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# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 01:30


I live in a retirement village, and my home is in a three unit ground level, standing home. Our unit is in the middle of the two other units. I have had problems with radiation coming through the walls of unit 1, and it painted the walls with three coats of YShield. I have been suffering extreme EMR and EMF through the wall, which is causing me extreme health problems.

I purchased the ED65 a month ago, and I am getting emissions through the wall into my computer room, and my computer is directly in line with these emissions. These emission are causing quiet some concern.

The emissions emanate every 55-60 seconds pulse and I have measured a reading over a period of time:

(a) dBm normal at -54.5 then reads: -35.6; -33; -39; -30; -33; -35.6; -39.7; -39; -33; -35; -42.4; and -41 dBm, and each reading fluctuates, for an example from 54 to 41 to 43 to 47 to 42 then returns to 54.5.

(b) mW/m2 normal at .001 then reads: 0.22; 0.51; 0.816; 0.813; 1.235; 0.022; 0.510; 0.860; 1.235; 1.094; 0.058; 1.07; and 0.56 mWm2, and each reading fluctuates, for an example from 0.001 to 0.56 to 0.13 to 0.05 to 0.02.

(c) vm normal 0.027; 0.115; 0.125; 0.554; 0.682; 0.115; 0.125; 0.554; 0.682; 0.723; 0.120; 0.12 and 0.106 vm, and each reading fluctuates, for an example from 0.122 to 0.40 to 0.80 to 0.110 to 0.027.

This is strange, because today, once again, it started at 6:30AM and four hours later it's still going. I can now see why I have been suffering my health problems as the reading are at head height and is causing me extreme tinnitus, migraine type headaches, and flashes in my eyes. The tight pain around my head is unreal.

What do you think this could be, could it be a DECT phone or microwave oven, or some form of Wi Fi? But, whatever it is it appears to be turned OFF sometimes at 10:30PM and then start up again at 6:30AM. It just doesn't make sense, and at times I feel that it's deliberated by the neighbour next-door, as they are aware of my problem and of the health risks, but ignores any warning.

I just had taken a reading before I post this OP and the readings are: -31dBm; 1.094mW/w2; and 0.723vM.

Any idea what it could be, and how can I get this person to stop what they are doing, even if they shift whatever it is from the wall to another site further away.

It is a health risk, and it's crazy that they ignore the warnings of their health as well!


# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 02:39

The regularity of the pulsing would suggest some kind of surveillance/monitoring device, along the lines of a smart meter, which have very similar pulsing patterns. And if it goes silent all night, then it suggests a device that's on a timer and not required overnight. Which wouldn't be an electricity smart meter (they remain operational 24/7), so it's clearly a monitoring device/system of another kind. I expect you have an idea what that might be!


# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 04:49

Hi EG,

I did comment on your reply to my OP on the legal side of things, and the more I thought about it I began to suspect "smart metres".

Where I live the state government has introduced a con-job on the people of our state, avoiding the issues of "smart metres" by offering the public a SMART programme and telling them that they are getting something for nothing, such as a wireless monitor in their home to monitor the usage of their power, all new light bulbs that are full of mercury, and many other caryard salesman tactics.

I have checked the power boxes in my vicinity, which have new electronic metres, EM1000 fitted since the units have solar panels fitted. The power company claim that the metres are not "smart metres", but "electronic metres", and my health problems did increase since these new metres were installed.

I used my new ED65 at the power box, but got no extreme readings. I am wondering if the information on the electronic metres could be transmitted down the power line to a data collecting bank, which is then transmitted by a Wi Fi setup to the electric company. The more I think about it, maybe the residents could be issued with a smart wireless receiver that may tap into the data collecting bank, which is a Wi Fi transmitter. I don't know, and I could be having a vivid imagination now!

But, as I sit here and type this message, my head is being blown away by EMR, and the tinnitus is screaming, and the pain in the brain is exceedingly abnormal.

But, in my earlier posting on legal, I did discover that they unit has all the electrical appliances along the connecting wall, but I can understand why all the information is in a 55-60 second pulse, which I believe can only indicate some form of a transmitter, but directly connected to the wall is the next-door neighbour's stove/oven.

I am now confused.


# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 09:18

The regularity of the pulsing would suggest some kind of surveillance/monitoring device, along the lines of a smart meter, which have very similar pulsing patterns. And if it goes silent all night, then it suggests a device that's on a timer and not required overnight. Which wouldn't be an electricity smart meter (they remain operational 24/7), so it's clearly a monitoring device/system of another kind. I expect you have an idea what that might be[b][/b]!

Hi Ericgeneric,

I forgot to comment on your last statement, and that is "YES", I am thinking that could be so, and very aware of such.

# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 13:10

The power company claim that the metres are not "smart metres", but "electronic metres"

They are almost certainly smart meters then! This is what the energy/power companies insist on saying; the meters are just running on electricity and will only be emitting old-style EMFs....a total denial of the EMRs and constant wi-fi pulsing which is actually involved.


# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 00:19

The powere board of our three units is fitted to the bedroom of the next door neighbour and it would be mind-boggling how much radiation they are getting while they sleeping, because that is when the radiation begins and is the worse from midnight through to 7AM.

# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 22:23

I discovered the problem from the other next-door's unit. I was getting continually zapped and feeling burning and tingling sensations. And I have a ED65 and from a small area the metre read pulsating and varying degrees of dBm, mW/m2 and V/M.

I went next door to see if I could check in their unit, believing that it could be the smart metre emission from the power board, which was emanating through their bedroom through the walls into our loungeroom. But, when I went in to speak to them, I discovered that they had their Digital TV hard up against the connecting wall between our units and rear of the TV pointing directly into our lounge room.

My ED65 read extreme readings emanating from their TV, and the readings were like the emanations coming out of a faulty microwave oven. The mW/m2 readings varied from 0.500 to 2.75, and if you receive those readings while your microwave oven was turned ON, the it would mean that the oven was leaking.

I have never seen such high microwave readings to come out of a TV.

# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 23:18

Thanks for sharing that wifi222.

Digital TV = 2.75 mW/m2 = 27,500 microwatts per cm2.
That is a heck of a lot!

I wonder whether my friend's problem is from the same source.


# Posted: 28 Feb 2012 01:16

When you say Digital TV, do you mean the Digital set-box (which can be HD+ enabled as well), or the TV itself? I've not got one of these newer flatscreen models, but I know I don't like how they feel in shops.

Websites like the Healthy House sell devices which you put on the Digital boxes to lessen the emissions. But they might not be available to Australia.


# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 22:55

I EG, no the tv is digital, as the next door neighbour has had it only four years. My digital tv emits nothing, and it's the same age as the neighbour's tv. I am wondering if their tv has been got at. How can a tv emanate such high readings. I was wondering if there could be a earthing problem in their power board or house wiring.

# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 22:57

Hi Es,

I also have a similar problem from the other side of our unit as the other next door neighbour must have their microwave oven against the wall directly behind my computer, and I get some real burning and tingling and when I've used the ED65 I get all those one minute bursts what I've listed in my original posting.

# Posted: 9 May 2012 20:48

A friend who used Y-Shield to shield walls downstairs has had a severe worsening of exposures recently. !.7 V/m from the neighbours in the adjoining semi-detached house. Mostly DECT/wifi with some phone mast/mobile phone noise on the Acoustimeter. She is feeling very unwell.
These HomeHubs are a pain!


# Posted: 10 May 2012 11:02


severe worsening? This could have happened with any other shielding material, too. No need to blame the shielding paint :-)
What was the exposure before and what is it now?
There are 3 possibilties why people feel worse than before.
1. The paint wasn´t grounded. Consequently, you have a leaking of electric fields
2. Some spots are still unshielded. Wifi still "enters" from an unshielded spot.
3. there can be an initial aggravation

sorry for my bad English

# Posted: 1 Jun 2012 12:08

Have been out of action, and have been doing much research, and I sorted out the earlier problem, as it was emissions coming out of a wireless computer, that was connected to a cable, and as far as the person who had it, they assumed that the wireless was completely disabled. But the wireless card kept emitting, and the only way they were able to stop it was to have the computer card removed.

But, that didn't solve the problem, and I found that our energy company had replaced our analog power metre with a EM1000, which they call an electronic metre, and NOT a smart metre.

I then discovered a metre overseas called an ENERGY BOX, which has a GPRS-Transmitter and the Frequency (Like Radar) is a mixture of GSM and 3G Internet.It, and has a "Eshelon Meter" built in as well.

It appears the box is a Broad-Band and is always turned ON, and not just for those Seconds that the Electric Company uses it; it appears that the the Box radiates not only directly with 3G Radiation (a pulsating Frequency,very malicious and only for the Military), but the beams go also into the Electrical System and the whole house becomes a 3G pulsating high Frequency Field which is connected to internet and can obviously radiate many to Death (Leukemia).

The box does not transmit to the Electric Company but to Internet in which case the entire Electric System is transformed into a Communication System.

Now that is exactly how I feel, because my metre will not pick up the signal.

Be aware of this device.

# Posted: 8 Aug 2012 11:53

You are all batshit insane. Learn some real science, not this quackery.

"3G Radiation ... only for the Military" wat? How about you go google 3G, the most common meaning in this context will be 3rd generation mobile telecommunications technology, aka all modern civilian smartphones. fuckwits.

Takes 2 seconds to see this site's Forward reads as by
"G J Hyland
Associate Fellow
Department of Physics
University of Warwick*, UK"

Surprise, surprise, no explaination of the *

# Posted: 8 Aug 2012 15:39

Att: "bollocks"

This website is privately sponsored and run by volunteers.
And I, as the main sponsor, will Not tolerate swearwords and rude language like "Batshit" and "fuckwits"
Your opinion and criticism is welcome, but keep your language Clean!
Thank you.

