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Gerald Goldberg MD
# Posted: 4 Sep 2020 00:23

(edit: paragraphs added for easier reading / admin)

Hello, I have not posted in several years but have made some new observations! 5G or any other form of emf radiation will tend to shut off meridian flow in the body which is a form of regulating blood flow to various parts of the body.

This system occurs in all mammalian species. Unfortunately this innate system maintains balance in the body.

Reconstitution would go a long way towards improving ones health. Contrary to the fairy tale we are told about who we are note several things! We only exist because we are connected to higher conciousness!

God did not exile us on this planet to learn vital lessons or is he a dead beat dad! We are not attuned to unconditional love but instead are connected to conditional consciousness. Everything is connected, but what defines the nature of relationships is the conciousness which binds two people.

In this modern era we are simply seeing or building or recreating caste conciousness. The brahmans still want the untouchables to take on the responsibility of their poor decision making. The essence of the transference is guilt for gelt!

This is the essence of their transference which always eventuates in the construction of pyramidal structures. The pattern is always the same! Thus they create the perception of identity based on alienation. This one looses the ability to see God because our perception is based on guilt and alienation. It is equally absurd for us to believe we must be educated to be kind and compassionate which is another absurd construct of our alienation!

We use conciousness we do not create it. The idea itself is blasphemy! We are hooked into am conciousness and insist it is fm. In the presence of God you can only behave one way. The memory of who we are is part of our souls memory! It is translated into the physical and must be cleared.

We are trapped in a dynamic of self deception. The building blocks that we are constructed out of are pure conciousness. Cast out the alienation, reverse the dynamic of our seemingly eternal parasitic caste system! Pray for an intervention which is not predicated on the words of men but is subtly transformed at a more metaphysical level. The Brahmans delight in ai, so that we can never fulfill our potential. And they never have to deal with karma again! What incredible bullocks!

So again strike them down, but their authority rests in their ability to dominate you. This is a repeat dynamic that has no end but to divide us. Freedom is being responsible!! However this is an innate component of being connected to unconditional love. Our generations will praise us for casting off the conciousness of our slavery. The rebellion is an internal shift. Afterwards does the behavior shift. This is the epoch of our undoing!'

Their are other things I could share in addition to this. Our soul has a connection to all time and occurrences! Cast off the connection to the French Revolution also that we do not relive the tyranny of that time. This is one small example. Cast out those who take advantage of us without our consent! Who have inflicted us with the tyranny of a panepidemic when they have no jurisprudence.

Again a pyramidal caste system masquerading as our benefactors and authorities! The trap is to believe we need power when instead of being part of the problem we have written into us the solution. The need for power is just shifting perspective within our parasitic caste system!

The paradox is the illusion that you have to transcend ie worship when you are already connected. The dark side does the same thing but both are practices born out of mother's of alienation! The garden is at hand if we solely come out of the tree of good and evil. We are Prisioners of our need to suffer not our love of God.

Anyway enjoy I hope these comments will help.

Sincerly Gerald Goldberg MD
Author"would you put your head in a microwave oven" Authorhouse publication 2006

# Posted: 24 Sep 2020 17:35

Gerald this is interesting but very difficult to read. Paragraphs would improve it.
I think microwaves as emitted by wireless gadgets etc. are harmful by messing up the nervous impulses of the nervous system.

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