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# Posted: 7 Jan 2021 19:26


I had an attack on my birthday over five years ago- I developed atrial fibrillation as a result- I refused the" heart fry" because of the dangers- six years on - the uk have stopped my warfarin, which I had been advised to take - no matter- I have stopped my meds and now I just take Rutin from the health food store, I have also told my surgery my immune system works fine and I will not have any so called vax. But that is up to the individual isn't it. I will start to find out what qualifies one not to be forcibly vaxed while we still have access to the web. I would advise anyone with a trusted relative to arrange to get a " health power of attorney" so you can legally rescue or be rescued from institutions by your relatives.

# Posted: 9 Jan 2021 21:29

Why are there so many "towers"on hospitals -police stations-schools, lamp posts
because "they" wish to target the people with the gggggs .

# Posted: 11 Mar 2021 18:09

greeny, I suggest you get your calcium levels checked and your Parathyroid. You might find you have some sort of chemical imbalance that will help - not solve your problems.

I found over the years that I have parathyroid hormone excess which causes high calcium levels and when they are high I also get more electrosensitive, which seems to be similar to hypercalcaemia (too much calcium in the blood.)

I still get the headaches etc. with wireless gadgets but I can control the symptoms more. I stopped eating high calcium foods - especially dairy.

I hope this helps.

As for vaccines, we have been having them for nearly a hundred years and they have prevented childhood illnesses. ...but that's another story.

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