# Posted: 9 Aug 2012 08:25

Dear bollocks,

The explanation for the "*" in "Forward" is this:
"The views expressed below are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of the Institutions with which he is affiliated."
(it's in clear bold type at the top - but yes we forgot the "*" somehow. It's added now, thanks.)

You are correct that 3G, or UMTS, is the dominant protocol in modern smartphones. However, if you were of sufficient age (read: maturity) then you probably would have known from history that all microwave technology in use today stems from Military research and application as a surveillance technology (radar) and a weapon.

This is an open forum where anyone is free to express an opinion on the topics discussed - but we do expect participants to display general courtesy towards others. It's perfectly possible to politely disagree with someone and present counter-arguments without referring to others as nocturnal flying mammal excrement.

Finally, I'm interested to know what your scientific credentials are.

- Henrik

eric generic
# Posted: 9 Aug 2012 13:50

Bollocks....never mind them, as John Lydon said.

It's been a while since industry shills and trolls paid us a visit, but they never change.


# Posted: 18 Mar 2013 09:59

Wow, can't believe it what can happen when you are away.

There has been no improvement, all mobile phone towers have been upgraded to 4G, Wi Max is now emitting in all directions around our area, and the Energy company's EM1000 is radiating through the house wiring as they are using broadband power line (BPL) transmission.

It's sad that the greedy are so easily confused with making those "itchy ears" feel comfortable to the simplicity of gadgets and gimmicks, which seem to be the answer to all things, through the philosophy of misinformation, lies, and empty deceit by the greedy who prey on the gullible and unsuspecting people.

The lack of evidence isn't due to the absence of evidence, but the evidence is absent, because the evidence is denied.

The aim of science is not to open the door of endless wisdom, but to put a limit on endless error.

A true slave is the man who cannot speak his mind.

"Immortality will be given to those who unravel the ignorance of their youth.

The further society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.

If you want NOTHING, BUT THE TRUTH, then don't trust the news media for WHOLE TRUTH!

When the wolf attacks a flock of sheep, he will find that not all will run with the flock.

Now you take care EG.

# Posted: 23 Mar 2013 03:10

4G will be the tipping point. Not just for ES sufferers, but everyone. The evidence mounts, all over the world, and yet they will not alter their course. Clearly a thin line between pure greed and total insanity.

These days I see absolutely no truth in the media whatsoever, you are right. My eyes are wide open now. All we can do is protect ourselves the best we can, spread the word, keep speaking the truth wherever we can, and wait. For what, I don't know anymore. But the general public will not be able to withstand this 24/7 bombardment for ever. Already I'm sick of seeing "mystery/unknown causes" behind sudden deaths in children, teens, adults, people working in TV and sport. The lie is big. Very big. This is going to get ugly before it gets better.


# Posted: 24 Mar 2013 01:55

Hi Eric and Wifi222.
I have been preaching about the "Mystery" sicknesses as well, so once again I repeat: Why has the use of tranquilizers, sleeping pills and painkillers gone up by a massive 600% in the UK in last 3 years, and No questions asked?

But I think there is a precedent:
In the late 1600 to 1700 you had this: "The Gin Crisis"

Quote: "The gin crisis was genuinely severe. From 1689 onward, the English government had encouraged the industry of distilling, as it helped prop up grain prices, which were then low, and increase trade, particularly with colonial possessions."
Link to the story about Gin Lane:

I have come to the personal conclusion that the Hidden Agenda by the Industry and Governments, has to do with 2 things: 1. Industry Greed and 2. Government trying to prop up their Treasury extravagant, overblown overspending is the reason for our "Modern Gin Lane crisis".
There is No taking back the fact that Mobile Phone Users nowadays are "Full Blown Addicts", and it is totally accepted that they get withdrawal symptoms when away from their treasured gadgets.

So, history repeats it self, politicians always seem ready to jump on Any short term gain, be it on at the cost of the civil population, Just To Bad!

One day (when the economic gain is smaller for both, like with tobacco), this Will be acknowledged and it will suddenly be classed as what it is: The dangerous drug it is for its users and everyone surrounding them.

When that happens, and all the Industry Rats disappear, all We can hope for is that Last Man Leaving remembers to turn off the Microwave Radiation Spewing Masts.
Best regards.

# Posted: 13 Sep 2013 10:53

Want to eliminate all the cell phone noise? There is an extremely approach for that nowadays: using a cell phone jammer. Devices of the kinds such phone jammer, wifi jammer is designed to jam unwanted signal within an specific effective range so that their will be no inappropriate cell phone ringing or network connection.

# Posted: 21 Nov 2013 16:59

It's my understanding that cellphone jammers don't block the signal from entering your house, they just cause interference so that the cellphone won't work; in fact, it would increase the amount of radiation in the house, becuase it emits blocking waves!

# Posted: 11 Aug 2014 01:44

Will coating my attic with Tinfoil help out whatsoever, Or a waste of time?

I sleep up there.

Whats the status on the 4G. It has been my personal tipping point, 1 Year spent 8+ hours a day outside 2 Industrial-Rated LTE Towers has wrecked me.
God help us.

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