workshop). It is not a coincidence that from this conference emerged a recommendation to governments to discourage the public from measuring radiation in their house, this is an active harm to the public because people with high radiation levels in the house are put at risk if they are not taught how to detect it. This is a crime against the public to keep the public ignorant and passive, in order to give the full control to the industry, and to define it is a “scientific” approach.

By the way, Using the word “science” or “scientific” many times in a paragraph, as Dr. Repacholi tends to do, does not prove he really is scientific. If someone is doing scientific work, he doesn’t have to use the word science all the time, because he doesn’t have to try to prove or make impression that he is scientific- he just DOES science, there’s a big difference. The emphasis that Dr. Repacholi makes effort
to give at every occasion - that he is going with science or that his messages to the public reflect the scientific situation - stands in total contrast to his actions in reality.

Dr. Repacholi’s connection with industry goes back in years, it is not something new,
but it is getting more and more extreme as time passes, at the public expense. The fact that Dr. Repacholi recommends governments to DISCOURAGE people from measuring radiation in their house (But AT WHAT RIGHT?) is a good example to the growing extremity.

We genuinly hope that the industry’s money doesn’t make other WHO employees blind to public interest, in light of documents that were published lately, which show that tobacco industry and asbestos industry both were very much involved with WHO and managed to prevent stricter actions to protect the public.
(with regard to tobacco- www.microwavenews.com 22.9.05)
(with regard to asbestos- Ladou Joseph, Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 112 no. 3 March 2004) Documents attached.

We are not ready to let it happen again. We are concerned about your lack of response to the published data. We ask for your urgent interference to investigate conflict of interests of Dr. Repacholi. If we don’t receive your response within the next 2 weeks, we will seriously consider to approach higher or legal channels.

We attach the most urgent documents in our opinion that demand a further investigation with regard to conflict of interest, but we emphasize that we will be happy to provide you with any other documents in the future including relevant scientific data that prove a scientific bias and ignoring the meaning of existing scientific findings. But we think that the science issue is less urgent now, since pointing to conflicts of interests has obviously a direct influence on the way scientific data is handled.


Robert Rieldlinger, Canada.
Iris Atzmon, Israel.
Klaus Rodulph, Germany.
BI-OMEGA CI-OMEGA – citizens against radiation imposed on them, Germany.
Emilio Iglesias Delgado Sevilla – Spain
Eileen O’Connor – Trustee EM Radiation Research Trust UK
Penny Hargreaves New Zealand
Michael Raz- chairman of “Justice you will chase” association, Israel.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir. www.mast-victims.org U.K
Hans Karow, 1215 poplar Grove Rad, Pentincton B.C Canada V2A 8T6 phone 250 493 8507 hkarow@shaw.ca
Krzysztof Puzyna Bürgerinitiative umtsno.de Germany
Michael Holm . degraded health since 5 years back due to heavy radiation in Sweden
Catherien Gamba Scotland.
John Elliott U.K
Shivani Arjuna Belgium, WI, USA
Ann Rosenqvist Atterbom, Sweden.
Söderkängsta 19
148 91 Ösmo
08-520 389 89
Andreas Becker, Germany
Anton Radlspeck, Germany
Barbara Dohmen, Germany
Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, Germany
Frank Bartram, Germany
H. Treugut, Germany
Heinz Gerhard Vogelsang, Germany
Helmut Heyn, Germany
Hermann Budenhofer, Germany
Horst Eger, Germany
Jan Gerhard, Germany
Josef Fischer, Germany
Jutta Maier, Germany
Karl-Heinz Braun von Gladiß, Germany
Markus Gerum, Germany
Peter Germann, Germany
Peter Rothdach, Germany
Reinhard Schrüffer, Germany
Reinhold Jandrisovits, Germany
Siegfried Ascher, Germany
Wolfgang Beer, Germany
Christine Kind, Germany
Dr. Christine Aschermann, Eichenstr.
6, D-88299 Leutkirch, Germany
Dr. Claus Scheingraber - Arbeitskreis Elektro-Biologie e.V.
Taubenstr. 14
85649 Brunnthal
Tel: 08102-4420 ab 19 Uhr, tags: 089-9038020
Fax: 089-9045369
Alfred Tittmann
Rolf-Jürgen Petry
Pf 1305
D 27442 Gnarrenburg
e-mail: erich.br@web.de
Dr. Erich W. Braun
President of "HLV-Hessischer Landesverband
mobilfunksenderfreie Wohngebiete e.V."
Kreuzbergstrasse 27
D-61440 Oberursel
e-mail: erich.br@web.de
Phillip Watts, Britain
Rod Read –
director ElectroSensitivity-UK ( UK charity 1103018)
Electrosensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) assisted by The Foyle Foundation.
A new organisation supporting sufferers and campaigning for recognition of this sensitive reaction affecting a vulnerable minority exposed to RF, microwave and general electromagnetic radiation from power lines, mobile phones, VDUs and all manner of EMF sources.
Rod Read, ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB. Tel: 01353-778151 or at Also by e-mail at Fax 01353 775329

# Posted: 12 Jan 2006 03:03

(Letter no. 2)

Urgent Notice to WHO director General 22.11.2005

Dear Sir,

This is an urgent message about a danger for governments around the world which was revealed today, Tuesday 22.11.2005 when it was published that Israel Government went in contrast to the World Health Organization’s recommendation (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague,Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting").

The WHO recommendation is to discourage governments and public from measuring radiation in the house, but for your personal attention, measurements in the Prime Minister office revealed A level of 30 mG (magnetic field) in the Israeli Prime Minister office and the management decided to move all workers to other rooms. In addition, the management and workers made a link between the radiation level and office workers who got malignant tumors.

The Israeli government hired special services from a company to build protection in the room against the high radiation that was measured in the office.

This is for your urgent attention that if the Israeli government had followed the World Health Organization recommendation led by Dr. Mike Repacholi, many government workers would have been continued to be put at health risk – as it happened in the ’70 to the American embassy workers in Moscow. To think that such a recommendation comes from the World Health Organization whose job is to protect the world health is chilling. HOW CAN PEOPLE PROTECT THEMSELVES WHEN the are guided to be blind to the danger?

We call you to cancel immediately the above WHO recommendation which poses immediate danger on world governments and public.
We call you to announce that all governments should take an example from the Israeli Government and protect the workers health. The World Organization’s job is to PROTECT the world health and not endanger it with dangerous recommendations.

We seriously call you to check what happens with the subject of electromagnetic radiation in your organization because the damage to the World Health Organization reputation among world governments can deteriorate quickly once other governments will learn the Israeli Government’s lesson. The ignorance and passive position that is advanced by Dr. Mike Repacholi is a health trap to the governments themselves, as the Israeli case teaches us.

# Posted: 25 Nov 2019 08:03

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