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# Posted: 21 Aug 2010 01:22

Hi all.
A long time ago we put this little program on the MV news.
It wa published by "Sensory Perspective", the people who manufactor the "Electrosmog Detector"
I feel it high time to dig it up and put it here into Forum for all to use.
Most of us have got an Electrosmog Detector, and with this little program
it is possible to identify what type of wireless gadget/mast etc the sound from your detector comes from.
The only thing that is not included in this program are the new "Smart meters" as they did not exist at the time when the program was made.
Please listen to the program here:

I will do my utmost to find out if a sound now exists for the "Smart meters" and add them if possible so you can compare them with the sound from your Electrosmog detector.
I hope this is helpful.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

# Posted: 2 Sep 2010 19:11

On: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina109.html
I have placed quite a large amount of recorded modulations.

# Posted: 10 Jan 2011 13:18

I have an Electrosmog Detector from Detect-Portect and it has been a life-saver.

But, I need to buy a RF meter (Cell Tower meter) ASAP to get more specific information about what is coming into my apartment. I live within a block of 36 cell tower anntenna representing 4-5 different companies. They amp the radiation up and down throughout the day. I need to measure the signals to find out if they are above FCC standards, and I need a meter that will go beyond the 3.0 GHz range of the Electrosmog Detector. Something that goes to 8-10 GHz at least. I am smart (minor in Chemisty) but, I don't want a super complicated meter that requires software to analyze it and don't want to have to take a course to figure out how to interpret the readings, don't want to have to do a lot of math, and I don't want to have to spend more than $800 or so, preferrably less than $500. What meter would anyone on this forum recommend? I have looked at many of the meters available and they are all different. I am confused. Help.

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