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# Posted: 7 Jan 2021 19:26


I had an attack on my birthday over five years ago- I developed atrial fibrillation as a result- I refused the" heart fry" because of the dangers- six years on - the uk have stopped my warfarin, which I had been advised to take - no matter- I have stopped my meds and now I just take Rutin from the health food store, I have also told my surgery my immune system works fine and I will not have any so called vax. But that is up to the individual isn't it. I will start to find out what qualifies one not to be forcibly vaxed while we still have access to the web. I would advise anyone with a trusted relative to arrange to get a " health power of attorney" so you can legally rescue or be rescued from institutions by your relatives.

# Posted: 9 Jan 2021 21:29

Why are there so many "towers"on hospitals -police stations-schools, lamp posts
because "they" wish to target the people with the gggggs .

# Posted: 11 Mar 2021 18:09

greeny, I suggest you get your calcium levels checked and your Parathyroid. You might find you have some sort of chemical imbalance that will help - not solve your problems.

I found over the years that I have parathyroid hormone excess which causes high calcium levels and when they are high I also get more electrosensitive, which seems to be similar to hypercalcaemia (too much calcium in the blood.)

I still get the headaches etc. with wireless gadgets but I can control the symptoms more. I stopped eating high calcium foods - especially dairy.

I hope this helps.

As for vaccines, we have been having them for nearly a hundred years and they have prevented childhood illnesses. ...but that's another story.

# Posted: 8 Jun 2021 12:58

Ann I have to disagree, there is mounting evidence proving that vaccines did not eradicate childhood illnesses as the diseases were already on the decline thanks to improved sanitation practices before vaccines were introduced. In fact, vaccines have actually done more harm than good.

The people who were alive during the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak said that the only people to get it were the ones who took vaccines because they were told that soldiers were coming home with infectious diseases. The vaccines caused the people to be sick and the illness was labelled as Spanish Flu to cover the real cause. The unvaccinated didn't get it even though they were taking care of the sick.

Polio is probably the disease which is used most to describe the efficacy of a vaccine program to wipe out an epidemic, but nothing can be further from the truth. Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine is hailed as a national hero. Interestingly enough, Jonas Salk made a public statement in 1976 that 2/3 of the cases of polio that occurred between 1966 and 1976 were caused by his vaccine. Isn't that interesting. According to nationwide statistics, polio decreased from 18,000 cases in 1954, to fewer than 20 cases in 1973-78. This sounds like something good happened to wipe out the disease. But if you read between the lines, you find something very different happened. At a congressional hearing on the subject in 1978, Dr Bernard Greenerg reported that not only did the incidence of polio increase substantially after the introduction of mass and frequently compulsory vaccination programs, but statistics were manipulated, and false statements were made by the National Public Health Service to give the opposite impression.

"It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated." - Glen Dettman, MD

From 1958 to 1966, the decline of measles was approx. 800k to 200k. Measles had already declined about 90% from 1948 to 1958, but the CDC will still insist that vaccines have wiped out measles, and preach this to all local health departments. Their charts and data show that the measles vaccine was licensed in 1963, and from this point the incidence of he disease shot way down. However, what they don't tell us, is that the measles vaccine did not receive widespread use until 1967. The first batch of measles vaccine that was used in 1963, upon licensing, was quickly eliminated due to the horrific side effects. The medical cartel took total credit for the decline of measles, even though it had already declined well before widespread use of their failed vaccines. If you investigate measles back to 1900, you will find the disease had already begun to decline way back then. It only began to spike up again when vaccine programs for other diseases became more prevalent in the 1950's.

"Vaccinations are a delusion, and its' penile enforcement is a crime."

Children's Health Defense is a good place to research, tons of peer-reviewed published articles containing evidence linking exposure to mercury to autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders https://childrenshealthdefense.org/research-database/

Good-Bye Germ Theory: ending a century of medical fraud

160 Research Papers Supporting The Vaccine/Autism Link https://www.scribd.com/doc/220807175/160-Research-Papers-Supporting-the-Vaccine-Autis m-Link#scribd

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