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Andy Bateman
# Posted: 22 Aug 2010 16:19

Hello could anyone clarify for me the best way to go for retaining bradband in the house and making sure that wireless is not a part of the solution. I have a BT Home Hub and though I dont use the wireless ( I am using broadband over the ethernet cable) I have yet to find a means of switching the wireless signal off. This may not be possible for this installation but I am prepared to change provider and hardware but wanted to know from anyone out there if there is a particular good solution for this. I need to run broadband to 3 floors so that my kids can get online too... any help welcome.

# Posted: 22 Aug 2010 18:34

Hi Andy, I'm not sure how helpful I can be but the only way I manage to have broadband in the home is via a USB ADSL modem which runs through a filter on the phone sockets...we live in a bungalow so there is only one floor to cope with. I have two USB modems at opposite ends of the building, so I just plug into the filter and dial up to my ISP.

I couldn't make use of any BT, AOL or similar broadband deals because they insisted I would need a wireless router and that's out of the question for me. So I pay over-the-odds for dial-up broadband through the USB modem!


# Posted: 22 Jan 2011 15:06

I am using a cable broadband connection and wired modem originally supplied by Telewest many years ago, but the company was taken over by Virgin. I am still wired.

However, despite being detached some wifi/DECT is coming in from a neighbour who works for a telecoms company. It is picking up on the electrical wiring.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2013 19:53

A little late coming in here but I've managed to disable the wireless on my AOL router and enjoy broadband through the cable. Now I just need a legal way to get rid of the phone mast...

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