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# Posted: 1 Aug 2021 18:50 - Edited by: health

Hi there,

I am about to buy a Swiss Shield canopy to block RF from the 4G/5G Cell tower and stuff from my household/neighbors

My parents think I am a fool for doing this, they do not agree....
I scheduled a wifi shutdown, but got in a fight with my dad....

So I have only one option to reduce my symptoms and that is to block it.

Stronger 4G cells were planted here in 2014 from that time i had strong depersonalization/derealization.

I already went through the same in 2010. Maybe they upgraded the systems back then too.

I had antibiotics which made my body worse and more sensitive to this stuff. And after 2x MRI, I am feeling like a floating bubble. My consciousness is really low. I am Christian myself and I find hard to pray and be more spiritual active. And I believe all this EMF crap has something to do with it.

So that is the background story. Now my question is, I have read that some people have some negative effects. And they think it's because it might be blocking natural earth frequencies.

Does somebody have knowledge on this?

Other solutions are no solutions for me. We have no grounding electrical outlets. And painting my bedroom and filling up the gaps is too much hazzle/expensive. And since I have no cooperation, the canopy seems best for me.

# Posted: 5 Aug 2021 18:35


It sounds like a canopy is your best option right now. It shields well and its portable.

Some people have initial negative effects of sleeping inside a shielding canopy. This is thought to be due to a "herxheimer" reaction. In other words: feeling worse short-term before feeling better and is a detoxification reaction.
There is science showing that electrosmog suppresses the immune system and the shielding allows the immune system to awaken, resulting in sudden healing phenomena and flushing of built-up toxins.

In the science paper "Electrosmog and autoimmune disease", Prof. Marshall and colleague showed that 90% of test subjects experienced a immune reaction - either positive or negative - when sleeping with a hat made of shielding fabric which protected the brain and brainstem from wireless radiation.

Link to the paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5406447/
(jump to the section "The sleeping caps case series")

If your bed is on a upper floor, be aware that the bottom of the canopy needs to be shielded also, so radiation can't enter the canopy from below. Ask your canopy vendor for suggestions on how best to do that.

# Posted: 5 Aug 2021 22:31 - Edited by: health

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for your answer.
This cleared up a lot of things for me.

I read the article, very interesting.

A EMF shielding hat, I also have, not like the one in that paper but a beanie.

I never wear it since I thought it could worsen the radiation if it would bounce or that any device in the area would try harder if the hat would be blocking the signal. I also read multiple articles stating that EMF protective clothing is not a good idea.

Do you have any knowledge of that?

# Posted: 6 Aug 2021 11:26


You might find this informative, useful:
"Proof of EHS beyond all reasonable doubt"

Regarding the shielding hat:

The shielding area of such a hat isn't large enough to cause a device in the area to ramp up its transmission power. For that to happen, you'll need to either wrap the device in the hat or hold the device's antenna up to the hat so its shielding fabric will block/obstruct its transmission.

Curious as to which articles warn against EMF protective clothing?!
If they're right in any way, then a canopy is an equally bad idea.

# Posted: 10 Aug 2021 20:36

I think using protective kit in your sleeping area + protective hat is a good solution in your situation.

However, the Swiss Shield fabric might not block enough if there is 5G or strong 4G.

Cheaper and more powerful alteratives are Y-shield's Steel Twin / Grey Steel fabric, or the 'Trojan' cloth whcih contains copper and nickel (NB this is not breathable).

Y shield sell a ready-made blanket which you can wrap around yourself or put over the bed.

A shielding sleeping bag might also be helpful, this is cheaper than a canopy + more portable.

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