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# Posted: 23 Jun 2020 13:55

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem to me. A few years ago I "woke up" spiritually and really got into meditation, self improvement, raising my vibration and consciousness. I experienced amazing results as my outer world reflected my inner state of being, I embodied a deep state of inner peace and more resilient than I'd ever been before.

Unbeknownst to me a 4G mast had been approved for installation some 500 meters away from my home in 2016. There was already a 3G mast that had been there for several years which I had been completely unaware of as I had no interest in EMFs prior to 2016. What happened after the installation was not obvious but extremely subtle, I experienced anxiety around my health (unaware the mast was there), had problems meditating, had constant brain fog/anxiety and felt unable to connect to my higher self, which has been ongoing since the 4G mast was installed.

I'm not sure if these are classed as EHS symptoms but I was wondering if anyone was aware of masts, particularly 4G masts affecting our consciousness and ability to meditate, as the link seems to be undeniable. I've also noticed a change in people's behaviours, my neighbours have all seemingly become more arrogant and less tolerant, and the children in the area have become much more aggressive. Is there such a massive difference between 3G and 4G radiation to affect the human psyche/consciousness and ability to meditate?

Looking back I know I also felt much more depressed and apathetic around the same time the first 3G mast was installed in 2007 - but I just put it down to a teenage phase (that never quite ended...), but it has been much worse since 2016, at least when the old mast was there I felt somewhat able to transcend the negative emotions through meditation.
Finally despite campaigning and objecting against the mast, a 5G mast will soon be installed at the same location to replace the current mast. I'm not sure what the effects will be, but clearly I need to either move or shield my home from the EMFs.

If anyone has any recommendations this would would greatly appreciated.

Arthur Fromalhaut
# Posted: 4 Aug 2020 11:07

Yes to everything, and then some.

I am sorry I cant tell you my thinking, I am terrified to write in internet, I just felt sorry that such a good topic meets silence.

Its been over for a long time, save yourself.

# Posted: 5 Aug 2020 17:58

I would totally agree with you. I was a devout Christian for many years, part of the 'God Squat' at uni but I became more and more disillusioned over the years and have now almost abandoned it. The timing was around when mobile phones took off and everyone had one.
I have not noticed any difference between the type of mast - they all make me feel depressed, including Wifi, mobiles, games etc. even TV remotes!
But then I probably have some hormonal problems that seem to make it worse. But that is another story.
Now I have to content with a new router with wifi I cannot turn off and I am sitting a the computer with a head gear on that reduces the microwaves battering my head. I keep the time of use down to a few minutes at a time.
Good day to you

# Posted: 16 Nov 2020 02:31

Yes and no.

I stopped being able to tune in to nature, meditate naturally without effort, just 'coast' on the natural energy of the earth. So in this respect, yes. That was a really upsetting thing when I first got ill and I think made me worse, since I worried more about it than necessary. I thought the EMFs would give me brain damage, since my brain was not working the way I was by then used to.

15 years on, I know I can still meditate - it's just it takes more effort - as if I have to keep rowing rather than floating downstream. Once I am relaxed it comes naturally again. But I notice that I want to do that less and less from within my body. It's not naturally relaxing like it used to be for me.

So yes and no. EMFs can't take away your connection to spirit (nothing can). BUt they can stress your nervous system and make it hard to feel relaxed and tune in to subtler energies. I think the way past this is to obviously heal the body if possible. For me that has meant changing my diet, shielding at night (in a canopy) and a few other things. I recommend shielding at night as a minimum if you have a mast causing you problems.

(Also ann from the previous post - buy a router you can turn the wifi off or change suppliers. Suffering like that is not needed!)

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