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# Posted: 26 Jun 2021 15:21

Hello everyone,

Just read Nomadland, thinking finally here was a rejection of consumer culture and all the wi-fi crap that went with it ( no, have not seen the film yet), only to discover that the house on wheels people are going all over the wilderness, with all their mobile phone paraphenalia, ensuring that the surrounding environment is polluted with microwave radiation.

I am totally sympathetic to their plight but it is depressing that they are bringing this toxic technology out from the cities into the countryside - although I know that coverage is already there - its just that more of a demand is created for it.

On the subject of vaccination, I am prone to blood clots but have been told by my GP surgery that the Astra Zeneca is the only one I will be offered. Has anyone got any advice? I also suffered from extreme side effects, though have not gone about tests for chemical sensitivity as yet - is there anyway I could ask my GP for a vaccination excemption certificate.?

I have learnt that aluminium chloride is in the covid vaccines - bad news if you have ES as aluminium conducts microwave radiation. Is there any campaign to have ESs exempted from the vaccines?

Finally, on the subject of 'Quiet Zones' which ES sufferers will hopefully one day have. There is often a reference to them as 'White' zones - which is not a good idea because

1. Growing racism throughout the world means that such a term as 'white zone' could easily be misconstrued by extremist nationalist groups. The anti-5G movement is a case in point, where neo-nazis have jumped on the bandwagon.

2. For the non-white community such a term as 'white zone' could lead to misunderstanding and alienation of what the ES community is about.

Therefore I think it wiser if ES groups review and discontinue their use of the word white in the context of wi-fi free zones. In this day and age words matter.

# Posted: 28 Jul 2021 23:17

Whatever you do, decline this vaccine, on the grounds that you are not satisfied that it is safe for you to have. You do not need to expand on that, you have the right to say no even if they do not offer you the chance to say no.

They are not compulsory.

It will only cause you harm. Possibly terminal and definitely permanent. Especially if you are prone to blood clots.


helen corcoran
# Posted: 12 Aug 2021 20:41

hello eric,

Thanks for the wise advice.

I looked up the live document about VITT - vaccine induced thrombosis - instructions for medics on how to treat vaccinated patients which is not good, and an article by Dr Marcus De Brun 'why Healthy people do not require genetic vaccination which is quite interesting to read,

It seems likely that more places will be out of bounds for the unvaccinated, lets hope that those of us who cannot take the vaccine for health reasons are not also eccluded and marginalised but thats something we should be used to.

Eyes affected by computer so cannot reply as soon as I would like,

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